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15 thoughts on “Things Get Awkward When MSNBC Calls Out Omarosa for Literally Selling Out to Trump

  1. I'm atheist and do not support White Supremacy or the religion forced on my enslaved ancestors and psychologically damage us as a people for generations. I do not support Donald Trump, but I believe we need eggs in all baskets but we should have one common goal as Black people that's to uplift ourselves. No matter how we get there is not the question.

    I do wonder if White women and gays will questioned about meeting with Hillary Clinton and why.

  2. You gotta keep your lies straight if you gonna play politics

  3. Dave Mills says:

    Black america is really screwed with people like this women in positions of influence

  4. The black folks on TV NEVER represent true black America. Because if they did, they wouldn't be on TV.

  5. Ty Haynes says:

    She is a prostitute

  6. Alison Njie says:

    Uggh, I can't even watch the whole thing I'm getting ill… Such a fame whore. All she wants is camera time. A Pastor??? Give me a break. And tell me what issues exactly did these pastors bring to Donald Trump's table? I'll wait…

  7. Dont Trust Black Pastors ! Pimps and Liars !!!

  8. Same with most groups. TV is very very fake.

  9. if she is interested in all the candigates where are the videos of her meeting with them ?

  10. I could not have said it better myself

  11. a lying sack of crap

  12. Mike Black says:

    now THAT was rather sickening to watch….ughhhhh 🙁

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