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8 Disturbing Things to Know About Being Black in Modern Day Egypt

Source: Ka Hotep

Black Egyptians experience racism daily.

In their article, “Being black in Egypt,” Imogen Lambert and Nada Ramadan, two writers for al-Araby al-Jadeed, convey that those of the Black community in Egypt are deemed “inferior [minorities], subjecting them to varying degrees of racial discrimination and degrading treatment.” Furthermore, another article published by Aljazeera declares that there is “long-standing racism that threatens the security and livelihoods of Egypt’s [sizable] sub-Saharan population.”



Racial discrimination is not criminalized in Egypt.

Very little is done to take a legal stance against the discrimination that Black Egyptians are subject to on a daily basis. In fact, Lambert and Ramadan state the following when discussing the legality of racial discrimination: “The Egyptian constitution prohibits any form of discrimination, including based on skin color. However, the law does not [criminalize] racial discrimination. If you were subjected to racist treatment, the best you can do is attempt to press charges of libel or slander.”

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81 thoughts on “8 Disturbing Things to Know About Being Black in Modern Day Egypt

  1. Ahmed Kamel says:

    This article is so full of shit, so misleading and nothing next to the truth! The photos are for illegal African refugees being arrested and other photo from Sudan! I'm 56 and I've lived all my life in Egypt and have never seen what this article is writing about!

  2. The pejorative "Kafir/kufr" was originally coined to be used exclusively against black men and women of Africa by the invading Muslims. It is now used as a pejorative against all non-Muslims. There are 20,000,000 slaves (obviously not all black) still held by Muslims in the world today. Though traditionally African tribes practiced slavery via captured souls when tribes would have conflicts, it was the Muslims who began the African slave trade. The Europeans (no less guilt upon them) were late comers. The Europeans and colonials (American et al.), to their credit, eventually rejected slavery as inhuman. ISLAM – STILL – PRACTICES – SLAVERY. Though the Bible recognized slavery and appeared to tolerate it as part of life; it did not command it nor justify it. Qur'an on the other hand does and everywhere in the world where Islam is in power, slavery is practiced. Arab Muslims disdain all non-Muslims but in particular Blacks.

  3. you are the colour of the arabs that are oppresing the orignal people of egypt

  4. imagine that the arab invaders are oppressing the orignal people of egypt.

  5. Gregg Herbert again, "original people of egypt", that is a myth created by american afrocentrists

  6. wtf is a "black egyptian"? we have nubian-egyptians, and african immigrants. nubians are not discriminated against in any way shape or form, in fact one of the most popular singers in Egypt is a nubian (Mohamed Monier), we had a half-nubian president (Sadat), and a nubian army chief (General Tantawi), so how are they discrimenated exactly? As for the african migrants, well, migrants are mistreated the world over, egypt is not unique in that regard, and it's not as pendimic as your article claims.

  7. >Arab invaders
    who are they?
    >original people of egypt
    who are they?

  8. BS, "kafir" is an arabic word, literally meaning "infidel", and it was in the arabic language even before Islam.

  9. And the american Nigro's act like the USA is the ONLY place on EARTH that is MISS* TREATING them..LOL. I thought they BUILT the PYRAMID"S LOL Where on earth do the Prosper as a COLLECTIVE?? Ungreaful Creature's

  10. Seriously?
    I suggest you write about racism in America which has left dozens killed rather than copying rubbish from Muslim Brotherhood media about nonexistent racism in Egypt.
    Picking such poor sources tells a lot about your standard.

  11. Gregg Herbert No, only afrocentrists assert that "fact", Egypt is, and has always been, the most populars nation in the middle east, how the hell would a small Arab invasion from the least populated area in the middle east (to this day) replace its whole population? In fact, even if the whole of Arabia had invaded Egypt during the Islamic conquest they wouldn't amount to a small province in Egypt at the time.

    Also, all genetic studies have concluded that Modern Egyptians have nothing in common with Arabs or any foreign population, except their fellow North African Berbers, neolithic Levantiens and some East Africans. So stop it with this stupid myth.

  12. Mohamed Rawash ur crazy. simple research shows the truth in my statement. Arabs were invaders and should have no debate in such. Also other people who aren;t afro centric… or even black have asserted teh same fact.

  13. Mohamed Rawash oh? and what is abd (abeed)?? this is a word still attached to original Africans. Does that also mean infidel only? and Kaffier is almost exclusively used against people with black skin..

  14. Is there anything more entertaining than a whiny, uneducated racist? Poor baby. Tell me something redneck, if your parents got divorced, would they still be brother and sister?

