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178 thoughts on “This Video About How They Used Black Babies for Alligator Bait Is Mind-Blowing

  1. Kevin Smith says:

    sick! I almost cried watching this…

  2. Val Weddle-Merriweather says:

    This is sickening, how could people be so cruel!!

  3. Tonya Smith says:

    It is easy for those who have oppressed to forget all the evils that they have done. It is too easy for them to shift their wrong doing on the oppressed and continue to dehumanize them. Welcome to America. If we don't wake up and understand what happened to our people then we are doomed to be subjected to it again!

  4. Farntella Graham says:

    when what was done to us is done to white people, then they can cry reverse racism. until then, I don't want to hear from them.

  5. Gregory Wright says:

    Thank you for that fact. I will now go back to sleep as I listen to you tell me more fairytales.

  6. Gregory Wright Pics of black children with alligators was JOKE, a joke you're too dense to get.

  7. Gregory Wright says:

    Charlie Willock My IQ is higher than yours will ever be and I am willing to prove it. The only joke here is you, a white racist, trolling black news blogs. Only a block head uses name calling to prove a point. Then in the end that point is never proven…we are just take your word for it? Don't bother to answer. I got many better things to do than this one sided debate .

  8. Gregory Wright What name did I call you? And is there any evidence that anyone ever used children as bait to hunt alligators? I guess you prove how immense your IQ is, but how about you prove the alligator hunting story?

  9. They have committed so many crimes against Afurakan people, the universe may catch on fire.

  10. The post says this is mind boggling. I have another word for it, troubling. Anytime you had something going on this horrible, and you have so called humans making souvenirs of this horrible act, we are living in danger among these so called humans, we should be very weary living among them, with their mind set.

  11. It is true and it happened

  12. It was obviously a joke, and it never happened.

  13. Ras David says:

    There's so many evil and horrible things they done to us no wonder it's so hard for us to get it together

  14. Ras David says:

    I just can't overstand how could people be so cruel .

  15. Harry Ross says:

    Why debate? We can´t change the past ! But we can surely change the future.GOT IT?

  16. Eli Barry says:

    you probly think it was a joke that during the gold rush the federal government put a price on native skins as well huh? it was $5 dollars a pelt for a wolf, bear, cougar or indian. your ancestors were demons.

  17. Eli Barry I don't think it was a joke, but it sure was funny!

  18. Eli Barry says:

    apple don't fall far from the tree I guess…

  19. Eli Barry I'm sorry you lost the war. I guess it doesn't pay to be a loser.

  20. Jen Lord says:

    Yea because I just might steal your baby and feed it to the alligators right ?? Be scared of me very scared LMFAO REALLY grow the eff up

  21. Patrick Neal says:

    All those evil people have a front row seat in hell their time will come.

  22. Sarah McFadden Marks says:

    I have no doubt that things like this happened. I also have no doubt that twisted shit still happens to defenses children (and others) all over the world, regardless of their color, religion, or country. Some men/women are evil and it has nothing to do with the color of their exterior. There are good and bad whites, good and bad blacks, good and bad islamists, good and bad christians…on and on ad nauseam… I hate that people lump everyone together by look, religion, age, color. Please don't group me with some slave trading, abusive, piece of shit just because my skin is white and I won't group you to gang banging, murdering, drug peddling hoods because of their skin color. Just sayin'.

  23. Mark H. Golding says:

    Trying to comprehend their inhumanity is a waste time, Empowering yourselves by learning about your history is how you bring justice to the Evil doers……….k

  24. Linda'nHeyward Poole says:

    Thisis so sicking !!

  25. Linda'nHeyward Poole says:

    This makes me so sick .

  26. Finally someone who is not going to hold onto the past but is going to do everything in their power to ensure that it doesn't happen again. If, these things happened, it was horrible. But we can't change that. Most of us has experienced some sort of prejudice. If all held onto the past we would still be fighting wars killing each other.

  27. Charlie Willock You are a sick person if you thought that was funny.

  28. Joan Perry Phillips Fighting wars and killing each other is still going on. Change needs to happen in almost everyone. The things that happened so long ago this generation had nothing to do with. Minds have to change and hearts have to soften. Even So come quickly Lord Jesus.

  29. Carolyn Atkinson says:

    Slavery ended in 1865 at the end of the Civil War.

