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66 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani’s Ignorant Position On Beyonce’s Super Bowl Performance Exemplifies White Fear of Unapologetic Blackness

  1. Mark Fey says:

    The American Taliban is disapproving!


  3. Soleil Aluyi says:

    This man, Giuliani, is so ignorant it's amazing!

  4. Maya Parnell says:

    Yes, not apologizing for my skin color and culture is somehow offenive or threatening to someone like you. Whiteness is seen in every commercial and every societal 'norm' perpetuated in America. The fact that Beyonce being and supporting black people seems "odd" to you shows this. A message, a song, and a movement created by this artist was addressed to black people and you, a white man, have an issue because you were not included in this target audience, similarly to how this happened to most minorities since they've been known to live in America – we have been the outside group and considered an "other" – how or why, I'm not sure. Being white is normalized and anything else considered what is different as if being white means you are "normal". Being a black human being in America means a ton of different things for me because white people have taken authorization to define us. Self-definition is a luxury for the white race, as you all want to be seen as individuals yet clump us into stereotypes which you may not see as limiting when its comes to lifestyle, employement, education, etc. because you are white and have never dealth with this reality. And you may want to deny this and claim that we need to have more self-respect, because you see black people as an issue but don't see the societal structure that causes these problems as even a slight reason these problems about race persist. You can deny what you want but ask yourself if you'd like to be treated like a black person….your answer is probably no because you KNOW your life would be different. We are not promoting hate. We are promoting self-love and not asking for it to be given to us from white people. We don't need your permission to love ourselves or to think we are great. You don't have to like black people or black culture. We don't care about that.

  5. Another prime example of idiots trying to dictate what African Americans should or should not do or say . jealousy and envy has no boundaries . Let's not forget mr. G how you cheated on your wife and had an affair with some chick and then married her….. You salty dog ,your like a cancer that never goes away. #GetOverItAndBeGone.

  6. Mr. Giuliani are you even aware of the lives lost by police violence. Grow up old man and understand what's happening in the world before you cut apart those complaining that something is wrong.l.

  7. Kevin Earle says:

    "Unapologetic Blackness"? SERIOUSLY????? I've never heard a more racist term in my life! If you want to heal race relations, stop perpetuating the very racism that you claim to be so vehemently opposed to. Stop calling EACH OTHER "Ni%%a" and the we can all move forward together. You want respect? Show more SELF respect, then the healing can happen.
    You can'take have it BOTH WAYS!

  8. The show was offensive to many people. He pointed it out. Insults really aren't required.

  9. Would it have been okay if a performance was done by a white person, promoting "whiteness"?

  10. Cindy Mathes Holland whiteness is promoted everyday. Nothing wrong with promoting blackness or telling people to love who they are.

  11. nothing racist about it. What's racist is the history of people degrading black people in society, media etc etc. Unapologetic Blackness means that we hsouldnt have to be ashamed of who we are or hide it to make other feels better. nothing about it promoted hate against another race.

  12. nothing racist about it. What's racist is the history of people degrading black people in society, media etc etc. Unapologetic Blackness means that we hsouldnt have to be ashamed of who we are or hide it to make other feels better. nothing about it promoted hate against another race.

  13. " And if something happens, will you know we'll take care of it" LOL!!!

  14. Cindy Mathes Holland … Whiteness is always promoted. Subliminal , outright and in your face. African American is the only race that are told to forget about your history and stop complaining. In other words we have let you drink out of the same water fountain and don't make you sit on the back of the bus you should be happy and know your place.

  15. as usual white folks always changing the topics, if it's great to be proud of your heritage and people if your Jewish,Italian,Irish or any other race,Why do I need your permission to be Black n Proud.Race relations can;t exist if non Blacks don't make it a priority.How Blacks treat each other,tho important, has no bearing on how our relationships with non Black should or could be.

  16. Alisha Dunn says:

    Cindy Mathes Holland that's funny because what you don't realize is most things already do.

  17. Ide Clair says:

    What do you expect? Bouncy is a racist. Why must blacks make victims and heroes out of thugs who defy the law and up at the end of the barrel of a gun through no fault of the police?