  15. LOL! Mohamed Monier looks like he could play Khaddafi.

  16. Cosmic Rooster Well, that's what Egyptian Nubians look like.

  17. Gregg Herbert That's more BS, "abd" litterally means "slave", and Arabs never practiced race-based salvery, so any slave would be called an "abd", Muslims themselves are called "Abad Allah" (lit. slaves of God), why the heck would they attach it to blacks only? the only dergatory arab word that i can think of is "Zengy" (which is a reference to Zanzibar in Tanzania), and it's very rarely used in Egypt. And contrary to what this article claims, words like "Samara" and "Chocolata" is used endearingly in Egypt and are not derogatory at all, you can even find pop love songs (Egyptian and Nubian) that use these words.

    Don't try to apply American standard of political correctness to a country like Egypt, who had existed next to sub-saharan africa for millinia, we don't care about race.

  18. NTr Nu NTru says:

    You are black and you have been to Egypt?

  19. Ahmed Kamel says:

    What rubbish? Where do you get your information and who translates to you? 20 Million slaves in Arab countries?? What BS, who's feeding them? Islam was the first to FREE slaves and "Black" slaves!! The Quran frees people and slaves, but you haven't read it!! As for the bible..which one are you reading? Race is a topic that's been a huge topic in your world, in ours, it never was!

  20. It's called the Atlanta Black star not the Atlanta Palestinian star. Often many communities will interject what they want when discussing issues facing African people of societies.

  21. Ahmed Kamel The Arab slave trade was not the same as the European slave trade. It was slower but lasted over 1300 years. Africans were taken from (present day Chad and other areas) and shipped literally across the muslim world. Some even became Kings like Malik Ambar. Some also held high positions in the Ottoman Empire but others were treated very badly. So much so they had a revolt in Iraq called the "Zanj Revolt". Africans were used and guards and used in private armies. Women were trafficked. Many so called "Arab" Sultans were actually half African due to there mothers force marriage. I am actually surpised many Arabs are unfamilar with this tough part of history.

  22. NTr Nu NTru I do live in Egypt

  23. EthnicAssets says:

    Well I've worked in Cairo and visited other parts of Egypt. I always tell folks of my Sudan bloodline and they warm up to you ratther quickly. Sudan basically means 'black Arab' for the most part.

    Lets be clear on instances of American-style racism–anywhere–Egypt was conquered by Greeks and Euros and properly colonised, pilaged, raped, etc. The fallout from any colony is race-mixing _and of course the oppressed class will aspire to look, act, be like–the oppressor, or the #hegemon.

  24. EthnicAssets says:

    Well said, sir _ This article is cleary an American take on modern racism–based on colonial race-mixing and how that pans out for the folks who were dumped on . Of any 'colour' really …

  25. EthnicAssets says:

    Mohamed Rawash Fantastic, information, habbibi! You are 100% spot on. I speak and have studied Arabic, and thats the missing link for those who do not know the language and the Arabic timelines of history.

  26. Melissa Garhart ——————Racist? is that your way of answering my Question's?? Oh how typical smh

  27. Mohamed Rawash East Africans are Kenyans, Ethiopians, Iretreans. Egypt is not in the Middle East. I met an Egyptian man once and when he spoke he had the deep beautiful baritone voice of an African. His soul was African. And he was handsome.

  28. Pamla Perez says:

    White hands fuck up every country that they touch! Demons all!

  29. Carolyn Broadbelt Egypt IS in the Middle East, and It IS a Middle Eastern Country, as well as African, Egypt is squarely in the middle between the Middle East, North Africa, East Africa and the Mediterranean, we share cultural and genetic aspects from all four regions, and we don't belong to either exclusively.

  30. Ba Khem says:

    Mohamed Rawash
    'middle east' is a revisionist term that's a little over 100 years old. 'egypt'(a greek word), or in ancient terms, Kemet(KMT) is, was, and always will be an African nation, built by African people-not semetic muslims or jews, greeks, romans nor any other europeans.

    Word Origin and History for Middle East Expand

    Middle East
    n.1899; never defined in a generally accepted way. Early use with reference to British India. Hence Middle-Eastern (1903).

    learn some history.

  31. Ba Khem says:

    Ahmed Kamel
    but, like your caucasoid allies in america, you've benefitted from the oppression of African/Black people, and have inherited the legacy of the oppressors.

  32. Ken Williams says:

    Racist white arabs have the very same attitudes of racist white Americans in having a mental denial of their treatment towards any group of black people .
    They believe that is perfectly normal for blacks to be treated as non human
    slaves in every way .

