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Do South African Universities Exclude Black Students?

In the Genesis there is a country called South Africa with a university built by white people for economic purposes of white people. They are the ones who built it, not because they are a people of a special kind but rather because they used violence, they stole, they trespassed and they came to this land and conquered it.

This conquer created a special privilege for them called genealogy. A privilege basically that says since they conquered, they therefore took over and made the rules. Their generations and many other generations to come also benefit from this privilege because even their offspring today benefits from being descended of people who traditionally made the rules.

Whites have the privilege of having largely came to South Africa voluntarily and were able to secure land and homes, and were “legally” able to own other human beings. This afforded whites a major privilege, that of being able to define normality or of assuming that their perspectives on everything under the sun is to be defined as the norm. The establishment of universities by them also followed the same logic.

When in the university students are accepted into the system as first years, there tends to be a blanket approach of treating them as the same simply because all their student numbers start with s216 in 2016. The fact that they lived for 18 years before coming into the system is not really regarded much and the fact that those 18 years they lived beforehand were not the same experience. Others had more privileges than others.

Given the racial socioeconomic realities that define our society, there is a high possibility that the white first year student in their 18 years of experience in primary school and high school had (1) ample space at home (2) parents and siblings to help with homework (3) a desk, computer, learning software etc., and 4) a stress-free environment in which to study whereas the lower-class Black child often does not have the same privileges.


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