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7 thoughts on “Larry Elder Tries to Prove Racism is No Longer a Big Problem in America, Fails Miserably

  1. James Isom says:

    I challenge the statistics quoted about black offending levels. How can you seriously claim blacks offend more in areas such as traffic violations, seat belt violations etc without questioning if those stats aren't themselves derived from arrest stats which would be circular logic.

  2. Mary Anigbo says:

    So because an arm of the system presents statistics that support its point of view we are to accept such as TRUTH? How stupid do they think we are??!! Statistics can be used to support anything that is proferred by anybody. Liars lie. I don't believe a word of it. Not one word. Which group has more cars – white or Black? the percentages would depend on this number. Of course I'm not supposed to be able figure out the statistical difference of 30% of 50 would be bigger than 30% 0f 350, right?So 15 of every 50 Black drivers offends, whereas about 12 of every 350 white drivers offend. I once remember reading that 75% of Black people have bad credit as opposed to 25% of white people. The sample size was 4! and the income difference was $2000!! So as Alice said to the Cheshire cat " Can you make words means so many things? to which the cat replied" You can make words mean whatever you want. If you want to change MY meaning, you must take my power."

  3. Its not what he said, It more of what he did not say. He did not mention the racism in the job market and work place. Disparities in health, education and judicial system. The laws that are rasically base, such as voter id law and the crack cocaine law. So it is very important to pay attention to what he said, but it may be more important to pay attention to what he did not say.

  4. My god the last part of that video is the biggest laugh ever. "The USA is the least racist majority white country in the world"
    This is why nobody should take Larry Elder seriously.

  5. Why don't blacks decide to hold themselves to a HIGHER standard of behavior than any other ethnicity? Jews try to. Hindus try to. Koreans frequently try to. It is frequently EASIER for blacks to achieve high grades in bad urban schools. Just because there is a disparity in numbers, it is NOT evidence of discrimination.

  6. It seems that the commenters below hold opinions that will never improve- unless each individual black person holds themselves to a higher standard of behavior. The idea that crack cocaine laws targeted blacks is farcical- there is no predetermining disposition of blacks to traffic crack. Institutionalized racism effectively doesn't exist anymore- unless it's urban schools that actively discriminate against white teacher (as has happened to me twice). Remember, even if all racism against blacks disappeared overnight, it would have zero impact on fatherless children, drug use, violent crime…

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