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Actor Airs 15-Year-Old Beef with Will Smith, Accuses Star of Using Steroids for ‘Ali’ Role



In a recent radio interview, actor Paul Rodriguez revealed that while he was working with Will Smith on Michael Mann’s 2001 film Ali, Smith was unbearable and difficult to work with.

“I’ve done a couple of films with him, and this time we didn’t end up too good. I would never work with him again. He was an a-hole,” Rodriguez told San Diego radio station Rock 105.

The interview revealed a few things about the behind-the-scenes atmosphere on the Ali set. Rodriguez said that during filming, Ali’s cornerman, Ferdie Pacheco, came to the set drunk. Rodriguez portrayed Pacheco in the movie, but Pacheco reportedly wanted actor Andy Garcia to play that role instead. During his drunken rage, Pacheco shouted racial slurs at Smith. Rodriguez says Smith took his frustration out on him when both men should have perhaps been angry at Pacheco.

“Maybe the steroids he was using to beef up [made him act that way],” Rodriguez says.

“I don’t know for a fact” Smith was on steroids, Rodriguez says. But he reasoned that was the only way Smith could look “massive” to portray Ali.

Business Insider says Smith has denied all allegations of steroid use. However, The Wrap and other sources have reached out to Smith’s representatives for an official comment.

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