  30. Tony Lorenzo says:

    Carolyn Atkinson Although no one at that time would admit it, the Civil was all about the freeing of slaves. This war was at a deadlock when President Linclon had no other choice but to free the slaves to end the war. Nevertheless, the white community did not accept the law nor the freeing of slaves and their racism continued all the way up into the 1930's reaching far into the 1960's with the appearence of Dr. Martin Luther King. I myself felt the rage still going on in America in my childhood with several race riots which caused me to made a personal decision to get out of the country and find another place to live. In retrospect, as a black or colored citizen in a predomintely white society, it is impossible to escape one's blackness as there will always be some self righteous white people reminding and throwing open racism your face, the fact that your black and a representive of a demonic race, when in fact it's the other way around. It is the causcasion race which has proven theirselves as the most savage human beings on the planet.

  31. Tony Lorenzo says:

    Certain discoveries were actually made on the Dark Continent of Africa. Race was the emergency explanation of human beings whom no European or civilized man could understand and whose humanity so frightened and humiliated the immigrants that they no longer cared to belong to the same human species. Race was the Boers' answer to the overwhelming monstrosity of Africa-a whole continent populated and overpopulated by savages-an explanation of the madness which grasped and illuminated them like "a flash of lightning in a serene sky: 'Exterminate all the brutes.' [Joseph Conrad, "Heart of Darkness" in Youth and Other Tales, 1902, is the -most illuminating work on actual race experience in Africa.] This answer resulted in the most terrible massacres in recent history, the Boers' extermination of Hottentot tribes, the wild murdering by Carl Peters in German Southeast Africa, the decimation of the peaceful Congo population -from 20 to 40 million reduced to 8 million people; and finally, perhaps worst of all, it resulted in the triumphant introduction of such means of pacification into ordinary, respectable foreign policies. What head of a civilized state would ever before have uttered the exhortation of William Il to a German expeditionary contingent fighting the Boxer insurrection in 1900: "Just as the Huns a thousand years ago, under the leadership of Attila, gained a reputation by virtue of which they still live in history, so may the German name become known in such a manner in China that no Chinese will ever again dare to look at a German." [Quoted from Carlton J. Hayes, A Generation of Materialism, New York, 1941, p. 338.-An even worse case is of course that of Leopold II of Belgium, responsible for the blackest pages in the history of Africa. "There was only one man who could be accused of the outrages which reduced the native population [of the Congol from between 20 to 40 million in 1890 to 8,500,000 in 1911-Leopold II." See Selwyn James, South of the Congo, New York, 1943, p. 305.]

  32. Gina Shellard says:

    Charlie Willock Just another troll who's only brave enough to make such comments from behind the keyboard. I'd imagine you wouldn't say this things to someones face. Sad, sad little person.

  33. Gina Shellard says:

    It doesn't surprise me that this happened. People are cruel, and once they deem another person a slave, they are nothing, so can be used for whatever purpose they want. They called slaves serfs in Ireland, where I'm from.

  34. Dusteen J. Barber says:

    Who does this empower? I want to see an *empowering* narrative.

    Gee…300 years ago evil people did evil things. Imagine that. And let's make sure we keep reminding the *other* 78/79 white people how evil they "all" were. That will definitely make things better in this country.

    So on top of the rape, and the physical abuse, and the forced division of families, we now get to add the torture of children to the roster. Yep. I know I sure feel better knowing this evil was in the world.

    Do you *still* not understand why race relations are the way they are in this country? It's because of shit like this.

    No one *sane* could watch this and *not* be outraged…but outraged toward whom? Where will you direct your anger? The criminals who did this are dead and in the grave some 300 years now.


    Do you *know* who the group is that *openly* kills the most black children *today* is?

    Not the Aryan Nation.
    Not the KKK.
    Not the American Nazi Party.

    Planned Parenthood. The biggest organization murdering black children by the *thousands* every day (over 2000/day by their own released stats) is a Leftist bent, Democrat funded organization that has black women lining up at the door to PAY for the "right" to decimate their own population.

    The second largest group openly killing blacks in America is….(drumroll) BLACKS in America. Seriously – hike your happy ass over to the FBI and read the actual stats for crime by race. Cletus and the boys in Alabama aren't killing you….YOU are killing you…all over most major cities, every day. But the only thing that hits the NEWS is when some racist white cop plugs an innocent kid full of holes, because *that* story will keep you from ever researching *the* story.

