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13 thoughts on “Journalist Janell Ross Perfectly Articulates Why Oregon Occupiers Weren’t Automatically Labeled ‘Terrorists’

  1. I don't know too much about this but from what I seen there's a big difference between protesting and looting terrorism burning their own community down causing damage and destroying the black community

  2. Gathering with guns is terrorism

  3. why are black people concerned with this , are they expecting something ?

  4. How/WHY is that JOE WTF

  5. Jason Lockwood tell me jason..what do you think the reaction would be if a bunch of black people with guns started occupying federal buildings illegally?

    If those hick mutts in oregon are just protesting peacefully…then they can do so without the guns.

  6. Newsflash these 150 armed white men where breaking the law. However they weren't charged or arrested by the authories.

  7. Arron Frazier You forgot the part where they're protecting convicted felons who are supposed to be in prison.

  8. N Cory Gable says:

    James Kessler shut up

  9. Is there supposed to be a video? I've refreshed three times and still nothing. That's sad because I was so read to tear into this video. I'm assuming the reason that Oregonian Occupiers weren't labeled terrorists was because… they were white? Not because they were American or anything. Or because their plight was related to land ownership, and not anything religious like most terrorists? No no it was because they were white. We honkeys sure love to put you darkies down don'tcha know. Keep removing responsibilty from your own lives and keep living in the dark. Have fun with that.

  10. there not saying they going to shot anyone there land is being stoled by the feds these ppl are americans forget this race stuff just think if you lived some were that your family has been forr 200 years and the feds break the law by stealing your land any american should do what these guys are doing

  11. N Cory Gable there's no truth in you

  12. Tina Alleyne says:

    I guess they feel like the same race they are racist against…funny that?!

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