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58 thoughts on “Charles Barkley’s Ignorant Statement About Derrick Rose’s Hair is The Epitome of Self Hate

  1. he saying the same [email protected]#$%^ Imus said and should be fired.

  2. Jocelyn West says:

    Do you really expect anything different from Charles Barkley?

  3. Iris White says:

    That announcer did what he could to remove Charles' foot from Charles' mouth…but there was no saving the fool.

  4. Nove Andrade says:

    only if we don't get caught


  6. Charles need to learn how to speak rather than criticize someones hair

  7. Rita Watson says:

    The saddest part about Charles Barkley, is that he believes that the people he's being a buffoon for like him.

  8. Tony Hill says:

    He should be fired

  9. Dave Mills says:

    unbelievable!! this guy should be ostracized from the black community, he has made way too many of these comments, and is completely unrepentant.

  10. Greer James says:

    lol! nooo guys we cant kill em… just let them have Charles… we can trade him for someone cool…maybe

  11. Latifah Lane says:

    He is just from the South, I'm sorry to day it but people that were raised in the South in the 50's,60's and 70's they aren't very open minded and a little ignorant to the whole Pro-black thing, their parents raised them to try there best to conform to what the white man says is ok

  12. Renee Brooks says:

    Charles Barkley is being the asshole he's always been. Derrick Roe's hair has nothing to do with playing the game. What an idiot.

  13. Greer James We can trade him for Rachel Dolezal

  14. Cinque King says:


  15. I've been saying this since he got in the league that shit nappie

  16. Rehaan Hasmi Dude, go somewhere with this bullshit! Nobody cares.

  17. Sorry but Barkley has gotten to old let's move on

  18. Michael Gray says:

    Nappy? No…………..bad haircut & Style? Hell yes.

  19. We already knew that Barkley has been the gym/NBA/town idiot for years. "I don't like nappy hair"? "Get some green grease that my grandma used to have and relax it." If he only grew his hair.

  20. I like Charles but he often says some dumb stuff. I am feeling him on the look but it's 1 of many styles that we are capable of doing and should embrace all types of hair expression even bald.

  21. Pat Davis says:

    And that is the sad pat.

  22. Charles has always been a house N-word,and he's going to be that until he dies.Cause that's all he knows,That's why they keep him on the show.Think about this, Charles is one of those Black guys that from high school to even in the Pros he wasn't popular with the sisters.While playin sports he couldn't get layed and even in retirement he got caught paying for chickenheads.This kind of guy hates his own pepole for that.There's three Black guys on the show.The other two Black guys seem to be closer to the whte guy more then Charles,they show him more love then they show Charles.You can see on the show they don't like his Uncle Tom ass.Shaq wants to whoop Charles ass so bad.I would pay to see that on pay-preveiw .If u can't say the number 3 you should not be on TV.

  23. He telling the truth that boy hair is nappy af.

  24. Joyce Colley says:

    He was always an ass.

  25. I am a white woman who adopted a little bi-racial boy. I have been really surprised at the amount of conversations people want to have about his hair, black and white folks, men and women. A lot of advice and opinions! I imagine if I'd adopted a girl it would be even more so.

  26. Have you met everyone from the South? Don't judge people from the South based on the statements made by one person. He doesn't represent all of us.

  27. I know. He and Debi Thomas need to take joint therapy sessions together. Maybe they can get a discounted rate.

  28. And? God made 'nappy' hair first on this planet, so what's y'alls problem with it?

  29. Najee Kareem Redding We don't want that bitch either. The only white that would be worth trading for is long dead: John Brown.

  30. Bubba Gray says:

    I dont pay no attention to Charles Barkley lol

  31. you just made a very inorant statement!

  32. you just made a very inorant statement!

  33. Ingorance at its worst

  34. "Go someway and relax it," Poor Coon, he does not understand, "natural."

  35. How dare you have the uneducated boldness about the South to disrespect ALL Black people from the South. Think frist.

  36. Very well said Rita..nothing more needs to be said…

  37. Charles has the BIGGEST NAPPIEST HEAD I'VE EVER SEEN……HE so wants to be white……..

  38. Doni Greer says:

    I think it's more about ignorance then self hate. My opinion

  39. Alex Primo says:

    Charles Barkley is nothing less than a racist white person with a slight tan. He needs to be ahsamed of himself. How does he open his mouth to say … on national TV … that he hates our natural hair. Keep in mind, he didn't say that he hates uncombed hair. He said that he hates nappy/curly hair. Nappy means coiled or curly. Our hair is naturally full of waves, curls, and coils. This man needs to be treated like any other racist. IMO #BoycottBarkley

  40. Highly disrespectful. A brother turning on his brother. Self-hate is not even the right description. That is just plain wrong. Why is he even commenting about his hair, Barkley should be more intersted with Rose's performance. European psychology strikes again.

  41. Charles Barkley is a sad black person,who doesn't like himself,I guess thats why he have a shaved head,I'm sickof his comments about black people,if he didn't have any money he will be afraid to say anything,he wants to be white,even the white see he is a fool buffalo butt, white on the inside,black on the outside want to be white.charles your comments are not wanted,he must hate his family.

  42. Ja'von Brown says:

    ALL the boot lickers do.

  43. So, he has an issue with Rose's hair (which is natural, who cares?), but ignores Noah's emo-barista samurai bun and Adams mullet? GTFOH Charles, you're drunk.

  44. Sorry Latifah that is so very untrue you must have forgotten about MLK, Rosa Parks, Jesse Jackson, Andrew Young, Medgar Evers, etc all from the south. We are some strong poeple and our parents & grandparents stood up to a segregated south and changed the entire country. I am thinking you may not be old enough to know whose shoulders President Obama stands on ijs. Charles Barkley is from a small little city outside of Brimingham and just has loose lips which often time sinks his own ship….

  45. wow. I mean I know Charles is an uncle tom, but just wow…smh

  46. Tom the Great just endorsed relaxed hair. Now I understand why Charles Barkley never had hair: he so badly did not wanna be Black that he would not be caught dead with kinky hair.

  47. Gerald White says:

    Well when you work and be around so many white folks you started getting delusional and liking their dirty draws and urges to suck on some white dick you feel frisky around them. It is what it is! But to me they smell like garlic which is such a gross rancid smell to me.

  48. Barkely grew up in times where they did not sport the natural look they are doing today. So you cannot blame him. Even black parents wouldn't even like the hair. I don't think he was dissing it. He just don't understand. Back in his day the only natural blacks sported was afros.

  49. Who cares what the Round Mound has to say about anybody…he only recently left the Republican party…

  50. Charles Barkley is a fool, people should just ignore him and he'll fade away.

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