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8 Interesting African Creation Myths The World Should Know About


The Yoruba of Nigeria

In the beginning, all that existed were the water, land and sky, which was ruled by Olorun. Another god named Obatala went to Olorun to ask if he could create land for living things to exist. When he was granted permission, Olorun visited Orunmila, Olorun’s first son, to consult with him about his wish. In response, Orunmila told him that he must obtain a gold chain, a snail’s shell filled with sand, palm nuts, corn and a special egg that encompassed the essence of both the men and women orishas. Obatala hung the long gold chain from the sky and climbed down to earth, only to find that he could only go so far due to the chain’s length. When he reached back to pour the sand from the snail’s shell to form dry land, he dropped the special egg and released Sankofa. When he reached the earth, Obatala spread the sand and planted the pine nuts. He even founded a hill and called it Ife. After a while, he decided to fashion human beings to keep him company because his task was quite lonely. He founded the city of Ife, and the gods and goddesses visited him and his creations on earth frequently.

Bumba creation

The Boshongo

 of the Congo River

The Boshongo tell the story of a creator named Bumba. He made the skies, the sun and the moon. He also created the African Cosmogony before he created human beings. The beings of the African Cosmogony all created one another. In addition, the beings of the African Cosmogony are not deemed more important than the human being that came after them. Bumba’s three sons followed in his footsteps to complete the creation process. This story further embraces and supports the Bushongo’s importance of communalism nature. This creation myth communicates the necessity of unity for the sake of the community as well as the earth.

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6 thoughts on “8 Interesting African Creation Myths The World Should Know About

  1. How is the creation story of the Dogon not listed?

  2. Malia Simone says:

    All of these creation stories are the diluted versions of the Judeo-Christian bible. Im just confused how they got major details wrong. I honestly feel like they were mislead by visitations of the extra-terrestrials.

  3. all of these creation stories existed BEFORE that garbage religion u just spoke about. African people were the first to realise the divinity and godhood of the black woman and man.

  4. Malia Simone says:

    Gregg Herbert Those "divine" gods and godessess they spoke about in their creation stories were not gods at all. They were ET's.

  5. Raven Venus says:

    Gregg Herbert Say it again with meaning Brother! Ashe

  6. Raven Venus says:

    Malia Simone As long as we stop believing in the lie of a white Jeezus coming to save us its alll good.

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