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212 thoughts on “Two White Girls Open Two Black Dolls for Christmas, What Happens Next Is Shocking

  1. John Lindsay says:

    How did this film end up on YouTube?!

    Did the person recording them put it up?
    Why would she want to show that her children are racists?

    What purpose did the person who recored it and/or put it on Youtube hope to accomplish?!
    Something is amiss.

  2. Disgusting! Shame on the parents for filming this crap. No need to bash the children because their reaction is only what they've been taught! Ridiculous parenting!

  3. Can't even blame the children! Blame the stupid ass parents! Shameful!

  4. Lynda Jones says:

    What gets me is the parents laughter…..way to teach your kids NOT!!!

  5. You know I think it's telling about the society these girls are raised in. At a young age the have already learned to seperate and discriminate. The flip to this is that African American children have similar responses. This is a systematic issue of the European society or Western Civilization.

  6. Paul James says:

    Just more white trash to throw on the pile. Shame too, those might have been decent humans when they grew up.

  7. 美爱 says:

    phuck them and those kids

  8. When I was around there age my baby sitter was a young woman in high school whom was African American and we used to have tea parties and play with my dolls well most of mine where like myself Caucasian and I felt bad so I asked Santa if he'd bring me a doll that looked like my baby sitter so mind you it's in Florida and we have a Christmas boat parade so being anice innocent child I saw Santa on the boat and was yelling to him to bring me a doll that looked like my friend so we could play together moral of the story is hatred is never born into us it's tought those girls should be grateful they even got a gift at all its shit parenting in my opinion they should have donated the gifts to someone who would appreciate them

  9. Tommy Jaom says:

    Conditioning is no myth. It's similar to the black and white doll experiment from the 1960's (?). Nothing's amiss, conditioning has improved. What it has accomplished is showing how widespread mass media and force fed propaganda against black people has encougraged desensitizing effect on younger and younger populations.

  10. This is learned behavior. Baby aren't born this way!

  11. John Bachman says:

    I'm calling bullshit on this. There is no eveidence whatsoever that racism was at play here. Considerably more evidence would be needed. How about stirring the pot with some love for a change. Whoever posted this should be ashamed for painting these little children with a brush of their own making. Racism is real enough without having to fucking make it up.

  12. How are you calling bs? What more evidence do you need? Just asking…not being rude or anything?

  13. Howard Murphy You don't get it!Why were your girls if they look like African American get dolls that are euro looking?!!!

  14. John Bachman Very interesting perspective. I honestly did not stop to think about it like that. Thank you!

  15. Alexis Diaz says:

    I think something is odd as well..this is the problem with almost all bs videos posted online..people accept them at face value and don't question what happened before or after the clip they are seeing..the parents could have told the girls it was some gift they have been asking for and wanting for a long time and instead they got something they didn't want..they may have opened all of the other gifts and thought this last gift has to be what they asked for..and were let may have nothing to do with race or anything like that..racism is a learned behavior and I doubt parents would put themselves on blast like that..there could be more to the video, the parents posted it their fb..someone else finds it, edits it and reposts it to make it look like the two girls r racist so they can look good as a's too easy to create bad news and make people look bad..

  16. Jim Green says:

    Mr. Blake, hello. Disillusioned? Then every group in this country is disillusioned and they are moving forward. And what direction are we moving, a people whom wish to get along & love everyone and live happily in multiracially neighborhoods???

  17. Max Most says:

    Ecclessiastes Raiford You cant make the lil White girl out to be the racist yet when she also has been conditioned to like dolls like her.. what is more is the prospect that she could have wanted or expected something different, do not forsake the propaganda from advertising, etc.. Thus racism should not be the blanket statement that it is being made out to be..

  18. Max Most says:

    Beverly Smith You cant make the lil White girl out to be the racist yet when she also has been conditioned to like dolls like her.. what is more is the prospect that she could have wanted or expected something different, do not forsake the propaganda from advertising, etc.. Thus racism should not be the blanket statement that it is being made out to be..

  19. Max Most says:

    Hillary ѕweeтнearт Mollette You cant make the lil White girl out to be the racist yet when she also has been conditioned to like dolls like her.. what is more is the prospect that she could have wanted or expected something different, do not forsake the propaganda from advertising, etc.. Thus racism should not be the blanket statement that it is being made out to be..

  20. As children we played with white dolls without that type of reaction. We played with white dolls without a problem. This video shows how whites really feel. Out of the mouths of babes.

  21. Max Most says:

    Howard Murphy You cant make the lil White girl out to be the racist yet when she also has been conditioned to like dolls like her.. what is more is the prospect that she could have wanted or expected something different, do not forsake the propaganda from advertising, etc.. Thus racism should not be the blanket statement that it is being made out to be..

  22. Max Most says:

    Tommy Jaom You cant make the lil White girl out to be the racist yet when she also has been conditioned to like dolls like her.. what is more is the prospect that she could have wanted or expected something different, do not forsake the propaganda from advertising, etc.. Thus racism should not be the blanket statement that it is being made out to be..

