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Vice President Biden ‘Not Ashamed’ of 1994 Crime Bill: ‘Black Lives Really Do Matter’

In a recent interview with CNBC, Vice President Joe Biden was asked if he was ashamed of the 1994 crime bill he helped pass — stating that the bill has “restored American cities.”

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has come under fire for referring to Black children who commit crime as ‘super predators’ while promoting the bill in the 1990s. The Bill has become an Achilles heel for the Clinton campaign.

Now, Biden defends the bill that put 100,000 cops on the street and created drug courts. The bill has been considered a major factor in the harsh sentences on Black people who have used drugs.

“When community policing was working, neighborhoods were not only safer but they were more harmonious,” Biden said. “They were engaged in the neighborhood, which built confidence so that the African-American woman, living in a corner alone where the drug deal’s going down in front of her house, literally used to have your phone number as a cop.”

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2 thoughts on “Vice President Biden ‘Not Ashamed’ of 1994 Crime Bill: ‘Black Lives Really Do Matter’

  1. Ummm… Hillary did not refer to Black children as superpredators. That's you talking. She did say that superpredators deserve harsh sentences, wihtout reference to race or age. The problem is that harsh sentences have been handed out to huge numbers of people who by no means even approach being superpredators, and many who are not even violent.

  2. Dione Wilson says:

    I have no problem with sending criminals to jail. My issue is with the way the system has systematically targeted people of color and sentenced them to unfair prison terms while not targeting White drug dealers/users in a similar fashion. White people sell and use drugs at a higher rate than African Americans yet their neighborhoods are not patrolled as rigorously and they are not sentenced in a similar fashion. I would much rather see Pookie behind bars than walking the streets victimizing people, however, that sentence should be commensurate to the crime committed.

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