    The Conservative parties in this nation tell you that one cannot have entitlement and equality at the same time and that just like our own Lord said through Paul in the Bible, "if you don't work, you don't [shouldn't] eat." (2 Thess 3)

    The Liberals keep waving a 300 year old crime in your face and keep you so pumped on adrenaline and outrage that you can't work, can't think, and can't keep from killing each other. Then they create an entitlement system that doesn't EVER actually get anyone out of poverty and that foments the very racist resentment you need to escape to survive…all while telling you that *you* are entitled to everything the richest white family has whether you work for it or not, but even so there isn't enough to go around, so the best thing to do is kill your baby because even though you're living in poverty and they're paying just enough to keep you there forever, poverty is evil and horrible and no one should have to live through it.

    And you buy it. You ARE oppressed – but you still don't see by whom.

  35. OMG !! how could anyone be that cruel !! I can only pray this is not true and if it is …. I have no words, just tears.

  36. Gina Shellard I would spit in your eye. I'm not afraid of you, Gina!

  37. Tonya Smith says:

    Sorry,Dusteen J. Barber but I am not oppressed by this I am free of it. You might need to take a step back and understand that if you can't learn from history then it will repeat. You can believe or not that is totally up to you. I never stated that you should hold blame on any person or persons but to understand why black people think and act the way they do you have to understand what people 300, 200, 100, 50, 30 years ago went through. We were divided and still are because of mental abuse that was done to our forefathers and mothers. They then passed on the disease to their children who passed it on and on and on. Blacks didn't talk about the many horrors they went through they pushed it under their mental rug and it came out in the way they dealt with their families. Nothing is cut and dry, there are too many layers to this problem that have to be peeled back and worked on but because we are a race of divided people we keep going around and around in a never ending loop. You can state stats and there will always be fault in them, yes, blacks murder their children because they have been brainwashed into thinking that is the best way to fix their lives but whites do it too. Just like they have children and abuse them. Just like whites abuse their partners, just like whites drop out of school and become criminals. We are just as layered but we are the most misunderstood group of people on the planet. So no I am not oppressed I see clearly and I understand my history.

    I understand that my people may or may not have been sold into servitude by greed from their own tribesmen or rival tribes. I understand that my people worked themselves to the bone so that someone else could enjoy the finer things. I understand that my grandmothers were raped and beaten and passed around as sex slaves. I understand that my grandfathers, uncles,etc were used as mules to sow and grow the backbreaking foundation of this country into the organized society it is today. I understand that my people were denied many things such as education, decent food and clothing. I understand all that. I also understand that because of them my mother decided that she wanted to rise above it all. I understand that she is a well educated person who instilled in all her children that knowledge is the true power and only you can restrict knowledge from yourself in a country where access has been granted to all. I am not nor will I every be an oppressed person because I can think outside of the box in which we as blacks have placed ourselves. Thanks for your concern but please check that at the door.

  38. Gina Shellard says:

    Hahaha!!! and probably run after doing it. Spitting is a cowards action. Can be done from a distance. Love you keyboard warriors.

  39. Gina Shellard You wouldn't say that if you couldn't.

  40. Gina Shellard says:

    Charlie, that's a bit of a Well Duh!!! statement. Of course I wouldn't be able to say it if I couldn't. Proving once again your IQ level. (just to make sure, so you're not confused, I was stating you've a LOW IQ, not high)

  41. Edward P Cox says:

    And just what was done to you Graham?

  42. Google it in and read what was done to the Indians….just take a look at what ISIS is doing to people as I write this…Beheadings….killing Women & Children..digging Ditches and shooting hundreds of people ….also they raping young girls and pass them around….This is a very cruel world we live in….

  43. Farntella Graham says:

    Edward P Cox nothing, you didn't do nothing. it is all a delusion, right?

  44. Larry Lewis says:

    this is why it's schocking to see polls running a dead heat between the repubs and demos for november's midterm. the conservatives have given every possible reason to vote democratic in november, let alone in 2016. with social media being the means of communication of choice, i am at a loss as for getting the message out.

  45. Sharon Mason says:

    I'm insulted by your inference. What does such past atrocities have to do with the upcoming elections? These atrocities were governed by the dear Democratic Party followers.

