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10 Times White People Were Called Out for Cultural Appropriation in 2015

Bantu Knot Appropriation

The Fashion Industry’s Appropriation of Bantu Knots

Yet again, the fashion industry didn’t fail to dismiss Blacks’ contributions within the industry. Bantu knots have served as a protective style for Black women for centuries. However, white designers such as Marc Jacobs didn’t find it problematic to introduce it to the European fashion world as a new, modern trend.



Allure Magazine’s Afro Tutorial

Back in August, Allure Magazine, a beauty publication mainly targeting young white women, featured a step-by-step tutorial that showed how to turn straight hair into an Afro, but there was no mention of it’s cultural context. The model in the image was a white woman donning Afro-textured hair The heading read as follows: “Yes (You Can) Have An Afro*even if you have straight hair.”

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