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8 thoughts on “Watch What Dustin Hoffman Thinks Is a Way Bigger Problem than #OscarsSoWhite

  1. Mary Lindsey says:

    But he didn't mind all of the police being around when his apartment house was blown up in the 70's and they had to cater to him and walk him through the apartment.

  2. Tan Arcan says:

    So if the police does their job right, this also gives them right to kill innocent people on the streets?? Your logic is flawed.

  3. he's right, and you sorry som bitches don't want to hear the truth

  4. Isaac Delys says:

    In what world does the fact that the police came to his apartment and did their job (40 years ago!) excuse murdering people of color?

  5. Isaac Delys says:

    Well now that I saw your facebook page has a post defending the confederate flag I know that you are just a racist so there is no point trying to reason with you

  6. They never want to hear one of their light skinned brothers go rouge. hahahaahah!!!!

  7. Monifa Kweli says:

    Isaac Delys, her comment above should've told you that!

  8. Chris Wilder says:

    He is not wrong, but he also doesn't see how the two things are tied to one another. #OscarsSoWhite is about imagery and recognition. The images of Black people that are put into the media shape the thinking of every individual that sees them. That includes our police officers.

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