  46. Rickymac McManus says:

    Farntella Graham You do know that the first slave owners in America were Blacks don't you????

  47. Toni L. Grice says:

    before the slaves were here the native americans were. Now lets talk about what they endured and still endure to this day. The heart of man is evil, I don't care what color you are.

  48. Mark H. Golding says:

    Get familiar with your history so you may know why…………..k

  49. Ras David Like the way ISIS treats people who believe differently than themselves?

  50. Josh Kip Roederer says:

    wyh would it not hapen thay ernd conciderd humen

  51. This is some sick s**t. Sick ass white boys. But truth be told, most whites I know would be just as sickened seeing this, I am. Most if not all white people are racist to a certain degree but very few are racist to that degree. Because its not socially acceptable to be that way. Racism is still very alive and well in America, no doubt but no sane person would co sign that. Most whites hid their bigotry, cause the society will not tolerate flagrant violent racism. Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, and Michael Brown along with many others are not the norm contrary to popular belief cause we got plenty of skinheads and nazi groups,in prison for crimes against other whites mostly, but nonetheless, the society will no longer tolerate this. We got white cops in prison for raping and sodomizing a black man in New York city. The point is this, this is a day of reckoning .

  52. Well get ready 2 cry again…. cause Ebola is now in Amerikkka!!!! and its funny how only the white ppl have been cured… ya better wake up… & know yo history… cause it is repeating itself… & your generation is clueless

  53. Dusteen J. Barber When we no longer have to hear what the Nazis did to the Jews, no longer have to hear what happened on 9/11, when we no longer have to hear about Muslim terrorists then we, when we no longer are murdered or discriminated anywhere and everywhere in the world because of the color of our skin, then you might begin to understand our outrage. Letting the true history of the Black people in America be known empowers us. It let OUR people know because it continues in other forms even until this day.

  54. They are the most savage on the planet.

  55. Charlie Willock I'll tell you Charlie what is funny that you can write with a non-functioning brain in your sorry ass head.

  56. George Pestik At least I have that going for me.

  57. Juan Solo says:

    Gator Bait……… Ex-Captives should've risen up and massacred their captors every last single one of them to a man.. except the children

    But they were already weakened and pitiful from yrs of religious brainwashing and psychological Jim Crow torture

    What euro Americans did back then is unfathomable &unforgivable.. But what's even more unforgivable is the fact TO THIS DAY most of you still either think its not a big deal.. want blacks to just forget it/move on.. or outright deny it

    Meanwhile every grievance suffered by the republic is treated with eternal fastidious reverence &commemorated.. laser burned into national memory… From pearl harbours to 9/11's to holicsust survival recognition

    This reveals an ingrained collective evil still resides deep in the heart of white AmeriKKKa one that has not yet been exorcised
    All too often ppl consider evil to be actions committed by evil men.. When in truth evil is most commonly the inaction of able men who knew better and still did nothing

    For FOUR HUNDRED YEARS socalled average Americans stood by while other human beings were sold brutalised raped lynched violated on a daily basis
    for FOUR HUNDRED YEARS feminists philosophers and scholars waxed poetic and strove for the rights of the "weaker sex" to vote &step inside gentlemen's clubs whilst their very husbands were raping the "nanny" the kitchen girl.. the yard girl.. &killing/flogging the partner of the field girl for dating to challenge him.. All under their noses..


    Things now would still be exactly as it was then had blacks not started to rebel and murder them in their beds where they lay and burn plantations to the ground.. &organize rebellions and become a viable threat.. John Horse etc
    FREEDOM wasn't GIVEN..
    It was TAKEN.. &then like somany other black movements co opted to soften it &soften our already soft hearts so as not to earn the full deserved wrath of retribution that should no doubt have descended upon the "ruling" population

    This country called AmeriKKKa is still sick… The wound never healed it wasn't even treated they just took the knife out let it fester.. &here you all are today…

    Pretending like any of you can be normal in the land where the worlds greatest evil was simply swept underneath the carpet

  58. Twoceez Cosby says:

    Natives have land and can build casinos, whites too, brown ppl not so much

  59. Theodora Anagor says:

    How does that pertain to the subject of the video, what you are doing is called deflection.

