8 Disturbing Things to Know About Being Black in Modern Day Egypt


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Racial slurs are commonly directed towards Black people in public places.

The terms “chocalata” and “samara” are often used to refer to those of the Black community in Egypt. However, according to the article, term “zarboon,” meaning slave, is also commonly used.


Nubian Egyptian Woman

Black women are often treated as if they are promiscuous.

Black Egyptian women are often treated as inferior concubines. In fact, a 2013 governmental survey determined that 99.3 percent of Egyptian women have been sexually assaulted at one time or another. According to the al-Araby al-Jadeed article, Fatma Ali, a Sudanese writer, confirms that the treatment of Black women is “especially bad due to perceptions of ‘easiness’.” She bluntly states the following: “It goes without saying that they believe all [Black] girls are naturally prostitutes.”


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