The Best Reactions from Black Twitter on the Hypocrisy of the Global Reaction to the Paris Terror Attacks


Victims in the Garissa University College Kenya attack

On Friday, November 13, Paris was targeted by three teams of Islamic militants with ties to ISIS/ISIL. There were allegedly eight men who carried out the attacks on local restaurants, a studio hall, concert, and stadium in the city. In the end, 129 people were confirmed dead and 350 were wounded in the attacks. The level of national and international coverage of the event contrasted greatly from the recent attacks in Beirut, Lebanon which left an estimated 43 people dead and the Kenyan attacks at Garissa University College in April which left 147 students dead.


Vigil for the victims of the Paris attacks

Facebook allowed users to show solidarity with a French flag profile effect and the mainstream media covered the terror attack all weekend. However, the aforementioned attacks in Kenya and Beirut went relatively uncovered. Social media users saw the differences in coverage and Twitter users, especially, made the national media aware of its hypocrisy.

Twitter users also showcased the cultural biases terrorist attacks with mostly white victims reveal.

This tweet shows how Republicans used the Paris attacks to condemn the recent protests at Mizzou, Yale and Ithaca College.

Many presidential candidates and pundits decided to politicize the event by pushing for tougher immigration policies and gun rights.

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