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2 thoughts on “Watch Why L.A. Reid Says Jay Z is on the Same Level as Mandela and Obama

  1. Michael Fox says:

    I would be more inclined to listen to some one like what Harry BELAFONTE has to say about JayZ before listening to LA Ried. At least Harry BELAFONTE has been on the front line of the struggle for black people for the past 50 years. I known that when the black kid was profield and arrested about 2-3,years ago for purchasing a exspensive belt at the exclusive Barneys department store in NYC, and JayZ who was about to launch an exclusive line of products at the store didn't have much to say. Harry BELAFONTE said that JayZ and Beyoncé should be doing more for the black community than teaching them how to shake there ass. I'm sure that is why Beyoncé gave money to help black protesters during the Michael Brown protest to those that were arrested get out of jail. Or any other project that JayZ or Beyoncé helped pay for over the past 2 years since Harry Belfonte calked them out

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