  18. Ide Clair says:

    What do you expect? Bouncy is a racist. Why must blacks make victims and heroes out of thugs who defy the law and up at the barrel end of a gun through no fault of the police?

  19. Debra Wells says:

    Cindy Mathes Holland "Whiteness" and its eternal promotion, is unfortunately, the default setting in this society. So excuse us when we promote, celebrate and hold up our own. There really is "fear of a Black planet", out there.

  20. Debra Wells says:

    Stop making excuses for what has become an ingrained and institutionalized response to Black people who are just trying to live, work, and raise their children, in a society that has been hell bent against them for almost 400 years. All of that history and its impact, on top of what is happening currently cannot just be ignored.

  21. Debra Wells says:

    Maya Parnell Excellent response!

  22. Kevin Earle, you are obviously ignorant of the country's history. When the Black communit was thriving and self respect was the order of the day, racist and jealous whites burned down our communities, extorted out businesses, stole from us and effectively disenfranchised an entire generation with the introduction of drugs in our communities. How dare YOU talk about our "self respect". You have no idea. and we are UNAPOLOGETIC about our beautiful Blackness which whites work hard to invalidate and disrespect! Your narcissism is hereby rejected.

  23. Cindy Mathes Holland we don't care how offensive it was to you or anybody else, we LOVED it!✌️

  24. You should be affraid. We are waking up now.

  25. We respect tha police, just Not those that abuse their position and kill blcks b'cause they (officrs) don't respect blck lives as well! Blck Lives Mattr as well as any othr!

  26. Wayne Jordan says:

    Ide, did you graduate or did you ride on one of those yellow, square busses ?

  27. Earl Edwards says:

    Ruddy is no longer relevent about anything . Lets ask his ex-wife what she thinks of him…..

  28. Cindy Mathes Holland If white men, women and children were being killed in the streets like dogs by Black cops on the regular, then yes, you should be allowed a platform to speak out on it. But that's not what this is about, is it.

  29. Was Beyonce attacking police or the systemic police brutality that has become so much of the police culture in the US now? It's not up to the people to start respecting the police, it's up to the police to clean up their act so the people have something to respect.

  30. Ide Clair says:

    Alisha Dunn – ''Cindy Mathes Holland that's funny because what you don't realize is most things already do''

    Examples, please??

  31. Ide Clair says:

    Wayne Jordan – Why must liberals always resort to insults if they can't refute the facts? M. Brown – thug, but you liberals glorify him. Wash, rinse and repeat.

  32. Ide Clair says:

    Revel in victimhood, why don't cha?
    Here's a thought: Don't threaten people/ the police with weapons. Don't defy an order to comply with an officer's command.
    We white folks manage to get on the right page. Why can't you black folks manage it?
    Do you think your blackness entitles you to defy the police? How's THAT working?

  33. Ide Clair have you not notice what is happening around you or do you wear rose colored glasses? From the African American view point this is a proclamation of separation and freedom of speech. How bout that. Everytime television comes on we are advertised via, whiteness instead of interacial clarity and that NOT all indivduals are beautiful. Or maybe you forget the saying "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Anywho, not onLy are you saying that Blacks are to bow down and be ignorant (as those in previous times) but also state we have no say in who we are or what we identify with. Don't you have anything better to do "like worry about who your dumb pres will be?" Trump the Junk or Bust?

  34. Unapologetic Blackness is a show of acceptance or acknowledgement that you are melanin in skin and that you have no regrets for being thus. So to call it racist would be to accept that your ancestors called us the N-word and when you define that terminology it means ignorance. Funny how people want to say that we should perpetuate ever growing changes but, you can't even accept that we are finally acknowledging our history and ourselves. This is hilarious! You can't be racist if you are claiming (taking back) what is already yours… Now that we are adhering to our identity…here comes the fat lady singing….

  35. I don't know if this is funny or sarcasm…kmsl

  36. Alisha Dunn says:

    It is never a good idea to belittle any person or race. Period point blank. It just causes hostility. It also shows immaturity.

