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Watch: Joy Reid Shuts Down Omarosa’s Spirited Defense of Trump’s ‘Broad Support’


MSNBC correspondent Joy Reid exchanged political blows with Apprentice contestant Omarosa Manigault during a heated debate over Donald Trump’s unfavorable ratings with both the general public and former Apprentice stars.

“I’m sorry that they [other former Apprentice contestants] have sour grapes, that they feel bad because they weren’t selected and they don’t have a relationship with Donald Trump because I do,” Manigault told Reid assertively.

The Trump supporter stated that, like any family, the rest of the former cast has the right to a political opinion. Once asked, as a woman of color, if she had concerns about this, Manigault responded, “Donald Trump is starting a revolution, he’s going to make a lot of people uncomfortable, OK?”

Political punch after punch, Manigault devotedly defends the GOP front-runner after Reid addresses Trump’s attacks on minorities.

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3 thoughts on “Watch: Joy Reid Shuts Down Omarosa’s Spirited Defense of Trump’s ‘Broad Support’

  1. So according to Omarosa the others are jealous because they don't have a relationship with "The Donald". Other than making herself look foolish what is she getting out of it? Donald is using her, his token black friend to try and get black votes (not happenning) in the general election. I guarantee you his white male friends are getting money and influence so what's Omarosa's pay off? The last time I saw her she was on "Raising Whitney" and she didn't need "The Donald" for that. I'll bet Kwame and Randall are a lot better off NOT having "The Donald" as a friend. Nice try Omarosa.

  2. Brian Jay says:

    Watch as angry ignorant black peole yell at other angry ignorant black people! Story of the year!

  3. Steven Lemon says:

    Even sadder is watching ignorant Black folks criticize other Black folks for leaving the plantation. Story of the diaspora!

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