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Swedish Company Sells Blackface Spray Tan, Irony Ensues

tumblr_o3sz1lxzs81s61c42o1_400Apparently white Swedish women are using spray tan to make themselves Black.

As revealed by BlackGirlLongHairwhen Emmaatan, the Swedish spray tan company run by Emma Patissier Alm, made its way around the Internet, it dragged along conversation on the asinine way Black culture is fetishized.

Butt injections, lip injections, “Boxer” braids, and other aspects of Black beauty seen on white women have been part of history for decades. Spray tanning and sun tanning is especially controversial for both its hypocrisy and possible health concerns.

Yet Emmaatan reaches beyond the half-accepted version of tanning and into richly brown hues like “Caramel”, “Dark Ash Onyx”, “Dark Chocolate” and Violet Onyx.”


The company’s recently deleted Instagram account included pictures of women using Emmaatan’s products with skin colors that are easily comparable to a complexion natural to a young Black woman.

On Tumblr, people are sharing their opinions on the colors.

Alm seemed confused as to the source of the controversy. Her comments under one deleted photo read in part, “It’s not a ‘black persons’ right to get tanned, it’s an individual human right.”

Considering all that is going on socially here in the United States and internationally, it’s reaching maximum weird levels that pale white women are spraying themselves colors no amount of UV exposure could ever give them.

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