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#Mizzou: A Timeline of Racial Incidents and Protests Leading up to the Resignation of The University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe

Black football players MissouriSept. 12: Missouri Students Association president Payton Head publishes Facebook posts about a racial slur directed at him.

Oct. 5: Legion of Black Collegians members are the targets of racial slurs by a man on campus.

Oct. 8: Richard Bowen Loftin announces mandatory online diversity training for faculty, staff and students, which is met with widespread skepticism.

Oct. 10: Members of Concerned Student 1950 protest during the MU Homecoming Parade, blocking a car carrying UM System President Tim Wolfe.

Oct. 21: Concerned Student 1950 issues a statement of demands, including a formal apology from Wolfe and his removal from office.

Oct. 24: A swastika using human feces is drawn on a bathroom wall in MU’s Gateway Hall.

Oct. 27: Concerned Student 1950 meets with Wolfe, but no issues are resolved.

Morning of Nov. 2: Jonathan Butler announces he will go on a hunger strike until Wolfe is removed from office.

Evening of Nov. 2: Students camp on Carnahan Quadrangle in support of the hunger strike and Wolfe’s removal from office.

Nov. 3: Concerned Student 1950 and supporters meet with Wolfe and Loftin near University Hall to discuss race relations and discrimination.

Evening of Nov. 3: Concerned Student 1950 decides to boycott MU services until Wolfe is removed from office.

Nov. 5: Concerned Student 1950 holds a demonstration on campus before the MU-Mississippi State football game.

Evening of Nov. 5: Students reschedule a football game protest for Monday, citing security reasons.

Nov. 6: Wolfe issues an apology for his actions and inaction during the Homecoming protest.

Evening of Nov. 6: Protesters confront Wolfe in Kansas City.

Nov. 7: Concerned Student 1950 holds a demonstration in front of MU prospective students.

Nov. 7: Black MU football players announce plan to boycott games until Wolfe resigns.

Nov. 8: MU football team unites behind Black athletes. Officials and some faculty issue statements in support of the student’s decision.

Nov. 9: Embattled University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe resigns.

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