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Facebook CEO Responds to Growing Anti-Black Lives Matter Sentiments Among Employees

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s employees have been accused of having anti-Black Lives Matter sentiments after acts of vandalism at the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

Based on the number of pro-BLM signatures on the company’s famous signature wall that has been crossed out and replaced with “all lives matter,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had to respond.

Zuckerberg’s full statement is below:


Zuckerberg’s statement tries to educate those who do not seem to get why the BLM movement exists.

We all are very aware that “all lives matter” but it is the numerous cases where Black people’s civil liberties are violated that is the focus of the movement.

The movement was birthed after the death of Ferguson, Missouri teenager Michael Brown by former cop Darren Wilson. The lack of cop convictions spawned BLM into a national movement focused on abolishing police brutality and other forms of institutional racism within the justice system.

Mark Zuckerberg gets this.

The images of violent police shootings are constantly plastered all over social media and television. These images are replayed as if the victims’ lives don’t matter.

Facebook has been notorious for allowing users to post racist messages without consequence, while pro-Black pages and profiles are constantly reported and reprimanded.

These multiple incidents prove that the company’s issues with race starts at home.

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12 thoughts on “Facebook CEO Responds to Growing Anti-Black Lives Matter Sentiments Among Employees

  1. Right mark no pun intended. I respect your comments on the matter and hope others will to power to the people! And friends!

  2. This is to be expected from a lily white Zionist/Cracker corporation!!!!

  3. Mark Zuckerberg please hire more diverse workers. Thank you.

  4. I appreciate his statement. At the same time, (and maybe MZ is unaware [wink]) but FB and/or it's employees are now notorious for blocking accounts of people who promote Black Empowerment (not racism) but then they (FB) allow even reported overt racist posts against Black People regularly (i.e. the murdered body of Trayvond Martin) to circulate the site. So, it would be great to have this FB injustice corrected as well if he is serious about his sentiments.

  5. Oskie Woskie says:

    Catherine Diaz Thank you for spamming. You should know that you misspelled "apartment" as well as "mortgage"… use the number 4 in place of the actual word "for"… yeah NO THANK YOU

  6. And, you went to high school…how remarkable

  7. Jerrie L. Mayfield Tell me what part of my is untrue!!! If you have the smarts!! The truth hurts doesn't it??

  8. Mark Zuckerberg should fire them immediately

  9. Chuck Finley says:

    However, having worked in Silicon Valley it goes to question why FB, Apple, Amazon, Google, have an issue. I have applied at al lof them. If you do not attend Stanford, Santa Clara U, Berkeley or most upper crust bay schools it is unlikely you are considered. Then if you do you get the interview, you need to 'fit' the culture or look like the interviewer.

  10. N Cory Gable says:

    Chuck Finley the world needs janitors too

  11. Ray Lewis says:

    I'm not surprised at some of the small minded comments made and actions taken by racist using Facebook to express and reveal who the however I am amazed why other entities don't understand why African Americans for the most part are pissed off at how our children, parents, brothers and sisters were and still are being unjustly murdered in the streets by those chosen to serve and protect every citizen in the United States of America

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