  60. I enjoy all the comments, but I'm most sad of the pain that we as black people suffer to this day. I still can't come to reason. Why young black boys think it's cool to join a gang and kill other blacks. We can solve problems, if we start being parents. People fear education, creating things that can benefit us than hurt us. We don't teach ours daughters to respect their body. It's good to remember to past, but we have the power within to change society. It start with the elders and parents working with adolescent and children. We really need to make some changes. I understand that some with argue and say they are doing it. We need a lot more positive male and female role models. Black people don't know about being black past slavery. We had a life way before slavery. Peace and power to the people.

  61. Carmella Bolen says:

    Patricia Edison Preach My Sister….Tell It Like It Is.

  62. and then you dumb azz spent money in his store?

  63. Well if u think that is diabolical what do u think of this: the white man is G-D?

  64. Dusteen J. Barber There will be judgement and justice for the crimes that was committed by whites against Blacks. So sorry it does matter.

  65. Dusteen J. Barber There will be judgement and justice for the crimes that was committed by whites against Blacks. So sorry it does matter.

  66. Jeff N Margaret Baer says:

    Who could be so empty ! If that is true please someone track down those who did it , if that is even possible . I would be honored to take a piss on "its" grave !


  68. Dusteen J. Barber no race relations are the way they are bc of no atonement for these demonic acts. there's plenty of go along to get along forgiveness but without atonement history is doomed to repeat.

  69. Etheleen Lawrence says:

    Dusteen J. Barber: Are you black??? Because all people should know the truth. That's why racism/white supremacy can't end until these truths come out and are exposed. No, longer can we allow the truth to be hidden in the closet. Only the truth will set us free, and with truth, healing comes.

  70. Derrick Williams says:

    Dusteen J. Barber My short question is, never ever bring it up because you are offended by it? You throw out a bunch of logical fallacies and ultra right wing talking points, it's hard to take you seriously.

  71. Dusteen J. Barber there is nothing new under the sun. Same thing different day .

  72. God have been trying to call his people home but you love this world get to know who you really are starting with your bible it's your history.

  73. Derrick Williams says:

    I'm sorry ma'am, the bible is not a history book, besides, why didn't the almighty chime in when these babies were being eaten alive?

  74. Derrick Williams says:

    I'm sorry ma'am, the bible is not a history book, besides, why didn't the almighty chime in when these babies were being eaten alive?

  75. Derrick Williams says:

    I'm sorry ma'am, the bible is not a history book, besides, why didn't the almighty chime in when these babies were being eaten alive?

  76. Derrick Williams You believe what you want and i will do the same okay . No one fit deut. 28 better than people of color that is my belief as i said i have mine you have your's and the God i know in the bible have the power to bring the dead back to life also take the memory of evil things done to them away. Death is dead to us it's sleep to God so with that those baby have a better chance at life forever then you or myself at this point.

  77. Etheleen Lawrence says:

    Joan Perry Phillips: Is not racism/white supremacy still practiced, alive and well in these United States!!!!?????. Isn't it!!!! How in the hell!!! can one let go of the past, when the things of the past are very much alive, well and practiced in this racist/white supremacist nation-state. Impossible!!!!!!.

  78. Royce Cheong says:

    i wish i had the education that most of you young people have but what i believe need to happen is for us to raise our children to the truth about man made religion and man made education and wher we are at now and it is alrigth to teach our children where our people came from if we know cause all black people did not just come from africa they came from all around the world black people are not just african they also come from south pacific and all of those island in the pacific but what i am saying is that we are not like them we have a god nature in us we should stop trying to be like them and turn back to our kind of culture where we respect our mother and father these people who can do all kind of thing to people are not god like they are greeded and want more of everything that is why they killed most of the american indian cause they want this country that is why they are over in africa geting brain wash african to kill each other so they can get their country and that why they are in the middle east cause they want that country too but if we don't stop trying to be like them and go back to the way our people were where money did not mean anything it was family and neigbor they share there food and water they protect each other from wild animal and invader who wanted their women because female knew how to cook and raise children it was not how big your house is are how much money you got so you can look down on other that is his way not our but today we act and think just like them where we even kill each other for money or other material thing that don't mean a hill of beans cause they still are not going to help us move in their community because evil does not like good you see we have become like them but on a much smaller level we migth kill one another but they kill in the 100 they steal in the 1000000 we might even rape a women or a child but they kill and rape in the 100 but the different is we go to prison they don't they call it goverment legislation we need to come back home and be people of knowledge understanding our planet and how we are to care for all life on it like it was in the beginning not the destroyer like these demons are and if we don't stop we will be just like them it seem like we are already have turn in to them black devils taking their drugs joining gangs to kill just like them i know some may say i did not say anything about sex well sex is something that is natural and that how we all got here so when they say sex is a sin they are lien cause they are afraid we will out number them and then they can't control all of the black and brown and yellow people around the world who would stand agains't them so let us be of free minds and take off this fake mind of wanting to be like them we don't need all of they money we need family and friend neigbor and community sharing our goods with one another like our forefather and foremother did well young people that what i think and if some of them want to change and live loving and peaceful live's they can come to but they have to give up greed

