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Anti-Beyonce Protesters Outnumbered By Pro-Beyonce Supporters at NY Demonstration

Pro Beyonce supporters

Scenes from the anti-Beyoncé protest. Konstantin Sergeyev/New York

Some people are still upset over Beyoncé’s halftime performance at the Super Bowl. According to several news reports, a mysterious online group called Proud of the Blues organized an anti-Beyoncé rally in front of NFL headquarters in Manhattan. Unfortunately hardly anyone showed up.

According to New York’s The Cut, there were more pro-Beyoncé supporters, media and police present at the anti-Beyoncé rally. About three pro-police and anti-Beyoncé supporters eventually showed up, said The Cut. They were outnumbered by pro-Beyoncé supporters. CBS New York estimated the pro-Beyoncé demonstrators at about three dozen.

Spencer Jones, a pro-Beyoncé demonstrator, said he was disappointed hardly anyone from their opposition showed up.

“I’m disappointed,” said Jones, according to CBS New York. “I really wanted to talk to them and hear their side. I’m not sure why they’re not here, I am kind of sad about that, but I still think coming out here was worth it.”

Anti Beyonce protestor

An anti-Beyonce protester. Konstantin Sergeyev/New York

According to The Daily Beast, Mary Pryor, a co-creator of Black Girl Rising, the group that organized the pro-Beyoncé rally, said there is an online battle going on between pro-Beyoncé supporters and the Proud of the Blues group.

“They have infiltrated our communications,” said Pryor. “They’re watching us on social media. So, unfortunately, we’re paying attention to what they’re doing just like they are with us. We’re keeping certain things privatized until they happen. We’re not even releasing additional details on our location and it might change tomorrow. That’s how we have to operate.”

However, The Daily Beast called into question the authenticity of Proud of the Blues. The group has a minimal social media presence and a WordPress-based website which uses the url The suffix cf is assigned to the Central African Republic where domains can be registered for free. Proud of the Blues has also sent messages from free Gmail accounts. The Daily Beast said the site might be linked to Donald Trump supporters because it recently posted messages such as “Take back our country! USA #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #Trump2016 #Trump #AllLivesMatter #BlueLivesMatter #BoycottBeyonce.”

Beyoncé was lambasted by right-wing commentators for her Super Bowl performance of “Formation,” which included dancers in Black Panthers-style outfits and references to police violence.

Several commentators compared the Black Panthers to the Ku Klux Klan.

“I found the entire show objectionable, was extolling the Black Panthers, who were a terrorist organization killing police officers in the 60s and 70s,” said Rep. Peter King.

But a recent Atlanta Blackstar report says comparing the Black Panthers to the KKK is inaccurate. The Black Panthers’ manifesto never sanctioned violence against innocent white people, while the KKK has been torturing, killing and bombing Black people for more than a century.

However, Beyoncé remains unrepentant for her performance.

“Art is the unapologetic celebration of culture through self-expression,”  Beyoncé said during a speech at the Grammys.

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