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Stephen A. Smith Implies Black Coaches Get Subpar Teams in Light of Byron Scott’s Firing

Sports journalist and ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith reflects on the firing of NBA’s Lakers coach Byron Scott on yesterday’s episode of Fresh Take.

In the clip, Smith talks about the former Lakers coach Byron Scott. He says that there are not even opportunities for Black coaches to land in the NBA. Many of them settle for bad situations like the Lakers.

Smith states:

“When Scott was coaching in New Jersey he didn’t have a bad winning percentage. When he was coaching in New York, he didn’t. He took over the Cleveland Cavaliers after LeBron left.  And at last he took over this Laker situation because unfortunately in this day and age, particularly, when you’re an African-American you looking for a coach in NBA circles the opportunity seem to be few and far between.”

After the firing, Scott has the worst career winning percentage of any coach in the league with .412.


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