  23. Max Most says:

    You cant make the lil White girl out to be the racist yet when she also has been conditioned to like dolls like her.. what is more is the prospect that she could have wanted or expected something different, do not forsake the propaganda from advertising, etc.. Thus racism should not be the blanket statement that it is being made out to be..

  24. Randy Major says:

    Mark Blake it's not being disillusioned is about challenging the european standards established by western society. from white santa to white jesus and media presentations, we've always been subliminally taught that the whiter you are the better

  25. It was done on purpose because the woman was laughing, she already knew what would happen then posted a video it's that simple.

  26. Joseph Piper says:

    John Bachman The interaction between the parent(?) and the child makes you aware of the bigotry and racism in the household. The mom filmed this because she knew what she had taught her child, and she thought the reaction would be "amusing". She elicited the reaction she expected as she giggled. Your logic is totally without merit. All you do is ask for more "proof" without examining all that's in front of your face. Racism is condoned by those who insist nothing is racist until the racist admits it in a confession. That little clip was of a parent teaching their child to be a mindless racist. The child doesn't understand, but the brainwashing will be thorough.

  27. John Bachman Even though you have strong point it's invalid. If what you're saying were the case of this matter, then why not title the video something other than "Two White Girls Open Two Black Dolls" ? It's obvious what she's trying to portray! I'm all for spreading love and I try everyday to treat all races that I encounter with the same respect that I want in return. It's very hard to do that when you view videos like this one. Why do so many white people hate black people so much? If anything we should hate them. I'm not saying you hate black ppl or that I hate white ppl but I just really want to know truly from a white person's perspective.

  28. Joseph Piper says:

    Brett G Funk Era Yeah. That "sentence" thing is difficult.

  29. Krystle Dyer says:

    Note to self: be sure to by my future children all races of dolls as they grow up. I don't want my children thinking a doll is "less than" bc of its skin color.

    This is just sad.

  30. Joseph Piper says:

    Great lesson in teaching racist behavior to your kids and giggling like a fool while doing it. The mom is a racist idiot.

  31. Ed Mcfadden says:

    whats so shicking about that… Im not shocked at all actually was the reaction im expecting from cracker children.

  32. Brian Ford says:

    I would have been shocked if she loved her gift and was sappy to embrace the doll.

  33. Brian Ford says:

    Not the least shocked or surprised. Now i would have been had the 2 kids been excited and loved the dolls they received. …..

  34. The mom was laughing to…. More than likely it was supposedly a joke… Smh…

  35. I agree. What got me, is how people are sharing this video as if it's some sort of breakthrough discovery.

  36. Francine JE says:

    What was the meaning of posting this video? There's nothing funny about "dehumanizing" Black dolls in front of the Public. It says a lot about you- Parents. Thoughtless actions will breed consequences later (in their school). If you dont teach your Children "diversity" at a young age they will not prosper in life… the "browning of America is real ya'll!


  38. Damn we didn't do that years ago. When we was force to play with white dolls. Just sad.

  39. This is just horibbly sad sick not even funny they should be ashamed

  40. This is sad!
    Kids are taught to be racist!
    Their parents not only were happy!
    They found their kids reaction hilarious!
    Than that decided to post the video to receive "LIkes"!
    The worst part is these innocent children are the ones who carry this hate to the next generation!
    They grow up to be the cops who murder our children!
    Judges who prosecute our children!
    Our nations President, lawyers, prosecuters, teachers, city councilme/ women, mayors, police chiefs, etc…. And my people wonder why we are living in an unjust world today!

  41. she was taught this by an idoit and the annoying laugh in the background shows the level of maturity of the person filming. mmm

  42. Not sure what the point of this was but it's so not funny. She should have shown her face.

  43. Why are people acting so surprised?

  44. Kat Souza says:

    #1 – The parents didn't give it to them. She very clearly stated that it was from Uncle Seth and Aunt Cynthia.
    #2 – What in the world is shocking about this? A small child is upset at a gift? Happens every day everywhere.
    #3 – You can tell the older girl doesn't care and is just kind of confused why it's a big deal.
    #4 – When I was a little girl I didn't want white dolls with blue eyes because it didn't represent what I was, I also didn't want a black doll because it didn't represent who I was – this doesn't make me racist, it made me a child. To be honest, I didn't want any damn dolls at all. I bet that little girl loves her doll now, because it's hers. Kudos to Uncle Seth and Aunt Cynthia for sending those gifts so that those little girls will hopefully grow up and not notice the color of skin so much as the rest of the population does.
    #5 – The more people perpetuate the cycle of race and black and white and hate, the more things like above will happen. I can't even believe I clicked this BS. I'm not shocked about anything other than it was even posted.