  33. Pamla Perez says:

    @Mohamed Rawash: how can you be so willfully ignorant?!? White folk hate is so strong, that you are trying to take away Africans true history! What the fuck for?!? White are just nasty, lowdown demons! Africans are God's people and that what you demons don't like!

  34. Ba Khem says:

    Land of Osiris Things Egyptologists Won't Say


  35. Pamla Perez says:

    @Ba Khem: Lord! Thank you! These White folks are so stupid, when it come ancient history……..Lord have mercy!

  36. Henry Reid says:

    Mohamed Rawash The original people of that land, who are shown on all the walls in the pyramids. Not the Arabs that have taken control of the region.

  37. Mohamed Rawash the worst thing that happened to africa was when the BLACK Abyssinian king allowed the followers of mohammed sanctuary in his kingdom. Little did he know who he was giving mercy to. He should have handed them over when the people from mecca came looking for them. Black people in Africa have always wlecomed different people in with love… that includes europeans only to be betrayed ultimately

  38. Ba Khem says:

    Pamla Perez
    you're quite welcome, my queen. they're scared of the truth because their world was built on lies to justify their innate wickedness and is crumbling by the minute.
    continued blessings

  39. Mohamed Rawash your arab brethren still enslave black afircans across the maghreb. A black person living in north Africa is faces being called abd etc. You;re people have no desire for change. You guys say its a general term..but the truth is a black man living in his own country in North africa is looked down upon by the Arab. A DAMN INVADER.

  40. Mohamed Rawash what insane about what I said . did that not happen? didn;t the original followers of mohammed find refuge in Abyssinia?

  41. Ahmed Kamel says:

    Vincent Meadows Yes we are aware of the slaves, but not 20 million! Maybe 5 million at best.

  42. Ba Khem More BS, Egypt is from Greek Aigypto, which is from Egyptian HutKaPtah ("House of the spirit of Ptah", which was the name of the most important temple in Memphis at the time), and the "Middle East" is just a modern name given to the East Mediterranean block of countries that were culturally connected since the Neolithic, it wasn't invented by European colonialists any more than "Egypt" itself was invented by the Greeks. It's just a new name for something that was already recognisable since antiquity.

    Egypt was separated from Sub-Saharan Africa since the desertification of North Africa, and the advent of the Sahara desert, 11000 years ago, when it became inhabitable along with the rest of North Africa. Dynastic Egypt would emerge 6000 years later with the discovery of agriculture in the fertile crescent (modern day Levant), which made North Africa habitable again.

    Kmt, is the native name of Egypt and it means "black lands", literally, it references the black fertile soil of the Nile valley, which is surrounded by the yellow infertile sands of the Sahara desert. It doesn't reference the people. Look up a satellite image of Egypt and you'll understand this perfectly.

    Also, there's no such thing as "African people" as a homogeneous culture, there's more genetic diversity between "Africans" than there is between all other continents combined.

    And you're the first one I ever heard claiming that "Semites" are European, do you know that countries in sub-Saharan East Africa are even more "Semitic" than Egypt? (there are less natural barriers between Arabia and Sub-Saharan East Africa than there are between Arabia and Egypt), and not just genetically but also culturally, for example, Amharic, the official language of Ethiopia, is a fully Semitic language, which makes it even closer to Arabic, Hebrew and other Semitic languages than even Egyptian/Coptic, which is also in the same family, but from a separate branch.

    You really need to understand that the world is not black and/or/vs white, the world is, overwhelmingly, everything in between, acknowledge it all.

  43. Both of you are delusional at worst, out right insane at best, see my latest reply Ahmed Kamel

  44. Gregg Herbert No, being this bitter about events that happened 1300 years ago. Also, Arabs attacked countries of the Middle East and North Africa, they bearly scrapped subsaharan Africa at all, it's us who should be bitter not you. Oh and BTW, the "Arab" general who concured Egypt was BLACK. Amr Ibn Elas, look him up.

  45. Gregg Herbert You've already demonstrated that you know nothing about the region or its history, no need for a rebuttal.

  46. Ahmed Kamel you ar ethe colour of an arab nothing more

  47. Mohamed Rawash Who cares what word the greeks called it. the name for the country is KMT. People have inhabite dthata rea since the original waves of migration of the black african out into what is now call the middle east. You can get your applause from youre European ally and Arab brother all you want. Your people came LAST to KMT and you now act like you have been there from the beginning

  48. Aaron Terry says:

    I was stationed in Cairo for 6 months back in the 80's and I don't remember hearing anything about this occurring back then. But that has been almost 30 years ago. If this is the case this is very disturbing.

