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6 thoughts on “This Classic Jim Brown Video Is a Near Perfect Articulation on How Black People Got to Their Current State

  1. Jo Bannister says:

    Wow! This brother laid out the foundation of the black experience in America for the average black American. But until we put these facts to work in rectifying the problem;the problem still remains. and to think this brother is just considered a Footballer–he's really a social anthropologist and scientist–and again We rise!

  2. True say. We still need to get the message about economic power.

  3. Harry Oliver says:

    This Brother has always kept it real and is one of the greatest athletes of all time and he loves his people.

  4. Read his autobiography when he and a team of black business professionals put together a investment group set to build black business the U.S government destroyed their efforts. So our problems go beyond not thinking about pooling our money. We have got to get control over our own territory or government. We fail to speak to the fact that when members of our community do organize business that will elevate our mass the government or super rich white people destroy it.

  5. Michael, just curious. Why would a government that relies on poverty ever do anything to help people out of it even if that only meant stepping aside for an investment group akin to the one that the great Jim Brown was a part of? It's not a white people problem, because folks like farrakhan or jackson support the economic enslavement mentality that the government encourages. It's all about keeping people down and it's not just keeping down the black communities it's about keeping down and making more dependent Americans… period.

  6. Jim Williams says:

    Always been concerned why black skinned Americans want to separate from everyone else rather then just be Americans? I see other groups who want to be part of the American culture without trying to make everyone upset with them. Blacks need to speak out against those who wear their pants around their thighs and make rap music that encourage rape and killing cops.

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