  45. Of course the parents are proud,the mom at least is an obvious racist,where do you think the children get it from??? It's a big joke to the mom and ignorance breeds ignorance so she's very proud to see that she successfully raising two more racist for this world to be poisoned with! Good job mom,and God bless Amerikkka!

  46. Leti Cia says:

    Was this supposed to be funny? It wasn't. It was sad and disappointing.

  47. Cry cause believe me she doesn't want you as her owner either.

  48. Leti Cia says:

    Those parents are teaching the kids this is ok. I'm in shock. This is disgusting.

  49. I'm glad the silly parents or whoever posted this video did. It shows you just how absurd their teachings (about race) to their children are. If they thought this was 'funny' then the jokes on them.

  50. The "people" perpetrating this "cycle of race, Black and White hate" are Right Wing Conservative nutjobs who can't stand the "browning of America". They've been railing against all things pertaining to Black folks for years and now that Black people are standing up, all I hear is "Can't we all just get along?"

    Oh HELL no!

    Karma is a bitch and I have a funny feeling that karma is going to start unleashing some retribution on the racist pigs in this country very soon.

  51. Max Most says:

    I doesn't necessarily show the clild as racist.. this ultimately conveys that a little girl prefers to play with toys that are like her.. (perspective)

  52. Kaye Hodge says:

    That's not shocking. It's what we should have done as little girls

  53. Tom Link says:

    All yall are gonna snap your neck shaking your damn heads …..

  54. They already knew they wasn't going to like them,That's why they bought them as if it was funny or something ,Really they bought them for them as a joke,Just to see there reaction.. Make them look like the Asshole in the end…Jokes on them….Don't make no sense…. Sorry Ass Parenting Skills

  55. April Flynt says:

    Wow. I feel sorry for these kids being brought up to have hatred in their hearts. My child would have seen a DOLL, the color wouldn't even have crossed her mind.

  56. Max Most BS. Black girls having been getting white dolls for years. I have two girls and they never behaved this way.

  57. believe me these crackers ain't shit and they know it. so racism is all they have… don't let it bother u. don't be friends with white people if you're a black person. black folks in this generation must learn not mess with these white folks until they're extinct.

  58. Kat Souza says:

    LaShonda Wright I'm…honestly not sure what you're saying here. You're shocked that I believe that my thought process is..what? Not ever did I mention anything about black kids and black dolls. Normal living children DO care about the color of their dolls because it is an inherent human trait to be accustomed to receiving something that is likened to you, not different. People inherently fear differences until they become educated.

    If by "threw" you mean "dropped in anticipation to see what her sister would be receiving", then yes, you are correct.

  59. Betty Fate says:


  60. Max Most you're right, I wouldnt yet call her racist…yet. But if she only likes to play with toys that look like her, do you think that likens the chances that she'd also prefer to play with kids that look like her? thats where racism starts. this is how racism starts.

  61. Angela Scott says:

    This is truly sad…. and we wonder why there is so much racism…..

  62. Terrible parents, raising children who will not be prepared for the world they live in, and who can only contribute to its problems.

  63. They did it to be funny. That's why they were recording it. However, it's not funny at all.

  64. Torey Crosby says:

    You're clueless if you think the color of those dolls had nothing to do with their response

  65. They're only a reflection of what they've been taught…

  66. I do not agree with this video at all…nor am I racist…however, it's people like yourself…calling white people/children "crackers" that is also wrong w this race divided society…hypocrite…

  67. Leah Tomes says:

    That's terrible!!! They shouldn't even see color that young

  68. Yep. Unclie, Auntie, Mom and maybe they have a dad, thought this would be funny, or else they wouldn't have filmed it. Raising more racist pigs.

  69. This is sad … the kids could have been reacting to the dolls being plastic and not having hair; however, in all likelihood it is because of the dolls not being like them and the parent doing this as a racist action. If they wanted the children do be open to liking the dolls, they would have set it up differently.

    But let me share with this thread what I am presently dealing with … I wrote a book that has been infringed upon by American Girl Doll and Mattel Toys.

    I wrote about two of my great-grandmothers who knew each other as girls in 1880s uptown New Orleans. The American Girl 'Cecile and Marie-Grace' 9 books are taken from my book "The Necklace of Baba Grace" …

    My book was copyrighted, but unpublished. I don't know absolutely how they got it, but I have my thoughts.

    I am still trying to get a black publication to do a story on this … they don't have to take sides, just help me get my story out. These people have some of the biggest lawyers in the country fighting me … I guess that's why the publications are scared. But this is another factor of 'black life' and if 'black lives matter' you'd think someone would give me a break. Just trying to get my story out … and believe me people, they used so much of my book it is shocking.

  70. Francine JE says:

    Jessica Brown You made my point! Bravo to your parents for your upbringing. Happy New Year.

  71. She clearly stated who the doll was from as to make it seem innocent. You can see all through this act. They knew the dolls were black that's why they put it on camera. They knew the girls were going to act in this manner about the black dolls thats why the stupid laugh was coming from the two of them recording and laughing. The last thing is she never recorded the other presents being opened. If she was trying to teach an important lesson then it would have been ok but clearly she accomplished exactly the response she was looking for.