  49. Gregg Herbert holy crap, are you seriously claiming that Egypt existed more than 11000 years ago? and you dare accuse me of ignorance?

  50. Mohamed Rawash and EthnicAssets, you obviously haven't read the Atlanta Black Star's piece carefully or done your home work. It is very easy to access information about racial discrimination against Egyptian Nubians and their struggles for justice on a slew of injustices that are very similar to the racism Black people face in the United States, for example.

  51. Vukoni Lupa-Lasaga I know there's the issue of the Aswan high dam, and I know it had caused a lot of grievance among the Nubian community, but again, none of the Nubian issues are racially motivated. Several communities, Egyptian, Nubian and Greek, had had to deal with property appropriation by the government throughout the 50s and 60s, that's what communist governments do. What was mentioned in the article, however, is completely baseless. Egypt had never in its history had known racism, xenophobia, arguably, but never racism.

  52. As an african, Sudanese specifically having lived in both societies, I can say that American racism is definitely different than African/Middle easter racism. In America descrimination is solely based on skin color alone but African/Middle eastern racism is based on class, tribe, status, etc. Trust me it is very different. Back home is all about the money not your skin color. Although, I can say for sure that there are places where degratory terms and american 'racism' can be experienced. Anyways, if we are going to discuss American racism we cannot include Africans/Middle easterns as their racism and experiences are different. In fact, i did not know what racism was until i came her a little over a decaded ago. it is totalllllly different. i can elaborate more if anyone asks but i hope you understand that it is NOT the same.

  53. Gregg Herbert arab was a black culture in origin that originated out of kemet/egypt and nubia/sudan..
    the white arabs persians hyskos and asssyrians began their migrations and invasions before the Abbysinian King Gave Muhammad pbuh and his brethren refuge

  54. Mohamed Rawash The "original" people of egypt were BLACK and dark skinned ppl, also note that Black comes in all diffrent hues, but they were afrikanoid in genetic makeup, light and white skinned arab ppls are descendents of the invading persians hyskos assyrians greeks hittites ect.. this is all public acsess knowledge easily retreived on the internet via google dont take my word for it..

    The mere ignorance of saying "thats what nubian egyptians look like" shows how much white-arab supremacy prevades Islams social and economic influence in earth especially the middle east.. thats what many of the descendents of Nubians look like NOw again after ions of intermixing with the invaders..
    as salam alakum

  55. Mohamed Rawash your right about the timeline and afrika having many cultures and much genetic diversity however… your ppl and most of the controlling class in arabia and northern afrika are descendents of the invaders from north arabi and southern european valleys and north eastern arabi.. yes genetically diverse were we always in afrika with all colors of skin but we were genetically "black", and much darker on avergae than the present day egeyptian they would show on tv for the world to see as the face of egypt threw the ashkenazi jewish american partner controlled media..

  56. the articale is a little misleading but absolutley im sure there is a sense of carlessness when dealin with these "black immigrants".. Ahki
    Ghadaffi understood certain things..

  57. Ali علي Fate Harris No, it wasn't, that's more historical revisionism. There was cultural and genetic exchange between Arabs of the Peninsula and East Africans of the Horn, but they both had separate beginnings, and there was definitely no significant exchange between Arabs of the peninsula and Egypt/Kmt. I don't understand why afrocentrists are obsessed with the idea of population replacement, when all cases of this ever happening has been documented or at least became very evident in genetic records, it never was the norm at any point in history, while you claim it happened dozens of times in the same region, with absolutely zero amount of proof.

  58. Ali علي Fate Harris "The original people of Egypt" looked exactly as Egyptians look today (google fayum mummy portraits), and Egyptians today barely resemble any group outside Egypt. Any Egyptian can spot another in a crowd of thousands, because similar to how Asians may look alike to non-Asians, Middle Easterners may look alike to non-Middle Easterners (like you and most people in this comments section), but that's really not the case, and is frankly a bit racist.

    Egyptians rarely, if ever, intermarried with invaders, and even if they did Egypt was/is the most populace country in the Middle East, any genetic contribution from outside would be severely diminished in a few generations. As for the "public access knowledge" you speak of, I haven't found a single one that says Egyptians were replaced by any other population, or ever being genocided or forced to migrate. On the contrary all scientific papers, be it historical, genealogical or anthropological, say the Egyptian population have remained in place since antiquity, so, it seems like all that "knowledge" is all in your head, or in some other revisionist pseudo-scienctific publication like this one.

