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46 thoughts on “Trevor Noah Makes Disappointing and Ignorant Joke at the Expense of African Leaders

  1. Rick Curl says:

    Sometimes I think Atlanta Black Star purposely creates sensationalized topics. They surely don't believe this, WTF! Somebody needs to point out the obvious! Thanks Trevor!

  2. I am an Pan-Afrikanist in Afrika, born and bred. I see nothing wrong with that, its actually very funny. Comedy is sometimes based on ignorance although there's nothing ignorant about the clip. Nothing disparaging. Humour. Learn some.

  3. Kyle Barton says:

    He is a born and bread african. He is South African and until recently (2 months ago) was an active public comedian in South Africa. He is more than qualified to make comments than people who don't live in africa.

  4. Jerome China says:

    It's comedy. It's not like the leaders he referred to are all outstanding citizens. Idi Amin according to most accounts killed over 500,000 of his own people. Currently, 72 percent of the Zimbabwe population lives below the national poverty line. So, tell me again about jokes at the expense these African Leaders?

  5. I was born in Africa.. I live in Africa.. I travel out quite a lot but I love it here and I always come back.. What Trevor said is "DEAD ON".. Majority of the African leaders are driven by greed and stupidity. Sadly many are sponsored by the Western Governments to remain in power. So spare us your "opinion".. Trevor is born and bred in Africa.. He know what he is talking about. So before you give another "opinion", come over here and see what we see (and I don't mean going on Safaris)
    So.. guess again.. who is "ignorant"?

  6. If you do not understand what goes on in the African continent, don't report about what Africans who have lived in Africa all their lives are saying about Africa. Just leave it alone. In a continent where leaders shamelessly rule for decades and mercilessly kill everyone that opposes them, while plundering the continent's resources with no fear of consequence, there is nothing ignorant or disappointing about his comments. He called it what it is.

  7. Luna Pantera says:

    So is it "Black Pride" now to "defend" dictators like Idi Amin…I use to respect this site…what the frig people?!!!

  8. RIP The Daily Show. Dude is mad corny. They're going to use him to (because he's biracial) to go in on black people worldwide.

  9. Or are we now feeling sorry for dictators? Smh

  10. What government leaders in the world are not driven by the quest for money and power? What black comics haven't noticed is, American comics make fun of politicians, but they never directly attack a person from their own ethnic group. They protect their own people, and respect their own culture. Everybody else's culture is fair game.

    Black comedians never protect their own. They sacrifice the honor of black women, the intellect of black men, the value of black children, and the integrity of African American culture, for their own promotion and their own enrichment.

  11. I'm disappointed in this post because of its ignorance. Trevor did nothing wrong in this monologue. He called out men who are not role models and yet you make it seem like he was making fun of MLK.

  12. Why was it disappointing and how was it ignorant…?

  13. Brenda Verner so you're saying Jon Stewart never went in on any jews in power? Sure he didn't…….

  14. It is the posters who does not understand us Africans. He is calling it like it is and making fun of people who have done nothing for the continent. Do you have one of those beneneficial connections with one of our so called leaders? They benefit others more than us you know. But what is the difference between what the first African on major channel is doing and saturday night life? You mean well I am sure but don't bring him down. You could with posts like this type of post; a worst case scenario for us.

  15. Typical African Americans who don't know anything about Africa, but yet they feel offended by what we live through with our leaders everyday.

  16. Stupid Americans who don't understand what we go through in Africa . Trevor Noah nailed it right. I am by the way from Uganda and I can tell my grandfather was killed by Idi Amins men.

  17. this site is turning into rubbish

  18. Reading these comments are quite amusing, & sad. Some people don't even realize their own ignorance, smh. 1st & foremost, separating Africans & "African Americans, is just retarded, plain & simple. If you're offended, then be offended. If you're mad, then put on a cape, so you can be super mad!!! Africans can have opinions about life abroad in North America & U.K., but "African Americans" can't have opinions about life I'm Africa, cause they don't live there? Asinine. Shout out to my motherland Ghana, by the way! #Peace

  19. There's a difference between being against injustice and being down right touchy. Some Blacks rail against ANYTHING said about blacks, (if it's not positive) EVEN IF ITS TRUE. Comedians are suppose to be edgy. That's what Jon Stewart did. Besides, most American Blacks don't know anything about Africa, or Africans. How unique it is getting this perspective from an African, and he did it in a very unique way – he SHOWd the leaders making "Trump like statements". Blacks are too quick to jump on other Blacks, in the media, as if they have to be perfect. Stop looking for trouble! Leave the man alone. Let him do his job. Otherwise, turn the channel.

  20. My husband is Senegalese. I'm African American. So I find it easy to cling to a very romantic notion of Africa. He, on the other hand, is filled with disgust with the "leadership" who exploit their position for their own personal gain. Of course the US government plays a role in that but that's another topic. I actually didn't see anything wrong with Trevor's monologue. The truth hurts.

  21. Trevor's merely drawing parallels between the parochial Trump and the equally insular African dictators. It was actually quite clever – so what's the problem besides the one Alanta Blackstar is trying to find?!

  22. Oh, come on–seriously? This post is misleading! Please do your research about the African dictators Trevor Noah poked fun at. TN is from that continent so he knows what he is joking about. He was right on the money when he compared the insane level of greed and ego with the likes of Trump.

  23. It's pretty clear where the racism is coming from and it ain't the white folks we need to be worried about.

  24. Gibson Ampaw says:

    There are 54 countries in Africa, so try and be accurate about which country you were born in.

  25. Gibson Ampaw says:

    According to the cultural marxist yes.