  72. The parents thought it was a joke. Just think about that for a minute and you will truly understand why the kids react the way they do.

    What we have here is ignorant probably racist parents the laugh says it all.

    Because whats funny about this? The child will remember this as a cruel joke played by the parents even if they do tell them they should appreciate the black dolls.

    Welcome to living in a white dominated world. White people think nothing is wrong with this and as ive read already in these comments most will make excuses.

  73. 10-15yrs from now these same type girls will be groupied around BLACK pro ballers/entertainers and those fools will GLADLY wife them up smdh…

  74. Kendra Grant says:

    Shame on the parents!! Those kids are going to have a tough time.. I don't feel sorry for what they we endure with that mindset!!☕️

  75. Well to make you feel anyone feel any better God don't look at color. And it's so sad that parents are teaching there children this foolishness

  76. Kat Souza says:

    Rhonda J. Greenhaw lol. Yes. As someone who grew up as one of the only brown children in a tri-county area in Kansas…I am part of the problem. It isn't only black that's discriminated against, ya know? I still feel it every day of my life living in White America. I very very clearly see the issue of race baiting – which is what this is…but do you think that the little girl is being racist, or do you think she's just a little girl upset at the fact that she didn't get something she WANTED. You can see whatever you'd like see, and it's everyone prerogative…but I see a little girl who's simply upset at the fact that she didn't get something she wanted and instead was subjected to a joke that someone thought would be "funny". No. It isn't funny – but why is this BS perpetuated in the media? So people can be more hateful and callous and it keeps the divide between white and black? That's exactly why.

  77. Kat Souza my daughter never cared about the color of the doll… just that it was a doll… plus there is always a white doll in stores. This was done intentionally…. she never had that reaction even at 10 yaers old. She is a normal child.

  78. Francine JE I'm the product of a single mother and a grandmother who was a product of the 60s

  79. Kat Souza Not sure where you get your "research" about what people like – the liking of same color skin is a LEARNED trait – not something people are born with – Skinner identified the unleared (non-conditioned) behaviors – and identifying with skin color is NOT one of them, so you are wrong. This is something that people are conditioned to do by our media, by our parents, by our in-groups. AND – if people are educated to do this, they can certainly be educated to not do this, IF there is a will. Sadly, people will continue to justify and deny the racism that runs rampant within our society.

  80. To make anyone feel any better I'm so glad that we serve a God that don't look at color and that he loves us no matter what. It's so sad that the parents taught these little girls this foolishness. Judgement day is coming!

  81. Kat Souza you can't update post in here but your ability to use context clues was perfect. Your thought process for how you viewed this video is flawed. You are clearly intelligent which means you've made a choice to turn a blind eye to how racially motivated this video is. But it's ok. You certainly won't help to deter racist behavior but at least you don't add to it. #speakless

  82. Kendra Grant says:

    What's the problem you ask? Perhaps the fact that the parents found this funny.. Trying to justify the video on behalf of the parents isn't your job. We got a clear understanding of what the video's purpose was for..

  83. And a happy new year to you as well

  84. I didn't even see what was so funny at all,Just to hear them all in the background cracking up was just ridiculous…. A bunch of Jackass's..

  85. um hmmm….check back with these girls in 16 years…let's see who they date. Joke on them.

  86. I'm proud of those babies , if niggas would stop being so trusting we would be alright , remember that blue eyed devil put AIDS, drugs, and other things in your community to destroy the black family

  87. Kat Souza says:

    LaShonda Wright Not flawed. I experience racism on a nearly daily basis living in an area where I'm surrounded by right wing rednecks and in an area where…I'm very very clearly a minority. I get it, and I see both sides of what is happening here. It was meant to be a joke on her kids – not a reason for you to talk poorly of the woman when you do not know her.

    If you want to be angry about the video in general, that's your choice – but I'm angry the video was posted by this site to begin with. It is perpetuating what we're trying to undo. I say we, because believe me, I speak up and out against racism on a nearly daily basis. It's bullshit, and it keeps on getting perpetuated again and again and again by these ridiculous "news" stories. You don't know the background of the video, and at the moment neither do I based on the fact that..I really don't care about these people. You don't know the purpose other than they were laughing at their upset children. IT's race baiting! Media posts this shit to GET people to argue, to GET people to be upset at those white folks for "being so racist" when…you don't know them. You know a clip of them.

    Yes. I am educated. I'm really glad I am, because I can clearly see both sides instead of just one.

  88. Howard Murphy That's because we aren't programmed at an early age to hate fear distrust etc white people. In fact sometimes tha opposite is true

  89. Y'all know we didn't want black dolls. We wanted white dolls. My moms gave me black Barbie with short hair. All my girlfriends had white Barbie. They just don't look the same. Please don't make more out of this than what it is. They are just children. I wanted babies with hair. Lots of hair.

