Andrea Constand Speaks Out About the Night Bill Cosby Assaulted Her, ‘I Was A Limp Noodle’

For the first time in 13 years, former Temple University employee Andrea Constand is speaking out following Bill Cosby being found guilty of assaulting her.

Although Constand had tweeted in reaction to Cosby being convicted on aggravated indecent assault, she has never spoken on-air until now.

In 2004, Constand was an operations manager for the Philadelphia university’s women’s basketball program when she was mentored by Cosby on her career plans. She testified that one day the Temple alum and supporter offered her three blue pills to relax.

“He said … ‘They’re you’re friends, just put them down,'” Constand tells “Dateline” in a clip excerpted on “Today” Thursday, May 31. “I took them because I trusted that they would make me feel a little more relaxed.”

Constand said in court that she began slurring her words and couldn’t walk within an hour. She said Cosby helped her to a sofa and assaulted her.

“My mind is saying, “Move your hands, kick, can you do anything? I don’t want this, why is this person doing this?,’ and me not being able to react in any specific way,” she remembers. “So I was limp. I was a limp noodle.”

Constand said she was in and out of consciousness and that Cosby said nothing during the assault.

“I was crying out inside in my throat, in my mind, for this to stop, and I couldn’t do anything,” she says, noting she woke up hours later and knew what happened. However, she felt ashamed and told no one for a year because she didn’t think anyone would believe what America’s Dad had done to her.

The 45-year-old said Cosby had offered her breakfast when she woke up as she tried to process what had happened. Constand went home, sobbed as she took a shower and then went to work.

Cosby’s attorneys declined to comment for the NBC report.

Meanwhile, Twitter users have been firing off about Constand’s account.

“She took the pills. She could have said ‘No thank you, I don’t do drugs’ – but she didn’t. She took the Drugs. And then she called Cosby over 50x + brought her folks to his show all AFTER the ‘alleged’ sexual assault. Did she get enough $$ to cover her Rx Drug Addiction?”

“OK OK you made your point. Sit down and shut up, we don’t need your details…..”

“People should boycott NBC for this episode. She is a shameless liar. No one has the right to defame anyone and that is exactly what she’s doing. By putting her on your show you are encouraging her.”


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