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Samuel L. Jackson to Fan Who Requested Photo: “Learn to say Please & F*** you!”

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Samuel L. Jackson engaged in a war of words with a fan after he refused to take a photo with the morning show host. The feud started on Twitter April 15 when a radio DJ known simply as Fitz tweeted about the 67-year-old actor being less than nice to him.

Jackson didn’t repond to the fan until two days later on April 17. He says he “politely” refused to take a photo with Fitz.

After Jackson accused Fitz of spazzing out, one of Fitz’s friends, radio producer Eric Rowe, came to his defense.

The 6’7 DJ adds there were others present at the scene. Jackson then goes on to relay what happened.

Jackson says the fan was not polite when he asked for the photo in the first place and urges him to move on by telling him to “stop whining.”

The host of “The Fitz Show” paused the back and forth tweeting on April 17 when he took to Facebook to explain the situation in a video.

Fitz praises the movie star initially, saying that “if you’re going to be told ‘F- you’ on Twitter by anybody, it’s awesome if it’s done by Samuel L. Jackson.”

He says he was at the Worldwide Radio Summit at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. Fitz was set to speak at the event, which took place April 13-15 according to the summit’s website. As he stood in the lobby, Jackson walked inside.

“I said, ‘Samuel L. Jackson, I would love to have a photo with you.’ ” Fitz recounts in the video. “And he goes, ‘nope!’ And just jetted up the stairs.”

The radio DJ says Jackson’s bodyguard redirected the star towards the pool. As Jackson walked past Fitz once more, the host approached the “Hateful Eight” star again.

“Man, do you have any idea how much money I’m spending on your movies?” Fitz told Jackson. “You are my idol. I am a fan.”

Fitz then says Jackson turned around and said, “I’m a fan of me too,” before walking away. The radio host claims he was heartbroken.

He continues, explaining that “the fans pay the bills” and that he wants to give Jackson “a lesson on customer service to fans.” Fitz then thanks Jackson for teaching him that “we should all be fans of ourselves.” He invites the actor to lunch in L.A. to discuss what happened and says Jackson was “very much of a jerk, period. And it sucks.”

Jackson watched the video that evening and ended the feud by saying he’s still a fan of Fitz’s.

No word on if Jackson took up the self-described radio guy on lunch.

Watch Fitz’s entire video below.

Jackson’s outspokenness is not limited to interactions with fans on social media. In 2014, he called for celebrities who participated in the ice bucket challenge  – which many did to support research for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – to sing the “We Ain’t Gonna Stop Til People Are Free” song. It references Black victims who have died at the hands of the police brutality, particularly Eric Gardner. He also has not been shy about voicing his opinion on racial profiling. At a 2015 press conference for “Hateful Eight,” he said Black people “have to be these very nice kinds of Negroes so that we feel safe walking around. Because if you present yourself as any other thing, then people call people on you”

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4 thoughts on “Samuel L. Jackson to Fan Who Requested Photo: “Learn to say Please & F*** you!”

  1. After reading and watching the video am sorry to say @FollowFITZ you are still wrong.respect a person views and optinion. For you, it may be customarie or common place to just walk up to a person and demand a photo shot with them because you are a fan and expect to have it or even if someone was to do it to you. However some people like to be asked politely first with a 'please may i have a photo with you or may i have my photo taken with you please'. It is within everyone's right regardless of who you are to not accept a request to be photograpied with someone, regardless of whether you feel they should or not. As for the comment of how much money you have spent – Did he ask you to – NO the spending of YOUR MONEY was YOUR CHOICE no one put a gun to your head and made you do it. If you now regret it that is still your problem. Celebrities are just normal people doing a job and getting paid for it.

  2. WRONG!
    @"Jackson watched the video that evening and ended the feud by saying he’s still a fan of Fitz’s."

    Sameul's tweet says no such thing. Nor would he.
    Samuel's tweet says "STILL A FAN" = of himself, Samuel L.

    At every point Sam L. said he was a fan of himself. So do not bastardize it and claim that he's a fan of FITZ…. clearly he's not.

  3. Fitz you are a grown-arse-man… stop WHINING… .You sound like a teenage chic on her _____ you know.

    Really not a good look.
    Grow up mang, and stop being a b*tch!

  4. Clay Craig says:

    i beileve he had said he will leave the USA if Trump is elected, good bye bitch

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