  37. So, Ide Clair is one of those black racist folks. Articulate for us how black racism effects white people culturally, economically, and socially? We'll wait, but its going to be a long one.

  38. Ide Clair Any entertainer that performs with the confedrate flag. Point. Blank. Period

  39. Cathy Warren says:


  40. Ide Clair says:

    Chan'Tell Chew – You think it's racist because there are more white people represented on TV than there are black people? You're pathetic. The representation of white people reflects racial demographics! Whites constitute about 76% of the population. Blacks represnt about 15%. Of course there's going to be more white people. Grow up!

  41. Cindy Mathes Holland Promoting and celebrating are two different things. Next time you think, use a dictionary. Saying she was promoting is the same narrow-minded narrative. You can KOCA with that!

  42. Marvin Brown says:

    OK first off I understand where you comin from. Now when black people kill black people you going to jail or getting the death penalty.66% conviction rate compared to a 24% conviction rate of whites. White people in america are known to get away with murder. notice nearly 80% of the people incarcerated are black people. although white people make up 73% of the american population. notice the mass murderes and rapists are actually white people. they just have money to afford defense teams restitute the case to have it dismissed and money for their own private investigators. a lot of black people are stuck with court appointed attornies who may or may not give a damn whether yo're convicted or not. now is black on black crime a problem? yes. but a lot of that is linked to poverty because history shows that poor people turn to crime to provide. if youre rich why rob someone youre rich? get what i mean. not to mention black folk are scared to go to the police because of brutality and not to mention mass incarceration of black folk. You have to understand both sides of the equation big homie

  43. Ide Clair If you need examples you truly are part of the problem! But for the sake of your education I'll bite. The KKK have perpetrated horrendous acts against blacks for centuries, and they still exist. Yet and on the other hand, the original Black Panther Party was about self preservation of the black community against the very crimes we still see perpetrated against blacks today. The BPP never had planned excursions into white neighborhoods to snack white people to hang, etc. Yet. the government qurkly, and not so quitely destroyed that organization. Now, I guess you would like someone to provided you with examples of how the KKK is promoted in this day and time. May I suggest you do your own work. Talk about lazy!i

  44. You're about as dumb as they come! Let me be straight: kiss our collective ass! You white mofo's can walk around in a state like Ohio for example and open carry, yet a young black kid cannot play with a toy gun at, of all places, the neighborhood playground where kids are designated to play at in the same damn state. We will no longer be told our place by your ilk. Get use to it. I wish she was promoting the reemergence of the BPP.

  45. Alisha Dunn says:

    Ide. First and foremost thank you for asking for examples. Anything that is not specifically intended for a minorty is by default intended for the majority. I am not upset by this, there is just no way that one message, song, hair product, commercial, extracurricular activity in college, etc could target everyone. We ARE different, and that is OK. I am not trying to prove that one side is right and one side is wrong I am simply stating the way I FEEL. As a manager when an associate comes to me, it is my job to listen to why they feel a certain way and then hopefully help resolve the issue. It is not my job to listen to their complaint and then spend time arguing with them that they should not feel that way. I cannot control how someone feels. I can only control MY actions toward them – and it would be pointless for me to try. Actually, that associate would most likely resent me for telling them they shouldn't feel a certain way. What IS my job however, is to find out if there are some things that could be done differently that would help alleviate their burden. People should stop telling people how to feel. They should listen to each other and if they truly care try to help each other alleviate any pain that the other is feeling. By saying BLM we are not saying white lives don't matter. Everyone matters! And issues such as racism, slavery, segregation, and inequality are very difficult subjects to breach because we have to first acknowledge that those things happened (some still happening) and that certain people still FEEL that they are being excluded. Please excuse my typos. Siri is stupid sometimes.

  46. Ide Clair Using your logic, you shouldn't have a problem with anything black being promoted then. It's a demographic thing. Right? Besides, if it was promotion, you are not the intended audience. So, why are you here?

  47. I am a college professor and counselor, and I still have to put up with your peoples BS everyday. So, your argument doesn't hold water. Not even for seconds!

