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6 thoughts on “L.A. Policeman Gets Shot in the Stomach by His Partner, but Retaliates by Shooting a Civilian 4 Times Then Covering it Up

  1. Same play book as always… and again with video evidence and still no justice… When black and brown people finally unite…. Isis will be the least of your worries. It's been a Long time coming…your time is almost up.

  2. Lana Kelly says:

    A scene striaght out of a Tyler Perry movie.

  3. What do you mean "it's been a long time time coming?"

  4. Brant Rotramel I can give you a book….but i can't make you think.

  5. The murderous cop knew he shot his partner, he didnt say anything… instead he shot the guy again. Prompting his gut shot partner to pull out his gun and exacute this struggling guy ……Because HIS partners bullet didn't kill him… BUT.. they are cops. To me it seems, The only concern of that entire segment was if the cops were ok. Fu*k the racist goverment of this country!

  6. I'm so tired of white people. I swear. They want to annihilate everybody, but get uspet if we feel that way about them. But honestly, I don't care. This is not their planet, They don't own this planet. This planet is of God's and the universe. But they feel entitled to own and control everything. They need to go away.

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