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Offensive Display Lands Starbucks in Hot Water with Black Actress

Starbucks-Black-Child-Display-Twitter-640x480Actress Thandie Newton went out to get coffee and came across a statue of a Black child dressed in a loin cloth and wearing a safari hat at a central London Starbucks. The display harkens back to the 19th and early 20th century racial caricatures of Black people as “noble savages” and “dimwitted servants.”  The irony here is that Starbucks wanted to solve the race issue just last year.

The organization passionately tried to better race relations in America with its “Race Together” campaign, which encouraged discussions on the subject of race and piggybacked on the burgeoning Black Lives Matter movement.

“The Seattle coffee chain this week [March of 2015] began encouraging, but not requiring, its baristas to write the words “Race Together” on cups to get its customers talking about race,” reported the Los Angeles Times.  “Its website features photos of the cups held by smiling workers and customers of many races.”

The whole initiative was a complete failure. Many people voiced their opinions on Twitter, forcing Starbucks Chief Executive Howard Schultz to own up to the mistake.

Plus, the company has had issues with hiring over the years. Many have criticized the company for not hiring a diverse range of employees, and Starbucks saw an opportunity to correct this.

“If we just keep going about our business and ringing the Starbucks register every day and ignoring this, then I think we are, in a sense, part of the problem,” Schultz said last year.

The company has many more issues to worry about. Accusations that the company uses prison labor to lower production costs and increase profits have made headlines over the years. The company has also allegedly exploited Ethiopian coffee farmers.

Newton’s bold act of calling out the company has put them back in the spotlight. The company has issued an apology via Twitter and vows to correct the issue.


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10 thoughts on “Offensive Display Lands Starbucks in Hot Water with Black Actress

  1. Malia Simone says:

    Doesn't suprise me. All companies do this. Pretend to be good guys and say they care about the community. But they are only about publicity and selling their product. Who wants to pay $4 dollars for a cup of coffee? Especially knowing how you exploit africans to get it.

  2. N Cory Gable says:

    Luckily Starbucks does not accept food stamps and most blacks dont need to wake up and be anywhere so coffee isnt really an issue.

  3. N Cory Gable says:

    Greer James who's trolling? Im serious. Its a black actress complaining , isnt it? Why isnt there already an uproar over Starbucks using this statue? Because there are no Starbucks in predominantly black areas. They dont have money to buy expensive coffee. Most dont wake up and sip lattes before work.

  4. N Cory Gable says:

    Oh and by the way Trump will be your next president. Spent Thursday driving from PA to VA and back to PA on fri. Trump supporters EVERYWHERE! Landslide baby, TRUMP 2016!

  5. Greer James says:

    maybe you should stop trolling troll!

  6. Carol Alicia says:

    N Cory Gable if starbucks is considered expensive coffee to you, then we already know you work a minumum wage job, if you have a job at all. Honestly, it's a freaking coffee CHAINand the employees are high schoolers and college kids. LOL! If you could READ then you'd see it said a LONDONG starbucks, not an American one. so maybe that's why there is not so much hubbub over it.

  7. Greer James says:

    Carol Alicia this person is a joke. Id never give someone like him energy. Trolls live under bridges… have a good day!

  8. N Cory Gable says:

    Greer James a joke who is registered to vote and vote TRUMP I will , cunts

  9. N Cory Gable says:

    Carol Alicia rare to see coloreds in Starbucks , they cant afford it.

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