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19 thoughts on “#HisNameIsCayden: Child’s Mother, Grandmother Speak Out After Racist Facebook Comments About 3-Year Old Cayden 

  1. Shame on the #racistsGerodRothakaGerisHilton #HisNameIsCayden and he is adorable!

  2. Precious handsome lil angel!❤️

  3. Princess Lee says:

    Where is the father? Is she a single mom, taking her son with her to work everyday? Just curious.

  4. Tat Lee says:

    She is indeed a single mother, but she doesn't take her son to work with her everyday. Her son is in daycare/school who comes to her job everyday after school. The father's whereabouts are not disclosed as it is not relevant to the dispicable thing this man did to this child.

  5. Princess Lee says:

    Tat, I agree that this person posting someone's else's kid photo and all of the comments were very inappropriate. However, you say he comes to her job everyday after daycare. Who does that?! I find that very interesting. I question if she's a single mom because as a two parent home, she would not have a need to bring her kid to her workplace everyday after daycare. If people made better decisions by being married before having children a lot of the issues with daycare, etc. would not be an issue. I would be annoyed if I'm trying to work and everyday there's this one person who brings her kid to work after his daycare. I'm sure this guy isn't the only one in this office that had something to say and who was very annoyed.

  6. Aasem Khan says:

    Such a cutie! This incident has just made my blood boil. And this moron is in Atlanta. Hope I don't run into him.

  7. Aloha from Hawai`i for this beautiful Child, his Mom, Momʻs employer, and the rest of his family and friends. Keep shining your light!

  8. Monique Lynn says:


  9. Princess Lee you sound like a very narrow minded person. You actually sound like the kind of person who would have made incorrigible comments about this child. You know nothing of Ms. Shelton's history. You don't know if she has been married or is currently divorced. You simply make assumptions. Does Cayden's presence at her job after daycare infer that she is not married or that there is no father present in Cayden's life. Your name does not reflect your comments and maybe even your character! .A princess you are not. Malevolent…..yes!

  10. Ken Sampson says:

    Princess Lee , Does it even matter if she does it all, or has a partner to share the load? She obviously adores him, and provides for him. He appears to be well presented and happy. Her boss is happy to have the child at his table, and to have him in the workplace, after day-care. Sounds like a good family environment, and a child friendly work place. Kudos to Sydney, her beautiful son, and her understanding boss (who probably gets better results from her, because she doesn't need to worry about Cayden, or feel guilty that he he is somewhere he doesn't want to be).

  11. It saddens my heart to know that people can be so cruel to an innocent child or to any other human. This viscousness comes from the heart and reflects the character of these uncaring people. This is a handsome child who is loved by his family and I am sorry that Cayden and his family had to endure these degrading comments. I am glad that Gerod Roth was fired and I wish that those who left the ugly comments about Cayden could be fired from their jobs as well.

  12. Daniel Bliss says:

    Shameless twit, using this post for your gain.

  13. Deborah Neal says:

    Princess Lee You're ridiculous! A lot of marriages end in divorce and the mothers are then completely responsible around the clock for all the children… yet people like you blame the mothers and shame them for not being married. Most of the time they WERE married! Then again, so what if a woman never was and has a child anyway. Good for her for carrying and keeping her baby! If you're so easily distracted doing your job, maybe you're just not that talented.

  14. Kinda buried the lede there. What did the person say about Cayden?

  15. Have to read the posts from friends on the side of the picture, sick and ignorant! Glad they posted all the names to expose the bigots.

  16. It is abundantly clear that Geris Roth is a liar and a coward. Why on earth would anyone who has an ounce of self-respect and self-confidence take to the Internet to attack a toddler? Surely there is something in the law books that can be dropped firmly on his head — assuming, of course, that he's capable of learning anything from it.
    Cayden, his mom, his grandmother, and everyone else involved, on the other hand, are dealing with this in a very civilized and mature fashion, and they deserve every drop of love and respect that they get. Who's-his-toes doesn't get *any*.

  17. Live Aziz says:

    Prinshit Lee, I find it interesting that your parents brought you into the world when there is enough evil as it is and the last thing we needed was another brainless psychopath. What were they thinking? Who does that? If people made better decisions about the type of kids they raise, then a lot of these issues with racists writing excreta on the internet and supporting lumps of dung like #GerodRoth wouldn't happen. If your parents hadn't made you, I wouldn't have had to waste 1 minute of my life writing this. Why did your parents make that awful decision? I am sure the other commenters are also annoyed that they had to respond to your comment and waste that precious minute. If people like you made better decisions about what thoughts they chose to process and what links they chose to make between cause and effect – then the good people of the world could spend more time solving problems, rather than reacting to you idiots.

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