  90. Leti Cia says:

    Exactly! What was so funny? I don't get it. If anything this SHOULD HAVE been an opportunity to teach their children to embrace different and show them the beauty of loving outside of their kind. THIS is what's wrong with the world! The mother should have asked the child why she felt so sad for getting a brown baby.

  91. Kat Souza Interesting and telling which *side* you choose to defend – perhaps some internalized racism. That is a thing, you know.

  92. My kids either! We are a brown skinned family and my kids loved dolls and action figures of all colors. Racism is taught. People seeing this, please know that the group of people who set up the video (the adults, not the kids who are their pawns) is getting smaller and smaller. They are lashing out and making a!of of noise as they see this happening, they won't go down without a fight. But a better, more fair, just, and loving society/country is not only possible, but already on its way. They can't stop it – and they know it!!

  93. Linda Cooper says:

    This is how racism is taught to children very very sad. Ignorant parents.

  94. Wow and have the nerve to laugh about it, we didn't have a choice to play with white doll babies, it's all in the parenting skills on how you raise your child about race and was the aunt and uncle being funny about buying them for them to see there reaction, Shame on them

  95. Nothing taught…nothing explained. Just giggles from an ignoramus that was too afraid to show their face on camera. I saw the previous comments in defense of this foolishness. However, having the camera ready, KNOWING what was in the bag to begin with, and filming a reaction that was obviously observed previously….does NOT support those "thoughts". (I put thoughts in quotations because they were not gained thru conscious thought or brain usage….they were desperate attempts to excuse blatantly racist behavior without being labeled a racist for supporting this ignorant and classless behavior)

  96. Mark Blake says:

    so in essense you wish more people were as dissilusioned as those 2 girls"

  97. LaShonda Wright WTH is wrong with people. This is the age where kids are supposed to be innocent. Why taint their mind with that ignorant crap. Kat can spin it all she wants, clearly she has blinders on. It was a terrible video, period.

  98. Cattholics who worship the image of White Neanderthal Jesus plus that doll didn't seem very pretty.. They are horrible at attempting to showcase our true beauty.. They are incalable of definting us..


  100. mother should be damn ashamed of herself ! The mother giggling says it all. Shame on You!

  101. Jrs Gant says:

    I don't usually comment, but what's shocking? What would you expect in a society that thinks that there's nothing good about being black unless you're an athlete or good for sex?

  102. Kat Souza you know the truth, I don't need to write a paragraph you know this family wasted and opportunity to educate those babies. Sad for the chlidren bad parenting.

  103. Ignorant parenting.
    What could have been so bad that she cried???
    Our society is sad

  104. Ray Dash ouch!!! You didn't play with dolls in the seventies. I did. I thank god for the mother that gave me black Barbie. And the confidence I have as a woman. But as a little girl I just wanted to comb her hair and put her clothes on her. Back then the black doll where horribly made. This is not hate. This is a fact. Doll makers have made remarkable waves in today's society to make the dolls more self like. But the black doll back then nobody could identify with. No self hate just true. This is not funny. No. But the child's reaction is normal. There is nothing she can do with it. At least with baby that a way you could feed it. It puked and pooped and you could change its diaper and it burped. No self hate just truth. We've come a log way baby.

  105. Marion Clea says:

    Patricia Collins unfortunately….u r right

  106. Just like the cowards who wear white hoods and robes!

  107. No, I always wanted BLACK dolls because I'm black. I had black barbies, cabbage patch kids, black raggedy ann dolls…..etc I never wanted to have anything that doesn't resemble me even as a child and when I had kids that's all I bought them. Black is beautiful no matter what the media tries to show us beauty is thin white Barbie looking chics they have nothing on us. That's why they trying they hardest to be us. This video was made by racist that teach their kids to be that way. Kids aren't born racist so that reaction was definitely learned and enforced.

  108. …..blame the parents and systemic racism white supremacy promoted via the media and education and every facet of society.

  109. Shana Durkee says:

    What the hell?? Who wants to n the world would find this funny? Or share it? Beyond rude.

  110. Kids learn from the people around them.

  111. that is how black girls feel when they open a white doll. hmmm

  112. How sad first off they chose those black dolls with all the black dolls and barbies in the world smh then the first girl liked it but threw it down when the sister did that is teaching them it's OK if the mother doesn't correct them but it's OK we all know the will grow up to love BLACK MEN lol but frfr depressing cuz our country don't need more hate #blackisbeautiful

  113. the one girl was like even though its a black baby doll i should be grateful for the gift

  114. John Bachman says:

    Hate is exhausting which is why I choose love instead.

  115. In defense of the children, they are reacting based on both conditioning and the receipt of something obviously different to them. Children of that age range are very dogmatic and have a bias toward their like. In defense of the filmer—they obviously haven't progressed beyond that dogmatism of early childhood. In other words, if they aren't mentally disabled, there's no defense. I'm so disappointed that they saw fit to film and post this and so tired of being ashamed of my race.

