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Black Woman Says She Was Assaulted at Temple University, No Response from Campus Cops

Via Temple University

Via Temple University

A Black Drexel University student was allegedly harassed and assaulted on the Temple University campus by multiple white males last week.

According to Gabby Gannon’s Facebook post after the event, she said she was assaulted Friday night and called the N-word and B-word by an unknown number of white males. Reports say the men were students at Temple.

HEY GUYS!! Today on Temple University’s campus I was physically assaulted by multiple white males!!! And not only was I…

Posted by Gilbo Gabbins on Friday, March 11, 2016

The Tab reports that “the woman, who goes by Gabby, was planning to throw a surprise birthday party for her boyfriend. Later in the evening, between midnight and 1 am, she stepped outside for fresh air. Several men were outside and to Gabby’s knowledge they were Temple students who may have frequented a house on N. Bouvier St.”

When Gannon asked for a cigarette, they began to say obscene things and suggest crude sexual acts to the woman. According to her, the men said that “they’d only give [her] one if [she] sucked their d–ks.”

Gannon said she called them out for their comments and they responded with racist slurs and more harassment. Gannon also stated that she confronted the men at their residence, but nothing came from that.

In the aftermath of the incident, Gannon has filed a report with the Temple University Police.

TUPD has not commented on the alleged incident and has not released any new details about the case.

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