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4 thoughts on “Tensions Reach a Fever Pitch as Mississippi Protesters March to Remove Confederate Flag from State Grounds

  1. Jeff Herman says:

    Fools… arguing over a flag's removal that will not change ONE SINGLE thing in the hearts and minds of men.

  2. Dave Mills says:

    Have black people lost their damn mind!!

    YOU need to put your energy into Building the black community. All these Black people leave the protest. Fill their cars up at a Fuel station Not owned by Black people. They then stop off to get supplies from a store NOT owned by black people. They then watch TV when returning from the protest to watch programs which re-enforce negative images, thus enabling police to Shoot Black people AT WILL. then get away with it because black people are perceived as criminals, because WE HAVE NO MEDIA.

    Black people need to get busy and stop this foolishness – get our priorities in order.

  3. Dave Mills says:

    Take time out of your protesting and listen to some Powernomics

  4. Jamesl Miles says:

    This is a courageous and necessary stand and struggle to change a symbol of gross injustice. This is a blatant affront to our freedom and our humanity as well as a reminder that they once seceded from our country, took up arms against it , and lost. These symbols validate racism and encourage bigotry. I support this and I would like to know more about this.

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