  79. Join us in our effort to change our world with Empowering Narratives. Share this empowering narrative on your social network of choice and ask others to do the same.

  80. Derrick Williams says:

    Marie Hamilton I think they suffered a horrible agonizing death over a course of maybe hundred years or more. I guess that's god's plan, huh? You have no idea, no one has ever came back from the dead and spoke to us. Have you actually seen this?

  81. Derrick Williams says:

    Marie Hamilton I think they suffered a horrible agonizing death over a course of maybe hundred years or more. I guess that's god's plan, huh? You have no idea, no one has ever came back from the dead and spoke to us. Have you actually seen this?

  82. Derrick Williams says:

    Marie Hamilton I think they suffered a horrible agonizing death over a course of maybe hundred years or more. I guess that's god's plan, huh? You have no idea, no one has ever came back from the dead and spoke to us. Have you actually seen this?

  83. Derrick Williams As i said my belief !

  84. Susie Noonan says:

    Dusteen J. Barber IDK why you are saying this happened 300 years ago. I'd bet it happened in the 1900s, too.

  85. Karen Draper says:

    Dusteen J. Barber: You seem to not understand or either have yours eyes and ears closed. The same evil STILL EXISTS TODAY! Isn't it obvious that the evilness has been passed down from generation to generation. Some people don't know why they are racists because it's inherent!

  86. Karen Draper says:

    Dusteen J. Barber: You seem to not understand or either have yours eyes and ears closed. The same evil STILL EXISTS TODAY! Isn't it obvious that the evilness has been passed down from generation to generation. Some people don't know why they are racists because it's inherent!

  87. @Dusteen J. Barber after reading your post I knew you were not black. Brothers and Sisters do need a non black trying to be hypocritical about the black community. .. You have to be white and enjoy white privilege to not think about how your black kids will be treated in a white society. 300 years ago whites consider those people you say are committing a crime to be there fore fathers

  88. @Dusteen J. Barber after reading your post I knew you were not black. Brothers and Sisters do need a non black trying to be hypocritical about the black community. .. You have to be white and enjoy white privilege to not think about how your black kids will be treated in a white society. 300 years ago whites consider those people you say are committing a crime to be there fore fathers

  89. Nice Try Dusty but You are Just as RACIST as the Cletus boys in your soliloquy! You Sean Hannity and Bill O Reilley Don't Get to tell Black People What they SHOULD Do or How they Should Feel as if You Three Stooges are Enlightened Beings with the Cure to Societies Ills!!! You DON'T Understand so Silence is Golden when YOU DON'T KNOW!!!

  90. Marco Bell says:

    I knew about this. Not a big secret to those of us that grew up in Louisiana. Thone innocent lives went to heavensure while those evildoers went to hell to burn for eternity. There will be more joining them in hell (racists, killers, hateful people, real criminals)…

  91. Marco Bell says:

    I knew about this. Not a big secret to those of us who grew up in Louisiana. Those innocent lives went to heaven while those evildoers went to hell to burn for eternity. There will be more joining them in hell (racists, killers, hateful people, real criminals)…

  92. Goûchy Man says:


  93. Tony Boyd says:

    Also, why is it that you wish to bury this part of history and not others. If we shouldn't remember this anymore then why remember ANY history? Isn't the purpose of history to build a collective knowledge base from which to learn and grow from? I realize it may be uncomfortable for some who consider themselves progressive and innocent of specific atrocities but because you are reaping the benefits of a system that set one group above another, there is still a need for reflection and an attempt to understand what happened. The fact that you think it's all in the past belies your inability to see beyond your own sense of indignation. I get that you feel tired of being accused of something you believe you had no connection to but to suggest it should be removed from thought is a very big indicator of the privilege you didn't realize you had. To have the audacity to believe that another race's historical pain and suffering should be dismissed because it makes you uncomfortable is…well…something that only those in privilege do. Make no mistakes the sins of this nation's past haunts the descendants of slaves to this very minute. Ignoring the part that those atrocities played is to never fully understand what's going on in our communities today.

