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10 Times White People Were Called Out for Cultural Appropriation in 2015

Bantu Knot Appropriation

The Fashion Industry’s Appropriation of Bantu Knots

Yet again, the fashion industry didn’t fail to dismiss Blacks’ contributions within the industry. Bantu knots have served as a protective style for Black women for centuries. However, white designers such as Marc Jacobs didn’t find it problematic to introduce it to the European fashion world as a new, modern trend.



Allure Magazine’s Afro Tutorial

Back in August, Allure Magazine, a beauty publication mainly targeting young white women, featured a step-by-step tutorial that showed how to turn straight hair into an Afro, but there was no mention of it’s cultural context. The model in the image was a white woman donning Afro-textured hair The heading read as follows: “Yes (You Can) Have An Afro*even if you have straight hair.”

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7 thoughts on “10 Times White People Were Called Out for Cultural Appropriation in 2015

  1. I have a bigger problem with American Girl Dolls / Mattel Toys trademarking the word 'praline' … a New Orleans & southern region candy. And of course their extreme copyright infringement of my book that I have yet to able to get a black newspaper to do even an exploratory story on … this is my work, my intellectual property, my LIFE…. what better way to say 'black lives matter' … I have used 3 years of my mature life fighting these people and can't get one black media to give me two inches of space. & you run a story on fluff … yes some of this is strong and wrong … but … let's get some money so we can take care of our neghborhoods.

  2. Erwin Zipfel says:

    The only blacks in Egypt were slaves. Egypt was ruled by semitic people, mostly Arabs. If you people achieved Egypt how the hell did you end up swinging from trees when the whites came? Wishful thinking will get you nowhere.

  3. Erwin Zipfel says:

    Will Silverine I guess wikipedia will have to do for you blacks. History says you were never masters of Africa. You were slaves. I know the truth hurts, but it was the Arabs and the white man who brought you out of the jungle.

  4. It's true that Ancient Egyptians weren't Black, they were (surprise, surprise) Egyptian. Many DNA studies of ancient mummies have been done and it is proved, that they have biggest genetic affinity with the population of modern North Egypt. I'm saying this not to diminish Black people, I'm just saying facts.

  5. Hamadi Bahri says:

    Praline is simply a French word, used in all the French speaking world. The best pralines on earth are made in Belgium. I wonder how anyone can copyright such a common word. It's as if you owned the word "cookie" or "candy"

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