Steve Harvey Suffers an Onslaught of Racist Reactions After Miss Universe Accident

Moments after Steve Harvey  crowned the wrong Miss Universe, the Internet wasted no time roasting him with clever memes and gifs of the faux pas.

Though his mis-announcement was cringe-worthy, Harvey took full responsibility for his error. He graciously apologized to Miss Colombia and Miss Philippines, live on the show and on Twitter (albeit grammatically incorrect at first).

Still, racism managed to merge its way into the situation as some Twitter users hurled racial expletives at Harvey. A series of tweets from multiple accounts with mostly Spanish names, called the Family Feud host the n-word and told him to “Go back to Africa stupid monkey.” One user was particularly upset writing, “@IAmSteveHarvey F*cking n*gger! You don’t know how to read! F*cking monkey! F*ck you! Colombia won.” 

Alvaro Ortiz Bonell, who has a less than perfect grasp on the English language, added: “hey fucking N*gger are yo high or you are so stupid that even know read a card.”

Harvey did not address the derogatory tweets, but he did add an apology to the viewers. Fans have also shown major support quickly reminding everyone that nobody is perfect, especially on live television.

This serves as a much needed reminder that racism lives well beyond U.S. borders.

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