    And Egyptian Nubians ARE significantly lighter than Sudanese Nubians, depending on where they live, but nobody is disputing that they are indeed "black", they actually serve as a counter argument against afrocentrists, because they show that no amount of intermarrying could turn a whole population "white".

    Also, the genetic diversity in Africa doesn't just affect the skin tone as you claim, it significantly affects facial and bodily features as well, even more so, because skin tone is actually more influenced by climate and UV rays from the sun than actual genetics.

    And I'm not going to address your conspiracy theories, of course, as they are self-refuting.

  59. Mohamed Rawash Mid-East?? In the middle and east of what?? There is no such location on this plant.

  60. Harold Blackwell East of the Mediterranean?

  61. Ken Williams says:

    Gregg Herbert
    You know it's always very amazing that when the subject of global white supremacy comes up , this all enveloping
    cloud of total denial of responsibilty just consumes the thinking process of white bigots and that includes white arabs with their all white heaven and all the white whores that go with it . I guess the fact that 1400 years of arab african slavery didn't exist either .

  62. Ken Williams says:

    Gregg Herbert
    Dear Mr. Gregg , I always say , hit them with the facts and watch them get very silent . Try this for size : “Therefore the Negro nations are, as a rule, submissive to slavery, because [Negroes] have little [that is essentially] human and have attributes that are quite similar to those of dumb animals, as we have stated.”
    That is from Ibn Khaldun in 1377, one of the greatest Arab minds ever.

  63. there is no racism in egypt.

  64. Osama Nagy says:

    Those who are claiming that there is color Racial discrimination in Egypt, do you know that late prisedent Sadat was BLACK!!!!

  65. According to MUSLIM sources, the prophet of Islam owned and sold slaves (Sahih Bukhari Volume 3, Book 34, Number 351; Book 10, Number 3901) including several black slaves (Sahih Bukhari Volume 9, Book 91, Number 368). The Hadiths by Bukhari are considered authentic (Sahih) to the Muslim world.

    If Mohammed is an "excellent example" for all Muslims to follow (Qur’an Sura 33:21), then doesn't that make slavery a good thing according to Islam?

  66. Lmao….! So buddy can ya pliz tell us how did he died ?

  67. Ahmed Kamel says:

    Gregg Herbert not really..very fair (White/caucasian) but does it really matter what color we are…the soul has no color!

  68. Mike Hood says:

    The same funky but people who enslaved our ancestors are now reaping the benefits of bibical justice. Stay tune this is happening all trough te so-called middle east.
    BTW, we are not related to Africans, Negroes are Hebrew Israelites. You are what your father is. Nmbers 1:18…. Good Day

  69. Yes, he was black but so called white Egyptians killed him.

  70. Osama Nagy says:

    Ashraf Kaddô
    He was assinated same as Kennedy was assinated.

  71. Ahmed Kamel LIE

  72. Iman Rayan says:

    Egyptians aren't Arabs. They're racist towards Bedouins of Sinai and these bedouins are the ONLY Arabs in Egypt and very soon we will gain our indepence from those savage Egyptians as we're not Egyptians nor Africans, Sinai desert is a part of Asia. Don't mistake us or mix us with Egyptians we're Arab bedouins and have NOTHING to do with them.

  73. Iman Rayan says:

    Ali Fate Harris Arabs were never black. You're just a stupid afrocentrist. We're west asian and semetic and have nothing to do with PersiansTurks. Even our DNA proves it. Stop being idiot and don't try to steal our Arab culture.

  74. Iman Rayan says:

    Egyptians are NOT Arabs, they're north africans and treat Arabs of sinai very badly. Don't scapegoat us for their actions and google 'bedouin sinai discrimantion' to see how they treat 'Arabs' in Egypt.

  75. Africans living in Egypt? I thought Egypt was in Africa! Wow, you learn something new every day!

  76. Ahmed Kamel

    Maybe it's time for race to become an open topic rather than sweeping it under the rug and pretend that it isn't there while you criticize the West. At least, in the West we have some rights and a voice and one can hope that if he or she works hard enough one can become president some day.

  77. Isis Kassem says:

    Jennifer Cottle so saying 'Americans living in the US' would be a wrong expression? Here is something I learn from you, …but only linguistically!

  78. Isis Kassem says:

    have you ever heard of Sayidna Bilal?

  79. Isis Kassem says:

    how many times do you intend to copy paste your comment?

  80. Isis Kassem says:

    Gregg Herbert you realize that the names Abdullah, Abdul Jabbar, Abdul Karim etc. start with the word abd, do you? is this because it is not just a general term?

  81. Anonymous says:


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