  48. Cindy Mathes Holland I was only offensive to racist white people, and we have zero fks to give!

  49. Bigots get nervous and highly upset when black people don't apologize and embrace our culture. Sends them into a tizzy…Black, beautiful and mega wealthy with a major platform. Enough to give bigots the fever.

  50. Ide Clair says:

    Montely Wilson-Bey
    ''Articulate for us how black racism effects white people culturally, economically, and socially?''

    Why would I articulate about black racism effects on white people? I'm not the one claiming to be a victim of black racism.

  51. Ide Clair says:

    Montely Wilson-Bey
    ''you shouldn't have a problem with anything black being promoted then. It's a demographic thing. ''

    The show promoted the black panthers and griped about cops unjustly shooting blacks.
    That's not a 'demographic' thing unless you believe all blacks, by the nature of their skin color, support the black panthers and are anti-cop.

  52. Ide Clair says:

    Montely Wilson-Bey – What a load of crap. If a good ole white boy is brandishing a gun, you can bet the cops will be taking him down if he doesn't comply to drop it. It's tragic that that child was shot and that shooting is under federal investigation, as it should be.

  53. PJ Cooper says:

    I fail to see how this helps anyone. Blacks, whites, Hispanics, or other minorities. Please someone who thinks they are intelligent explain how the Black panthers are not a racist organization, and how this aided our countries problems. Seriously. This is a joke. And anyone defending her seems a little ridiculous. The Super Bowl is something that unites our country in a thing that is truly American. A sport that is ours! And yes Police Officers are not perfect no one/group is. But no matter what facts are facts. And luckily we have the use of a sophisticated internet source to validate facts and show maybe we need to take a look and handle things differently….

  54. Eric Canty says:

    Even when we didn't call ourselves the n word and we respected our parents and all authority and we had our pants pulled up and wore suits and didn't kill other blacks and had black love for each other and carried ourselves as so called law abiding citizens we were still beat we were still raped we were still treated As second class citizens so save the if we did this or act like this instead of that crap and please don't take my word for it your history proves my point

  55. This is the man who humped a woman all over Gracie Mansion (a government building) while he was a married man and later went on a night show to inform the public that he was divorcing his wife with out sharing this information with his wife before the announcement. What a "special piece of s##t".

  56. He sounds pathetic!!!! When the last time the Super Bowl half time been wholesome??? What I heard this morning is so true!!! When they have control over you its fine, but dont stand up for yourself they're gonna hate you.

  57. Chris Rubin says:

    People like this will always demonize the Heros and make the wicked look like saints, what this conversation lack is context

    They don't want the black panther story to be told in the proper light and will talk about them like they are the KKK and at the same time pretend the KKK doesn't exist

    Their story needs to be told

  58. N Cory Gable says:

    Montely Wilson-Bey your arrogant swagger is exactly the problem. Look at your community. It's about time for blacks to stop blaming everyone else for their failures. Oh , and as for my "ilk" , the majority of us are Trump supporters. He will be the next President and he will NOT be tolerating your "ilk's" disobedience to law enforcement. You aint seen nothing yet , homie. Free ride is about over , time to go to work , asshole.

  59. Rudy G. did not slam the performance of those bike riders in Texas nor the proposed take over of Tribal land by Bundy's white supremist. You are such a hypocrite like the rest of the W.A.S.

  60. Terry Moore says:

    If whites are so law abiding, why are more whites killed by police? Why do whites mouth off as if they do nothing wrong? You are the most ugly and violent people on this earth! If my history was anything like yours I would never say a word to anyone. But, we know that ain't going to happen.

  61. Terry Moore says:

    N Cory Gable, free ride? MF, we built this country while your lazy asses was sitting on the porch. Your ignorant mindset is the exact reason that fool will never be president. You really think Trump gives a damn about your poor white trash ass!

  62. Terry Moore says:

    Why don't you goggle them and find out for yourself instead of following the other ignorant crowd. Then goggle the Klan see what a racist organization really is.

  63. She state it's unfair to paint all police officers with the same brush, well sweetie that's what Blacks are stating as well.

  64. Just like when your child acts up in the store the appropriate place to put your child in place is right where they acted up.

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