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Jamaica Reiterates its Commitment to Deepening Relations with Guyana

Jamaica on Wednesday reiterated its commitment to working with Guyana on deepening relations between the two Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries.

“Jamaica stands ready to strengthen our bilateral and regional cooperation by continuing to explore issues of common interest that will redound to the benefit of all our peoples,” said David Prendergast, as he presented his credentials to Guyana President David Granger as his country’s new non-resident High Commissioner.

Prendergast, who previously served as Jamaica’s High Commissioner in Trinidad and Tobago, said the two CARICOM countries have shared a special bond of friendship over the 46 years and have worked together at the bilateral, regional and multilateral levels.

“I wish to reiterate Jamaica’s steadfast commitment to working with the government of Guyana in deepening the ties that bind us,” he added.

In his remarks, Granger said that both Guyana and Jamaica have recognised the value of regional integration in overcoming some of the disadvantages and limitations that small states face in the pursuit of national development.
“Our two countries, along with other like-minded states, actively pursue the vision of a unified and prosperous Caribbean region through the establishment of the Caribbean Community. Guyana remains steadfast in our belief that the path to greater prosperity of the Caribbean lies in closer integration within the region,” Granger said.

He said the common values to which Guyanese and Jamaicans adhere are those of democracy, respect for fundamental human rights, sustainable development and the preservation of territorial integrity.

“These values have, over the years, served as a common bond between our nations. Our unique Caribbean Community provide a valuable foundation for the long and lasting relationship which exists between our two countries at the bilateral level and the regional and international levels,” the President said.

Guyana and Jamaica first established diplomatic relations in 1969, three years after Guyana gained its independence from Britain.

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