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21 thoughts on “Stacey Dash Has the Most Ignorant Response to #OscarsSoWhite You’ve Heard to Date

  1. She sounds like a typical Aunt ThOminbia ,back door mis educated peron!

  2. What a shame. Showing her ignorance is an understatement. Obviously she and the commenter below don't know, nor even care, that without BET, BET Awards, Black History month , The Atlanta Blackstar, etc., Americans and the world would never know the accomplishments, struggles, injustices, etc., of African Americans.

  3. These people would never be up to a debate on camera.

  4. Vice Cold says:

    Someone should define the word "underrepresentation" for Stacy Dash. Her ignorance is as baffling as it is disturbing.

  5. Ronald Perry says:

    What a house n>?./.

  6. The female Clarence Thomas

  7. Question, has anyone seen the whole interview before we pass judgment?

  8. Jack Silver says:

    The headline alone looks like more Uncle Tom style shakedown to me.

  9. Her one and only claim is a movie she was in with Alicia Silverstone called "Clueless". How appropriate, huh?!

  10. In the last 20 years Black people have been awarded 12.5% of awards and are currently 13% of the population. Where is the racial bias? 0.5%? Get over yourselves, she's right.

  11. Brian Keith says:

    Why do you need to see the entire interview? Her comments didn't seem edited, her response is fluid.

  12. Linda Huffman Much like yourself then…

  13. AllI keep thinking is… "Clueless…"

  14. Your obviously not a math major, where did you come up with your numbers. Because they don't make sense. Plus you don't know talent.

  15. Nathan stay away from those militia meetings and turn off trump your paranoid.

  16. I don't like this bitch this bitch is Clueless lol

  17. Vaughn Sessions

    I don't need to be, now like I said, get over yourself. Is it comforting to feel like a victim?

  18. Vaughn Sessions I'm not even from the US, and you sir are clearly a racist bigot to make such an assumption about me. I'm only interested in the truth. Stay angry if that's what stimulates you.

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