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6 thoughts on “Will Smith Finally Weighs in on #OscarsSoWhite Firestorm

  1. Will is obviously "high" on medical marijuana in addition to his incoherent blah blah blah offering here. smh

  2. That´s what freedom of expression has turned into in the case of Will Smith. To be tongue in-check instead of getting real. An American child would rather point its digits to indicate his or her age than tell you his or her age. Just look at what America has turned itself into.

  3. It's clear that he is trying very hard to be careful with his words. Even with his dismay and disgust (if that's what it is) with the Academy Awards and the film industry he cannot fully state his true feelings. He has to remain semi neutral as he wants to continue his legacy within the acting realm.

  4. I love and admire Will Smith however it's clear that he cannot speak his true feelings die to being blackballed (pun intended). I'm sure he has more thoughts, feelings and issue he and his wife have discussed but can't mention openly. This is one issue why Jada feels excluded in the first place. Also there were other powerhouse actors that could have been nominated Idris Elba, Michael B. Jordan and cast members from Straight Outta Compton. I did notice Sylvester Stallone was nominated however the main character nor the directed was nominated.

  5. Tasha Davis says:

    why the heck is his voice shaking so bad what they got a gun to his head wtf!!!!

  6. This is the follow-up to his wife's piece a few days ago. They're strategy is a poor one because it is largely about the few and shortermism and not about a long term view. He was clearly being economical with the truth when he claimed not to know that Jada was planning on giving her speech. Don't get me wrong I think the lack of acknowledgement of diversity in Hollywood films is at best shocking and at worst foolish. Economically they could be making a whole lot more money if there was more diverse representation, this I firmly agree with the Smiths and others in the film industry who repeatedly make this point. But I would argue that these same people are not putting enough thought into the bigger picture and longer term view-and that is in cultivating more production and power bases of their own. The Academy and it's practices could be little more than a side show with it's shenanigans by comparison to what black actors, writers, technicians etc could produce for themselves, if only they would see the bigger picture. I fear that what will continue to happen will be more tokenism, talent becoming dispirited and the few truely powerful blacks in the industry not realising that they could have a very great powerbase by helping others get to where they are and having an Oscar would pale into insignifigance by comparison.

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