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Former ‘Apprentice’ Star Bashes Donald Trump for “Stroking Flames of Our Worst Demons”

Friday morning, former “The Apprentice” contestant Kwame Jackson condemned his former boss, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Jackson and the group of ex-“Apprentice” stars who back him believe Trump is not a good fit for the presidency. They include Season 4’s Marshawn Evans Daniels and winner Randal Pinkett.

Jackson said he “defiantly” stands up and urges the public to choose “Kennedy over Kardashian-ism each and every time as a leading nation.” The Season 1 runner-up goes on to say Trump has appealed to the “lowest common denominator of fear, racism and divisiveness in our populace.”

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One thought on “Former ‘Apprentice’ Star Bashes Donald Trump for “Stroking Flames of Our Worst Demons”

  1. Dear Former Apprentice Contestants,

    I really need to share this with you……
    I support Donald Trump for several reasons.
    1)He can not be bought. He will be accountable to only the people not to donations or Super packs.
    2)He realizes the dangers of Islam and is not afraid to call them out.
    3)Trump is not a politician. He's a businessman. The United States is "Going out of business." I feel Trump has the know how to run this country like a successful business.
    4)He will be a strong leader. Trump has a backbone. Trump will influence other countries to respect the United States again.
    5)Trump doesn't have government political experience but he does have experience to get things done.
    Maybe I'm brainwashed into supporting Trump but to be honest with you, he's the lesser of all the other evils. If Cruz is elected, I'm moving to Canada. If Hillary is Elected we're doomed.

    Some people (like you) claim Donald Trump is a "racist – bigot" with "hateful rhetoric."
    Here are some reasons why…

    1. Mr. Trump says he wants to build a wall on the southern border to keep illegals and drug smugglers out. How hateful. Especially toward drug addicts and how bigoted toward people who want to break the law.

    2. Mr. Trump says Muslims should be banned from entering the USA until we can figure out "what the hell is going on here." Until the vetting process is improved it is not smart or safe to allow anyone who's "peaceful" "religion's" Qur'an tells them…
    Qur'an 2:191 Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.
    Qur'an 3:28 Muslims must not take infidels as friends.
    Qur'an 3:85 Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.
    Qur'an 5:33 Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticized Islam.
    Qur'an 8:12 Terrorize and behead those who believe is scriptures other than the Qur'an.
    Qur'an 8:60 Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels.
    Qur'an 8:65 The unbelievers are stupid; urge the Muslims to fight them.
    Qur'an 9:50 When opportunities arise, kill the infidels wherever you catch them.
    Qur'an 9:123 Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.
    Qur'an 47:4 Do not hanker for peace with the infidels; behead them when you catch them.
    ( For all you uneducated Sheeple out there YOU are an infidel )
    How hateful of Mr. Trump to want to keep the citizens of the USA safe from "Islam" who obviously "hates us."

    3. Mr. Trump wants to deport illegal aliens from the USA. Illegal means against the law. What a bigot. I know many people have no respect for the law but in a civilized society we follow the law. This includes respecting officers of the law, compliance, and NOT attacking them. This could save lives and due away with the need for the black lives matter movement.

    4. Mr. Trump wants to make better trade deals with other countries. How terribly hateful to countries who've been ripping us off for years and laughing about it. The joke is over.

    5. Mr. Trump wants to force companies to stay in the United States in order to increase jobs for Americans. This can only be hateful towards those who have no desire to work; which is A LOT of Bernie Sanders' supporters protesting Trump. They're spoiled millennials living in their parents' basements who want everything for "FREE." I've been to several Trump rallies. I've seen them first hand. These are the dangerous, hateful, violent ones. How about instead of protesting they get a job. Be productive members of society instead of a hateful threat to humanity.
    These who Hate, "Hate" are more Hateful than the one they Hate.
    I've seen them in action. Trump definitely does not condone this.

    6. Donald Trump scares the hell out of the establishment; professional politicians and the evil man using Black Lives Matter and Move On. org protesters as PAWNS…George Soros. They are just SHEEPLE for Soros. George Soros could care less about them. He's just using them to try to stop Trump from interfering with his agenda. That's Hateful.

    I truly believe your public disavowal of Donald Trump is ludicrous and makes you look like an ungrateful fool. As things stand now, your rekindled 15 minutes of fame will fizzle out in a few days. If you were to publicly retract your preposterous attack on Donald Trump and get on board the Trump Train, your legacy will be long lived.

    Luigi Valentino

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