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Stephen A. Smith Doesn’t Know What Racism Is, So Some Young People Had to School Him

Stephen A. Smith told some students at the University of South Alabama late last month: “Racism doesn’t exist. Obviously, I’m lying. Of course it exists, but not for you. See, you don’t have to go to the back of the bus. You’re not denied the opportunity to eat at restaurants, or to enter night clubs, or to patronize businesses. You have the right to vote. You’re not being lynched. You’re not being hung.”

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16 thoughts on “Stephen A. Smith Doesn’t Know What Racism Is, So Some Young People Had to School Him

  1. Khris Son says:

    Always been a coon

  2. Hank Wilson says:

    it's "coonery" at its best…

  3. The problem with denial however hurtful it maybe is that it''s just a form of naiveness and one that doesn't want to see the truth. This man spoke the truth!

  4. Taurus King says:

    Sambo is at it again!!!!

  5. The video literally told you otherwise. Stop willingly being blind.

  6. It's sad to see a well spoken black man, a unicorn in the face of racism, go on to deny the reality that black youth face. To tell the future of America that they don't face racism is a sign of a deeply rooted internal oppression, and the man has lost all of my respect. Racism hasn't died Steven A, it's just adapted. Wake up.

  7. @Pablo Escobarsofgold nah, I listened to the entirety of the video, and this guy spoke the truth in my eyes. If Trump can woo you then that's where you need to be typing not here1

  8. go somewhere else with your inept attempt to criticize Mr Smith, with his message of blacks being in denial that racism continues only in a different manner!

  9. John Macie says:

    I'm waiting for the part where the young people schooled HIM. Because he ain't hearing no 2 minute youtube video from his ivory tower on ESPN

  10. Speaking as someone who was in attendance during this speech and the one he gave before it and having met the man myself, the context of the statement is extremely important. He was not saying that there is no racism, but rather that it is no longer a good enough excuse not to succeed. Even if you have to work harder than the other guy, you can succeed in this country. You only need to put forth the effort to make racism a non factor.

  11. Shawn Mc says:

    giving black kids inspiration to succeed and no excuses is a bad thing these days, they want black kids to feel like there is no hope and you might as well hate everything and everybody.

    i wish we had more speakers like such

  12. What you are saying is you still have to be a harder working slave to be considered to be equal to White counter parts….TOO MANY HAPPY SLAVES IN AMERICA…..

  13. Racism will nerver "not" be a factor until this whole system is torn down built up from scrach….everything else is an illusion,,,,

  14. This "working harder" and putting forth more "effort" is a standard of inequality. If I went to the same schools, graduate in the same percentile as my white peers, am just as qualified for the job…why do I have to work harder or put forth more effort than them??? This is inequality and RACISM. Until inherent attitudes of white superiority and white supremacy are dismantled, racism will always be a factor.

  15. What is so bad about working hard? Since when does working toward achieving a goal make you a "Willing slave?" We love being victims, don't we? Niether Mr. Smith nor myself is saying that racism isnt still an issue in this country. In fact he stated outright that it is, but what he is saying, and I agree, is that we have more opportunities than the generations before us and there is no excuse not to take advantage of them. I will take that one step further and say that things are the way they are because someone likes them this way, and if they have the power to keep them this way, simply saying that you don't like the way things are will do nothing to change them. My point, if it hasn't been made clear already, is that black people and oppressed minorities in general will get nowhere by complaining so, if we really want change, we need to do what we need to do and put ourselves in position to make those changes no matter how hard we have to work to do it. The only "willing slaves" are those of you who believe that the world is out to get "you" and you need someone else to step in and save you. You are a slave to your own imagination. I am of the mindset that if someone doesn't like me, or is unwilling to recognize me because of my race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or any of the other things over which I have no control, that's fine now because they will respect me. I will make them respect me with my works rather than my words.

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