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First Ever ‘Made in Ghana’ Car Is Prepared to Enter Marketplace

kwadwo safo

Kwadwo Safo Jr, CEO of Kantanka Group

The first cars to carry a “made in Ghana” seal will be under a harsh spotlight as they prepare to enter the marketplace and take on the major international brands.

The man that made it happen is under no illusions about the difficulty of the task.

“The biggest challenge is people believing (and) having faith in the car,” says Kwadwo Safo Jr, CEO of Kantanka Group — the nation’s first manufacturers. “People think the doors will come off or the tires will blow off or something.”

To prove the Kantanka models are tough enough for local conditions, Safo gave them a baptism of fire serving the Ghanaian police.

“They rough handle cars a lot,” he says. “They took the car, and made it appeal to the masses.”

“These cars are made for Ghana. We know how the roads are, and we built them to stand the roads.”

Despite positive reviews, Kantanka Group faces another challenge as a small operator seeking to compete with established rivals. The manufacturing base in Accra can produce just 100 cars month, and with high costs, the cheapest of three models costs around $20,000.

But given the rapid progress until now, such difficulties do not deter Safo from dreaming, and his dreams are not limited to the domestic market.

“We’ve gotten this far because we believe in the possibilities,” he says. “One day we will be all over the world.”

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49 thoughts on “First Ever ‘Made in Ghana’ Car Is Prepared to Enter Marketplace

  1. James Balls says:

    I have no idea of what problems this brother may face… but the possibilities alone – within a greater context – make this an exciting story…

  2. Alicia Brown says:

    Love the car, think it's beautiful, just want to know what the owners feel about american black people. Some are loving family, some are arrogant and affected by divide and conquer. I want to supoort them, but only if they would have love to support the black people who would support them, with the businesses that have launced here.
    I just don't support anyone who has a down view on other black people.
    Made that jistake with timberlands and so many asian stores.
    Basically if you're against pan-African Unity I want nothing to do with you.
    If you are for it, even if only in spirit, how well functional and long-lasting is your brand of vehicles.

  3. The Challenge is, will the the ghanaian car exports to the USA be handled byan African-America, a "A Capitalist Nigger" the book said, and also from South Africa where i am writing from, Soweto?

  4. Greg Heath says:

    Keep on going is really all that should be said here…Maybe Alicia is complicating things somewhat. You are talking about two different peoples, from different cultures etc. and virtually impossible to put all of these isssues on both sides of the Atlantic in one pile. If so, I guess that would be the "Black" pile? Either way, to make things clear we have to uncomplicate in my opinion.

  5. Does Nissan, Honda, and Toyota support African-Americans? But ya'all still buy their cars and trucks, right? Does Ford, GMC, Dodge, Chrysler, Lincoln, or any of the Detroit brands support African-Americans? WHo do these companies and their owners feel about African-Americans? I am certain you drive one of these brands now…without questioning their support. But, to support your OWN black people who made a car, you want to interrogate them on their support of African-Americans! You mentioned Timberland…what about the other brands y'all love to wear, Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, D&G, and literally hundreds of brands that could give a shit about African-Americans…like Sears, and Walmart…when last did you patronize them without questioning their support…McDonald's, Burger King et al.

  6. Tyrone Smith says:

    If these cars are good for rough roads, many places in US, Mexico, and Canada are good for them.

  7. We love supporting everyone else except our fellow black people…sad, really!

  8. Sam Brown says:

    That is the country where W.E. Dubois is buried…..and you don't get Pan-African than W.E. Dubois! Hope that info helped.

  9. Tami Mckoy says:

    I recently heard that Honda especially has been increasing the APR on their car brands just for black and Latino customers!!

  10. He should bring them to the US….

  11. Greg Heath says:

    If you want to see a change then be part of it. Stop talking about the negatives and what "they" think. Crabs in a bucket and many other references come to mind. Think positively but I know in America it can be hard to do that 100% of the time.

  12. Greg Heath says:

    WE should bring them to the U.S. people need to wake up! We have the power to do as we wish….

  13. Dan Oglesby says:

    I read somewhere that China is backing him in funding, but I guess you have to start somewhere. This brotha reminds me of the greatness of a black people long ago who created math, science, medicine and engineering…his dream gives hope that some day (unfortunately not in our life times with all these still brainwashed black folk walking around) a people will some day be great again.

  14. Jeffrey Law says:

    I wonder what the gas mileage is! Great Job!!!

  15. Their major problem will come from foreign auto makers who will not take kindly to giving up market share. The unethical may try to sabotage the cars in several ways to increase fears about the cars safety even using Africans to do it. Its sad but money and business overrides cultural pride

  16. Africans need people like these to start taking care of their needs,,too much of importation is killing creative entrepreneur and stopping the creation of jobs which eventually leads to wealth- creation.Thanks for showing all that where there is will there is way.

