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30 thoughts on “Stephen A. Smith Makes a Troubling Statement About Black People Over Playing the ‘Race Card’ in the Wake of the Missouri Controversy

  1. Carl Hewitt says:

    Shameful handkechief head. Where was all of his bravado when that FemiNazi Michelle Beadle castrated him and had him put on "timeout" by massa for a week at ESPN??? Black men (supposedly black) are only brave while throwing their own under the bus, never when Mr. Charlie has his foot wedged up their ass.

  2. He sound just loike a house nigger!

  3. Peter Brown says:

    From the SECOND a Black person is born, from that day forward Every visit to a Gas station, library, theater, workplace, hospital, bank, grocery store, walk inthe park, walk down the beach we are met with the stimulus of the ruling class.

    That stimulus comes from a history in which there was 275 years of Slavery, 100 years of Jim crow and 50 years of politicalcorrectness disguised as Humanity and morality.

    You cannot extricate a SINGLE SCREW "Made in america" from the history that gave life to america. That screw comes from a factory, in a town, in a state and that factory has people working in it, they generally live the same, they generally live the same and in proximity and they have a hiring authority.

    That hiring authority is responsible for keeping an "Organizational fit" relative to hiring and depending on the age of that factory we can say without question, Racism has been practiced.

    Not one single SCREW!!!!

  4. Should Stephen A. Smith be saying "My Country Right or Wrong" or "My People Right or Wrong?" Is that the way to get things done? Do we want people to be wrong or right?

  5. Linda Taylor says:

    Stevie, sit yo a$$ down for the umpteenth time. Just don't say nothing, I mean keep it to yourself. Again, he missed the whole point. Calling Blacks N____r and drawing swastikas is no small deal as you recognize. Thank God for that. But for Steve to chastise Blacks for thinking that some racist act towards them or the Black race should not be scrutinized is bull. I believe that racist came up to him and slapped him the face, he wouldn’t know it. He needs to be educated big time about the Black experience.

  6. Eric Perry says:

    thats the point he was making. but just like it goes without saying that there is still deep hate/racisim in america, there are a lot of people who are not of color who could care less, and may not like u and their own mother. so everything isnt always about race. we need to do a better job at identifing what is anbd isnt. why? because if you claim everything is racial, then when we really need to the coming togehter or effect change, no one will care because it will be just another so called racism event. And i swear some of us are way too angry at the world. yes the shit happen, no we dont forget, yes we protect our own and teach our young so they are aware, but i will not live my life full of hate because a group of hate mongering segment of my own people can't open there eyes to the even bigger picture than what they are preaching. me i'm enjoying my life as a aware, but not scared blk man.

  7. Teddy Owens says:

    Another corporate house knee-grow strikes again. It appears his handlers pulled the corporate noose around his testicles to make him utter something meant to deflect from what took place in Missouri that was almost unprecedented for this era. Young black athletes said TO HELL with running a football and made a stand against the bullshit. But UNCLE Stephen just had to try and short circuit that and make this about his pass coonisms folks called him out on. #Truthserumtheshow

  8. He's never experienced any thing that he commented about, he's speaking from where he is sucessfully, I do agree with one thing he said all white's are not racist.

  9. Eric Perry I'd like to say HYPER_RACISTS ? dangerous for people of color. Maybe there are other forces attempting to cause a racial war of the mind. BTW Great point you stated->"me i'm enjoying my life as a aware, but not scared blk man" AWARE is the key. PEACE ALLPOWERTOTHEPEOPLE NAAVM

  10. But he said this incident was valid.Did you watch the video?

  11. Linda Taylor says:

    Richard Wang'ombe Muthui I watched video. I heard what he said. I noticed that he agreed that the protest was valid. It was the rest of his commentary that I had a problem with. I thought his opinion about Blacks choosing "every" incident as a problem and not reacting on it was another way of him saying that Black are over using the "race card." He, historically, has made some off-the-wall comments about Blacks as if their reactions to events that truly are discriminatory or racist are unwarrented, in his opinion. So, yes, I watched the video and that is my opinion.

  12. Neo Kobina says:

    You got your house negro and you have your field negro .! I see why white people control media , hip hop , movies and what promotes negativity and bad images to the masses of the people … We need to stop viewing these television and movies as entertainment and start looking at it as brainwashing war tactics…! Nazi progranda

  13. The usual Mr. Smith to me. The "God-earing country line" was a huge reach and delusional. Not when one truly understands and face forthrightly, the bases on which this country was established. To even make that statement as a black man, one is forced to move quickly to a mindset of selective amnesia. Which evidences sign of being mentally dead. Maybe settiing in the present of the soldiers gave him some fright.

  14. What was wrong with what he said? Where does he make a controversial statement? He's absolutely right. He clearly says the Missouri incident was right to happen. And he clearly says don't make every incident in America that happens to you about race. I don't see the problem.

  15. He need to speak for himself and stop telling other people what to do.

  16. Albert Thombs Stephen A. is a media personality, who gets paid to give his opinion on various topics other than sports. The producers of First Take found this topic to have enough merit to throw it in as a topic for discussion. The mere fact that his show is the most popular on the network rules out your opinion that he needs "to speak for himself and stop telling other people what to do". He gets paid to give his opinion, and I for one agree with it.

  17. Great Point! I'm not sure why people have negative view of this man. He seems to be pointing out the truth….why does that make him an Uncle Tom?

  18. Eric Hurt says:

    i don't see where he is off….. & i certainly don't equate his stance on matters involving race with Raven Simone's. Where did that come from???

  19. What's so troubling about it?

  20. Carl Hewitt says:

    It's hard to be educated about racism when he has his head up a white ass.

  21. Carl Hewitt says:

    It's called "programming" for a very good reason.

  22. this is the first tiime he wasn't

  23. Carl Hewitt says:

    Richard Wang'ombe Muthui That's called "soft cooning". The focus of his rant was black folks, not the racist who paint swastikas on public buildings.

  24. Carl Hewitt says:

    He's qualified to comment on sports, not social issues. Instead of being a mouthpiece for FAUX News, Mr. Smith should stick to talking about Steph Curry and current events in the NBA.

  25. Linda Taylor says:

    Carl Hewitt I agree with you. What I should have said was that he should experience some of the racist treatment that he can't seem to acknowledge that occur to other Blacks. But, then again, he still might be clueless.

  26. You cooning again, Stephie?!?!?!

  27. He practically avoided the actual issue of the article to focus on chestising so called "Black" peopole for "always playing the rece card". Like Charles Barkley he is no stranger to competing for the house N-word of the year award

  28. Tena Winston says:

    …again Stephen Smith have a seat!

  29. Tena Winston says:

    Edwin Sylvain have a seat sir.

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