  116. Kelly Hope says:

    I agree with the people that say their reaction can be based on conditioning and/or wanting their babies to look like them. My daughter has dolls of all colors and shades. I am trying to teach her to love all people and let the way they treat you be the deciding factor in whether you like them or not. However, my niece wants her dolls to look like her. She would not have cried and thrown them on the floor but as a light skinned black girl she would have not played with them because they don't look like her. Which is weird because she is very light skinned but her parents and most of her family is brown skinned.

    I don't agree with the people that are being hateful on the two little girls. They can't help being kids and thinking that the conditioning, racism, or whatever that is being taught in their home is right. They are innocent and may grow to love all people equally. If the parents were adults that would have been a teaching moment. Many whites embrace black babies and love them when they don't have to. If you have love in your heart and you love people then they can be a "mommy" to black babies or any race of babies too.

    If you believe in a higher power pray to them to protect and guide our children. They are our future.

  117. Wrong our God do look at color.

  118. Duh! thats why we should see our girls need dolls that look like them. Instead of pushing them to play with dolls that they will not grow up to look like and have thier self image damaged for life!!

  119. John Bachman says:

    Mahalia Logan Is it possible, even vaguely, that it was not the doll she asked for? Where did she express vocally displeasure at the color of the dolls? Assumptions are being made that may not be valid and posting it was simply inflammatory and disgusting. We have 12 year old boys being murdered because of toys and skin color but by all means , lets speculate that a two year old is racist without full eveidence.

  120. Jess King says:

    What that tells you about youtube lol?

  121. Jess King says:

    There should be some chinese dollas, asian dollas, jamaican dolls, pershian dolls,indian dolls, etc. NOt everything should be about black and white.

  122. Max Most prefers dolls that look like her. WOW! how amazing for you to say some garbage like that especially when there was a time not too long ago when black girls were forced to play with white dolls as children. gotta love that white privilege!

  123. You do not live in a color blind society, if children are not exposed to people of color they will not see them as valuable. God made us as we are.Paul taught Racial Pride is good but racial agorance is not! '
    Children need models of others in thier lives to know and accept them as good!

  124. Looks like to me these kiddos have been given everything they've always wanted. I say take the dolls and 2 of their other best ever toys and give them to the homeless or a shelter. Let that be a lesson to the children, never hate again, or more toys will be taken away.

  125. I agree, John. The parents are racists!!!

  126. Nothing racist here. All I see is a kid who didn't like the gift. If they didnt like the gift because it was black, i still wouldn't see a problem with it. My girls dont play with white dolls either. Why? For the same reason I have no pictures of Ceasar Borgia.

  127. These kids have been taught racism at it's best…

  128. The dislike of black dolls is not uncommon, not just among white children but even among black children. There was an experiment by Dr. Kenneth Clark that showed this behavior and its link to negative stereotypes and self-esteem among blacks. Here is a more recent version conducted by MSNBC:

  129. Guy Sanders says:

    Max Most I have to disagree. Black children have not thrown white dolls across the floor and cried for all the decades they were given dolls that didn't look like them. The implication is clear: They thought the dolls inferior for no other reason than they are Black… and the family thought it funny. They could have used the incident to teach acceptance and diversity, but instead treated this like a prank.

  130. Ji Forte says:

    I don't find this offensive at all you guys are too sensitive….the child is white and didn't want a black doll big woop!??? I tend to pick the black character on video games in preference to the white……am I racist loool

  131. Ajani Fida says:

    I don't believe it shows that the children are racist, they are children. If anything it shows how White supremacy has influenced children into seeing Black as ugly and undesireable. This not only affects the minds of young White children, but Black children as well. Studies have been done with White and Black children when it comes to dolls and White dolls are preferred by the vast majority of children of all ethnicities. It speaks to a bigger problem.

  132. Max Most, so did they film it and laugh? Yes. The people that sent them and the one that filmed it are showing the perspective of white people period. When you hate someone for being different then that shows your family, if they don't agree with you then they'll hate you too. That's how bigots begets bigots. You better take my side or else.

  133. And our children should cry when they receive a white doll!

  134. Those kids are spoiled. Has nothing g to do with the color. What idiot takes a video of her kids being super annoying and ungrateful

  135. And having girls myself, they HATED getting the same things for presents

  136. this isn't even funny…and the mother laughing just proves how racist society is

  137. Max Most says:

    Marvista Weaver You cant make the lil White girl out to be the racist yet when she also has been conditioned to like dolls like her.. what is more is the prospect that she could have wanted or expected something different, do not forsake the propaganda from advertising, etc.. Thus racism should not be the blanket statement that it is being made out to be..

  138. Max Most says:

    Guy Sanders You cant make the lil White girl out to be the racist yet when she also has been conditioned to like dolls like her.. what is more is the prospect that she could have wanted or expected something different, do not forsake the propaganda from advertising, etc.. Thus racism should not be the blanket statement that it is being made out to be..

