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Fox News Panel Finds the Most Erroneous Excuse for Why the Oregon Militia Is Not Labeled ‘Thugs’ Like #BLM Protesters

Fox News host Martha MacCallum noted that the media had been criticized for giving the anti-government militia more favorable coverage than Black protesters would receive if they took over federal property. MacCallum asked her guest if it was fair for the media to refer to unarmed Black protesters as “thugs” while labeling the armed militiamen as activists without mentioning that they are white.

Conservative Fox News contributor Deneen Borelli said that armed militiamen were forced to take over a federal building in Oregon because the government had “gone wild.”

“What happened in [Ferguson, Missouri] is really outrageous because you had individuals who were very destructive, they destroyed property, they destroyed their community,” Borelli opined. “We’re looking at Oregon. Right now, these individuals are being peaceful, they are outraged about the overgrowth of government. It’s government gone wild.”

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