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Video: Ohio Teen Pumps Shot Gun and Threatens to Go ‘(N-word) Hunting’

A student from Pickerington Central High School in Ohio is seen in a viral video pumping a shot gun and asking his friends if they are “ready to go (N-word) hunting.” The teen has been identified as Scott Constantino since the Snapchat video went viral Monday.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that the video was uploaded during class. David Ball, a school official, told the paper, “We dealt with it quickly and as we saw appropriate,” Ball said. “We don’t take these things lightly.”

This incident is reminiscent of an earlier racial video from Modesto, California, where a white teen put a noose around his head and sent the Snapchat video to friends that eventually got to a Black teen.

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6 thoughts on “Video: Ohio Teen Pumps Shot Gun and Threatens to Go ‘(N-word) Hunting’

  1. Italians fail to realize that they were called nigger when they first came to Ellis Island.They got their white card and now you can't tell them nothing.Next up,Hispanics.

  2. It's been said that when the baby boomers die out, racism would seize to exist. Bullshit. Racism is embedded in the souls, mind and hearts of white America. Most white people are systemically racist and aren't aware of it. Then there are the racist who were taught hate as a toddler. It's a sad thought, but as long as white people exist, there will be racism…

  3. racism isnt only a "white" problem. it exists within EVERY race. thankfully its only a mid to low percentage of each. there are great people everywhere. on the same note you have assholes also. But thats life. Good doesnt exist without evil, light without darkness.

  4. Willie Schneider …I know what you're saying, however it's not the same. White people were never denied housing, an education, a loan or anything that they wanted because a black person didn't like them. The institutionalized racism in America does not affect the white man in a negative way. So regardless of how a black, yellow or red feel towards whites, it's still not racism, because it doesn't effect the white man in a negative way….

  5. Charles Valentin …Affrimative Action was put into place because of the systemic racism in this country. None of this would have been necessary if Institutionalized racism didn't exist. You can't have it both way.

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