  26. Gibson Ampaw says:

    Very well said Patrick.

  27. I love that The Daily Show points out the atrocious racism of Black people. It's pretty clear where the racism is coming from and it ain't the white folks we need to be worried about.

  28. It's pretty clear where the racism is coming from and it ain't the white folks we need to be worried about.

  29. It's pretty clear where the racism is coming from and it ain't the white folks we need to be worried about.

  30. It's pretty clear where the racism is coming from and it ain't the white folks we need to be worried about.

  31. It's pretty clear where the racism is coming from and it ain't the white folks we need to be worried about.

  32. Let me be the devil's advocate here:
    The headline and I suppose the site's attempt was to point out the elephant inthe room. The statements are disappointing because although countries and some leaders in Alkebukan have made some strides, there is still much work that needs to be done to improve the lives of people on the continent and their provinces. And yes, Trevor is South African and surely has the right to criticize and make light of the criminals and idiots who now call and called themselves leaders in their prospective countries. However, as my mother use to say, "what happens in this home stays in this home". We as the fathers and mothers of this planet need to stop airing out our issues, comedic or otherwise with the same beast who was instrumental in raping, pillaging and reaping havoc all over Alkebulan and throughout the Diaspora. I can talk about my retarded cousin, but I will stomp you in the ground if you do it. Trevor was the perfect candidate to install on Amerikkan tell-lie-vision to keep not only white amerkkans ignorant and ill informed about the continent but his satire gives fuel to those that wish to perpetuate the lie that Alkebulan is backwards, archaic, ignorant and it's people have no value or worth. He furthers the agenda of white supremacy and continued domination of Alkebulan's resources and the minds and hearts of the people. I mean come on. The photo shows our great lion Mugabe but the actual skit featured other leaders. Am I the only one that is seeing through the propaganda?!!

  33. Miller Jason says:

    Gibson Ampaw I used to think the cultural marxism thing was a conspiracy theory but the fact is we are being dragged down some dangerous roads by the media, online, in video games even.

    You can't criticize african dictators, white people posing as blacks leading civil rights movements, can't question the methods some of these people are taking, backgrounds of being con artists, criminals, dissapearing donations or all the online rags & social media come to drag you back to the plantation not even for disagreeing but saying there's a better way & these might not be the right people…seems like they are trying to drag everyone kicking and screaming to force their way of life & ideals on everyone else.

  34. Ogo Okafor says:

    Sometimes people are too caught up in their own pride and romanticised views of Africa that they ignore valid criticisms. Apart from one or two generalised references to Africa what Trevor said about the specific dictators was spot on. Although I wish he hadn't thrown Jammeh in there because he at least can be credited for taking a stand against the ridiculously small commission rates from western oil developers and criticising his fellow West African leaders for not following suit.
    Yes there are so many genralisations of Africa as a continent out there that we try to combat but there are also problems in specific nations that we need to speak up about and leadership is one of our biggest let downs and unfortunately not enough of the African diaspora are willing to speak up about this in the name of back pride. Where's your black pride for the millions that suffer under these dictators' regimes? The western media refuse to champion our successes – Nigeria's banks were corrupt so the Central Bank Governor fired their CEOs but when it happened in Britain we bailed them out with public money – and they ignore the role they play in our problems – as a whole the continent loses $50 billion dollars from illicit financial flows such as the west not playing their duties on trade they do on the continent – but there are also big problems with African leaders that need to get called out and we can't avoid this just because we're afriad the white man is watching.

  35. is the site that speaks unadultered truth regarding what is happening on the continent of Africa not some individual who is looking for laughs and ratings. Most African leaders have been placed there by Europeans and Euro-Americans by interferring in their affairs. No one has murdered and committed more genocide and murder than Europeans and Euro-Americans

  36. No you're not Sherrie. This chump was chosen to perform exactly the tasks you proscribe, a propagandist for Imperialism!!!

  37. Trevor is very soon due to cry the ocean, he,s only two minutes in the USA & kick-off by making no so funny jokes abt African leaders.He is a disgrace to african continent, soon america is gonna chew him like a bubble-gum & later spit him out without any family nor a friend to turn his bck to! they will make him & later destroy him

  38. But check this, commentors, I respect your take on it but you are NOT The Daily Show's audience. White liberals who hold all manner of racist, imperialsit views that get all wounded when you call them on it are. He is reinforcing their world view and placating them by using his brush for broad strokes and not linking corrupt African leaders with their patrons in the west, nor bringing up that African leaders who actually TRY to do right by their get snuffed out by the CIA and other western equivilents.

  39. Tony Masando says:

    Noah is a comedian and highly paid for his jokes. Now that is a fact. Next, the comments are for laughter and not personal, he jokes about Trump, Obama, all the international leaders and not just African leaders. Some of the irony gets some worried but we as Africans know our leaders and our history. We thought Trump will fire back but he didn't because he's not an Africna leader and will never be one. People are trying to protect dicatators and blame Noah, that's dumb.

  40. Michael Finn says:

    What is disappointing and ignorant about it!?

  41. Cole Trigg says:

    What's up with this guy?

  42. Gibson Ampaw says:

    The extreme left and cultural marxist in the West always bring the CIA into any discussion about Africa's 54 countries. Never any mention of the KGB in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90's.

  43. Gibson Ampaw says:

    Damita- Keep up the cultural marxist excuses about African leaders.

  44. The above comment to Sherrie WAS NOT MADE BY ME. Evidently my FB posting has been "hijacked" in some manner.

  45. Gibson Ampaw The only thing I will see to you as that you have been successfully programmed and indoctrinated

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