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After Racist White ‘Geeks’ Launched #boycottstarwars, Director Ava DuVernay Had the Best Response


Latest Star Wars poster.

Over the weekend, Disney revealed the latest poster for the next installment of  the Star Wars franchise, The Force Awakens. While there was undoubtedly excitement about the franchise, the reveal also gave racist social media trolls an opportunity to shine with their #boycottstarwars hashtag.

Many of the supporters of the hashtag believed that The Force Wakens supported “white genocide” because of John Boyega’s starring role and the multicultural cast. Ironically, the Star Wars franchise has always included a multicultural cast— from Samuel L. Jackson, Billy Dee Williams and James Earl Jones to now John Boyega and Lupita Nyong’o.

“There’s some kind of sick, beautiful irony in the fact that those boycotters completely missed the point of all of these films,” wrote Jessica Lachenal for The Mary Sue. “They somehow don’t see that they’re the Empire, they’re the evil people; a clone army stamping out those that are different from them, enslaving alien populations, promoting ‘order’ and homogeny through totalitarian control and fear.”

These boycotters are reminiscent of the initial fanboys who were outraged that Boyega was playing a storm trooper, even though native New Zealand actor Temuera Morrison played all of the storm troopers in the prequel films. Diverse casting tends to ignite racism in the geek community.

However, director Ava DuVernay responded to the boycotters with the #CelebrateStarWarsVII hashtag, showing that solidarity is greater than hate.

She created the hashtag as a response to this tweet:

DuVernay turned the discussion from a negative bashing against diversity, to a positive discussion in support of it.

DuVernay, who has made it her mission to diversify the film world’s talent pool with her company, Array, has become an important voice in the support for diversity in Hollywood, and this incident is just the latest example of her passion and power.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens December 18. Check out the latest trailer below:

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31 thoughts on “After Racist White ‘Geeks’ Launched #boycottstarwars, Director Ava DuVernay Had the Best Response


  2. Dave David says:

    Its funny because white peoples taxes most likely paid for that 400 billion.

    80% of Afican Americans are on some sort of social benefits.

  3. Dave David Where are your facts to back that claim?

  4. Jeff Dow says:

    Antonio French's quoted tweet: "For my son" Uh-huh… suuuuuure. Your son 😉

  5. Stephen Bellinger..remember, public school is a social benefit…

  6. Sango Kainde says:

    Stephen Bellinger Ignore racism its pyschological. You don't have to debate the reality with an enemy. Love, Sango.

  7. Donn Johnson says:

    Dave David You have NO facts to back that claim.

  8. Donn Johnson says:

    Ina Plassa-travis So black people just live off of white people and white people don't live off of black people?

  9. They know Star Wars isn't real right?

  10. This might be more racist that the racist idiots the article is referring to. What the fuck are you smoking.

  11. John Jimenez says:

    what about lando calrissian? He's black and he got to fly the milenum falcon

  12. Ina Plassa-travis So what are you saying…only black people use pyblic school?

  13. Dave David There are just as many white folks collecting those "social benefits" as blacks. Illegal drugs too. Look it up before you just blurt out stuff.

  14. When will they learn that this "Universe" does not center and revolve around them. Not even in a ficticious universe. Get over it. Remember stars like James Earl Jones, Billy D. Williams and others in the original movies?? Apparently Not!!! It's just a movie folks! Again..GET OVER IT. #CelebrateStarWarsVII

  15. This article stands to be corrected. The original Star Wars now known as Episode four did not contain any minorities with the exception of the voice of James Earl Jones. In fact black leaders protested it's lack of diversity and compared it to Star Trek which showcase a very diversified cast. The articles writer needs to watch Episode four to see that no minorities including African Americans appear on screen.

  16. Trina Perry says:

    Shh. Let's keep it between us.

  17. Dave u sound stupid? We all know that white people are still profiting from the hard work of my ancestors. Read a book Dave.. A real book buddy..

  18. Chris Nieves says:

    Dave David you have Failed this city

  19. Richard Høy says:

    John Jimenez Yeah, but most folks remember him by the fact that he sold out Han Solo to the empire (before redeeming himself in the last movie)

  20. Dave David No thats 80% of cracKKKers including you.

  21. Doesn't matter, a racist wants his fantasy to reflect HIS reality… White EVERYTHING.

  22. They're understandably pissed… everyone knows that outer reaches of the galaxy are 'obviously' run by White guys.

  23. how racist do you have to be to boycott a made up movie in a made up time because there isn't a white hero. if stupid could fly… we would have jets!

  24. Winter Hall says:

    It may be just a movie but it reflects everyday life for racists. The world in their mind has to be superior /inferior or the world is not balanced. #asses!!!!

  25. Lost and detached from REALITY. IJS

  26. There are 3 brothers in the universe over 40 years and these asshole are pissed. Come on, stop the dumb shit.

  27. John Jimenez Got to fly it? IT WAS HIS! He lost to to Han in a gamble!

  28. KILL ALL THE EVIL WHITE EMPIRE! May the force be with you my niggas!

  29. Lmao @ these comments!!

  30. Andre Selby says:

    DUDE… think about the isolation of that culture. the whole idea that education removes racism is something some faux liberals use to excuse any real reflection of their own bias. and because in a lot of ways are society is still anti-intellectual, we just trust that thats true and 'leave them be', and assume they are more understanding than the rest of us. intelligence has little to do with the removal of bias. security, courage, emapthy, and self esteem does those things.

  31. Andre Selby says:

    i have found that many black people dont know any white people personally. like stay the night at their house, going on trips, meeting family, personally. they only know whites by the concept of institutional racism. when you really get to know many of them personally, you start to understand that many that claim not to be racist are just as racist as anyone else. sometimes you find yourself respecting the honest openly racist white guy after dealing with faux libs. ironically a real rascist white would never waste your time feigning friendship to appear to be someway he is not.

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