10 Times White People Were Called Out for Cultural Appropriation in 2015

Rachel DolezalThe Case of Rachel Dolezal

We all remember Rachel Dolezal. The former NAACP chapter president posed as a Black woman for her own personal satisfaction and gain. Even after her parents revealed her true identity, she refused to claim her Caucasian heritage. To this day, Dolezal identifies as Black.


Iggy Azalea by Robert Wunsch

Iggy Azalea’s Co-opting of Southern Blackness

Iggy Azalea the female hip hop artist, model, songwriter out of Australia, is best known for her chart topping hit Fancy.  But she’s also became notorious for her insensitivity to the complexities of race relations and cultural appropriation. Salon writer Brittney Cooper critiqued Azalea’s co-optation and appropriation of sonic Southern Blackness, particularly the sonic Blackness of Southern Black women.

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