  139. Lisa Worrell says:

    Hillary ѕweeтнearт Mollette would she have cried if she had gotten spongebob or Mr potatoe head meaning she doesn't look like that either ijs iont thank so. Why post a video of that? My daughter is 5 she asked me for a white my life doll an i got it an she know what color she is (a black 5 year old little girl )

  140. The parents are to blame for there actions.You can hear them laughing.You are not born to hate.Good job parents.

  141. Race: The Elephant in the Room Will Kill You

  142. Eric Smith says:

    There are actual studies and test song gee about this behavior. They take a group of young girls and show them a black doll and a white doll every girl picked the white doll even the black girls. You can YouTube it if you don't believe me

  143. @johnbachman you miss the point. It's not about the reactions of two innocent children. It's about the parents, probably racists, who are manipulating the children on camera to film their rejection of 'blackness,' and publicize it because they think it's funny and appealing.

  144. Elise Cuevas says:

    I wondered the same too when I clicked the link to open this article. It could be that they simply didn't like the toy/doll, Black or White. When I was younger, I never played with Barbie dolls, for example. I never really liked them. So if I had thrown one too if I received it as a gift, according to people's reactions to this video, I probably would have been viewed as a racist too. I'm colored, my mother is Caucasian. My family is racially mixed, and I was never raised to see anyone differently because of the color of their skin. I agree with you John, I think many are jumping to conclusions.

  145. Max Most their response is VERY rascist. Im sorry you don't understand what rascism is.

  146. Troy Mills says:

    Max Most "perspective"? What perspective are these young children drawing from? Seems more like someone's perspective to me.. But I don't fault these girls unfortunately this is the world they live in

  147. There's no surprise in that video. The ki!s react that way because they are taught to hate "black" anything

  148. Ok… Here goes I know the nasty comments will follow but it's my opinion and I'm sticking to it…… It might have nothing to do with color. The doll was not cute and if you would have gave it to my Afro-American daughter she would have done the same thing. I think we as parents should stop recording all this bullshit for a reaction from society.

  149. Ed Mcfadden says:

    Brett G Funk Era what is a sentance?? since u seem to be in a correction mood

  150. Lynnesha Richards I can only speculate because I am not white, but they hate us because they are conditioned to do so at a very young age (ie:this video). There is nothing more impressionable than a baby/child's mind and the media has always equated Black with Bad. Just the Color itself is synonomous with Death/Plague etc. The stereotypes only get further reinforced as kids get older when they see how poorly minorites are portayed in the news and in movies. This country was built on our backs (literally) and now because laws are in place that make it illegal to exploit free labor, we are useless to them!

  151. Ed Mcfadden says:

    As the late great malcolm x taught if u cant beat em join em shelly.

  152. Just like you tend to pick the Black kid in a game of basketball! Depending on the type of Video Game (fighting,sport, etc) you proabably are making your decision off of some stereotype!

  153. the only thing I got from this is— whoever thought this was funny= like all d adults involved just straight up ignorant scum… now wrap that shit up!!!

  154. Mark Calland says:

    Elise Cuevas Thanks for your insight "colored" girl

  155. This is beyond racist. The parent was laughing and didn't try to make the girls look at the dolls as a great gift. Some people are clueless about racism and this is why it's still an epidemic in our society . My daughter received all types of dolls and barbies this Christmas and she didn't have a bad reaction to any of them. I'm sorry to say those kids have and will continue to have the White Privileged way of thinking. It's sad and I'm so happy my child loves and plays with all nationalities with no judgments.

  156. A black man will be fucking both of them someday.

  157. Sekou Kasimu says:

    AtlantaBlackstar? Y'all should change the name to AtlantaNegrostar, because negroes are the only ones who care about crap like this. Still begging for acceptance by whites. Still trying to solve the world's problems, and can't even solve their own people's problems!!!

  158. Smh…and you wonder why they grow up hateful

  159. Irm Aslam says:

    If she's proud of this then she obviously has bad parenting skills

  160. Seriously bitch! You are ignoring the fact that you have taught racisum to your children, and this behavior shows how ignorant your family is.

  161. I'm shocked that you actually believe that your thought prices in regards to black kids wanting black dolls. Most black children receive black dolls because of their parents desire to promote self love. Normal living children don't care about the color of their dolls. But you go ahead and continue to believe that this is normal.

    For the record, the first child threw her gift on the floor. Also, try to figure out why the mom thought this was funny and posted it in the first place.

  162. I knew their would be a person to justify the actions.. Why was it so funny to the parent and other person then, if it wasn't about seeing what would happen if they gave them those dolls…

  163. no but im going to laugh at this racist ass comment LMAO have a nice day tom 🙂

  164. If you can't see the PROBLEM – it is because you are part of the problem – this is terrible! This is an indication of how little we value black lives in this country. So awful – and instead of laughing, the mom should have used this as an opportunty to educate – we must aknowledge the damage done by the media w/ regards to what is worthy and valuable and beautifuly – and dismantle the white supremacy responsible for it.