  17. Great things are happening all over sub Sahara Africa, just that the western media intentionally keep you in the dark.

  18. Chris Tee says:

    Sign me up! I would definitely buy one today without a doubt.

  19. Well done! We need to support this brand and product. Well done Ghana!

  20. Erik Durrant says:

    You must be joking!

  21. I'm going to be in the market for a new car soon. I want to see the specs and, hear what the people who own one say.
    If it is good enough for the terrain in Ghana the virginia should be a breeze.

  22. Erik Durrant Nope! The joke is on You for being too lazy and hyper defensive against the reality of our people by not reading nor watching a video that doesn't glorify your fiction of racial supremacy.

  23. Blay Yasuah says:


  24. Paul James says:

    Good grief… the website is appalling! I mean shit, it's fricking turrible!

  25. Either good or bad, you've made it happen. I am proud of you, boss. May the Almighty God see you through your vision.

  26. Need it here in New Orleans number one pot whole city.

  27. Paul, just to be fair, this company does not design websites, they design and sell cars. If you can do a better job and instead of criticizing, why don't you do something about it. I mean, really dude. That is the problem; you have peole such as yourself out there finding fault, instead of having a positive contribution.

  28. Bevon Gillis says:

    Go my black brother go

  29. Erwin Zipfel says:

    A black car that works? lol…I bet it runs on food stamps! Is it out on parole? lol

  30. Adrian Clarke Paul makes a good point. I'm from Ghana and the Kantanka site IS horrendous. I want to believe everything these guys are saying, but unfortunately their claims are totally unrealistic. As an electrical engineer I used to design mini-computers/servers back in a day so I spent a lot of time on the manufacturing floor helping to debug the early prototypes. It took a lot of resources and inputs before we could roll a box off the assembly line. Today's cars are at least an order of magnitude more sophisticated and I know for a fact that these guys don't have those resources. If you check their About page you will see that they're making other equally outlandish claims.

  31. Paul James says:

    Dario Thurston Hreiðarsson Thank you! Now watch who gets the greater investors.

  32. Paul James says:

    Adrian Clarke If a company can't design, or at the very least outsource a decent public facing digital presence, why would I trust my family in their product? There is a standard which I and the world expect, no typos, no tacky animated type, NO talk of a processed hair "healer" (is he gonna kill a chicken and pray over my car if it breaks? WTF?) You as an IT person KNOW that you cannot do a half-assed job for your employee, why should I, a black man expect less, why should you? I want them to make cars, I want them to be a beacon of automotive excellence in the 21st. century but this bodes poorly and does NOT incite trust. The site is laughabale, in fact its an affront to me, a slap to the face. Why, because you are black, should you accept shoddiness from your own people? We won't win with fuckery. We must step our game up.

  33. Check out this Nigerian automaker. Bigger and already more successful than Kantanka

  34. Keep it up we wish you well.

  35. We need to unbrainwash ourselves of the lies we've been force feed for years.

  36. Nora Miller says:

    Keep going, with your attitude you will succeed. The major players need to be shaken up now and then.

  37. This is an inspiring story n its about time we start manufacturing the likes of cars anf hopefully we are closer to refining are natural resouces. We can not always be relying to th west n america. Its abt time we do things for rselves.

  38. If the cars are made in China than fine, let’s start right there. Up until a time we can produce our own from start to finish.

  39. Mark E. Moseley Wow ach you told him.

  40. Alicia Brown says:

    I've met successful black people who've given little to no care at All for black people.

  41. Alicia Brown says:

    Mark E. Moseley
    I don't go to any of those brands, nor do I go to mcdonalds and other fast food places. I knew of hilfiger Years ago.
    Any of my hesitancy come from wanting to unite and support other black people who don't feel the same.

  42. Alicia Brown says:

    Greg Heath not a negative, just a study or learning of who I am supporting. There are a lot of African people where I live. Other African American people as well, so are for unity some are Not. Some have love some let's just sayReally act Otherwise. I would like to know ore about him. I want to support him, but don't want to be disapponted, wishing i found another brother to supprt who Really needed it, and down for the cause.

  43. Alicia Brown says:

    There are just so many of all races we support and when we need it, there's nothing in return. I have no intention of downing him. I know he will have So much suport without my One self, I just want to know if the aid will be reciprocated to black who've helped if needed. Black people support so many of many races. Don't always get it in return and are called lazy. We've done it to oourselves. I am happy for him, and wish him well, but just because a person looks like you doesn't mean they are for you. History taught everyone that. Not tyring to influence anyone. Just learned from my and others around me about jumping into anything before studying where hour money goes.

  44. Alicia Brown says:

    All blesdings to him, but that's just my personal experience. If it was taken as negativity, you misunderstood.

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