  165. Nothing it funny about that! Parents should be ashamed of themself for post it for the world to see.

  166. Kat Souza kids DO NOT care about the color of their dolls. Kids don't even recognize color or race until it's introduced to them. Please stop.

  167. Kat Souza I think these little girls would have responded VERY differently had this doll been white. This is the problem.

  168. I'm confused on why that is funny hate is a learned behavior

  169. The title is incorrect. It was their Aunt Cynthia who gave them black dolls not their parents. Either way, those look like crappy & cheap dolls regardless of color. Mi would've thrown it from mi, to. Mi have seen white little girls play with black Barbie dolls, cabbage patch dolls, Bratz dolls & Dora, so maybe it's just those dolls are ugly vs. black.

  170. Kat Souza it's not a normal human trait because to receive dolls that are the same color as you isn't as common for us…the availability wasnt there so I got plenty of white dolls as a child not once did I react this way because I wasn't taught to dislike white ppl or that they were worth less than me had I been then maybe I would've been upset when my mom didn't take time out her life in the 90's to order a black doll I just accepted the white doll that was available to me. This behavior is learned and taught and I don't care how you try to defend it you can even here the lady laughing in the background of this was legit she wouldn't have filmed but I guess we're all stupid and you have all the answers

  171. LaShonda Wright I can remember when they made barbie doll in the 70s. I had one. I grew up in a predominately white world even though I was black so I played with what I had available. Race wasn't an issue to me but quality was. My mother introduced me to racial identity by buying me a black barbie. Did it really matter to me that Christy was black, not really but the quality of the doll mattered. Our kids have options and aren't shocked by seeing black baby dolls or afrocentric toys. White kids are and they don't necessarily want them, especially because they know they are different.The fact that the mother thought this was funny shows a serious lack of maturity on her part, but the fact still remains that given options, most of us will identify with others like us.

  172. But its all good my girls requested black dolls,went to the store whoever did the diaplay had white dolls all lined up pushed all out the way and in the back their they were..racist is TAUGHT…

  173. Spin it all you want. I wanted to reach through the screen and smack the mom. This is how kids learn ignorance.

  174. Then these little girls will grow up and sport a black man on their arms

  175. And black Barbie feet where different too back then. Her heels and boots wouldn't stay on.

  176. Ray Dash says:

    I can't believe you just tried to defend this bs you self hating -itch…

  177. Shynesha Kemp Don't feed into the troll. Don't let him take your positive energy. My heart is sorry that people take the innocence from children and teach them ignorance.

  178. Kat Souza so the parents knew before the children received the dolls that they would CRY about them? It's a DOLL. Sometimes we are too smart for our own good. You appear to be that.

    I never spoke poorly about the women but the video was clearly done in poor taste. SHE shouldn't have posted it.

    I would prefer this video make it to Fox news so people would stop acting like racism doesnt exist. But it WONT! They will only show when your brother, father, or cousin does something wrong.

    Pick a side. Go to FOX news and convince them that racism exist so they can stop acting like it doesn't.

    I truly wish you the best and Happy New Year. Oh I'm smart as well.

  179. Ken C Rivers says:

    And they momma gonna be the one crying when they are older and bring black boy after black boy to the house! Cause there will come a day they realize that they are no better then us!

  180. We should pray for those kids, to clear the ignorance out of their hearts, so they can have a normal childhood. Mom has a one way ticket to hell.

  181. So sad parents pass along their racist behavior. Shame on them!

  182. The parents are assholes for laughing and acting like it's a joke.

  183. Why this pos taught her offspring to hate is beyond words. Pray for the children that the hate and ignorance they were taught will fade away. Their mom has a one way ticket to hell.

  184. Yeah … but they still goin grow up to want bkack boyfriends

  185. Asia Mcrae says:

    Eww, why did you post this??? Not sure where you were raised, but we wanted black dolls and had them special ordered when they were out of stock!

  186. Yona Criszel says:

    Okay well that's unfortunate to hear But Please speak for Yourself. "We DID (my cousins and i) want the brown "baby so real…black barbies Which Also had the same long hair as white barbie.. Kenya dolls" etc… I didnt want No rosy cheeked blonde haired white doll. And i wouldnt buy one for my future daughter.
    Its Obvious by the girls shocked expression, Like she saw something bad that she wasn't supposed to see… That they were uncomfortable with the dolls dark skin. Aint nothing slow about these kids.

  187. Sherlina your comment get me so mad you just dirt dumb stupid you bout as dumb and racist as them

  188. Well we can't blame the kids. There obviously not being taught that color shouldn't define you. The person recording thought it was funny Also. God Bless Families who lack knowledge of racial awareness.

  189. Terry Keith says:

    That's what's happening, and it wasn't funny either.

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