  94. Rocky Battenfield says:

    Just for the record I have never oppressed anyone. If that was done it should be right up there with what the Nazi's did to the Jews in WWII. But if you still want to blame me and other white people for slavery you are barking up the wrong tree. Each person is responsible for their own actions and if your family was slaves or if my family was slave owners (which to my knowledge they were not) has absolutely no bearing on how the world is today. Slavery was a dark part of this countries history but at some point you have to move past it!

  95. Leslie Mills Arthur says:

    Ha again I say maybe we should be like the Jews,stick together and keep harping on the atrocities committed..then maybe we'd get the reparations and respect we deserve. Yes We built this awful country. We've been content with the bones thrown to us! They continue to divide and conquer because we let them. It's total BS. We should have stayed segregated and maybe we would have a better since of who we are instead of thinking we've "overcome". The US black community is lost! No daddies, too many drug addicts, thugs and thieves. What the hell people. ? Don't you know they are just waiting to get rid of you? You're a cancer, a nuisance…what's your life worth? They'd say…nothing. Wake the hell up there is an agenda!

  96. Lisa Kirk says:

    Dustin J. Barber how simple it is for you to tell a entire race of people to forget their history and get over it, but yet American history is taught in every institute of learning. Was slavery not apart of American history. Do we only teach what you deem appropriate in this country and sweep its dirty little secretes under the rug. We can remember the slaughter of many nations of Native Americans. We are asked to never forget the Holocaust of the Jews. Let not forget the Armenian Holocaust or the Japanese encampment all in which have received reparations for the atrocities done to their ancestors. Your Scottish ancestors where slaves here in America but, I can bet you will never forget it or because of white entailment you choose to forget it. Yes the Scott's and Irish were Slaves here too but because of the color and confusion of your skin allowed you to escape the color struck murderous society that enslaved people of color. Do we keep remembering what was done to our ancestor of not only 50 years ago? Hell yes! Do I forget what racist society did to my mother when I was just a child? Do I forget what I've experienced in this racist society? Hell no. You are a idiot Mister Barber and until you know your own history please refrain from commenting on mine. Sincerely signed by a Black, Native American, Irish.

  97. Husam Jabbar says:

    Filthy disease ridden crackers. If they don't kill you with diseases kkk aka ploice finish the job.

  98. Marcel Lucien says:

    After seeing this you should be no doubt when you hear about a white cop killing an unarmed black person.

  99. After seeing this you should be no doubt when you hear about a white cop killing an unarmed black person.

  100. Veronica Alleyne says:

    this some of the stuff they want us to forget or not even find out about & certainly never mention.

  101. @Jen Lord well personally for me my great grandfather was born in 1875 my great great grandmother was born in 1897 my grandmother was born in 1923 and my parents were born in the 50s and 60s so they all lived through times were white ppl hated blacks and it was segregated. I'm pretty sure my great grandparents seen many lynches before.

  102. Also just because It didn't happen to me personally doesn't mean I never felt a the brute of a white person scorn of hate towards me.

  103. Arthur Feld says:

    Dusteen J. Barber – You know jewish people remind their children everyday about the holocaust and they are stronger than ever before. We must learn from history or we are doomed to repeat it. If you notice, lost of young black people (mostly males) have been dying for this reason or that reason at the hands of law enforcement – kinda sounds like history repeating itself again.

  104. Wow… REALLY⚡
    Sooooo DAMNED SAD..

  105. Bradley Fulling says:

    Olivia, I see you've conveniently forgotten Ervin Johnson's battle with AIDS.

  106. Shawn Davis says:

    Most the logic on this page is profound. I'm going to hold what people did hundreds of years ago vs all. Then go as far to compare it to the holocaust. Ignorance. You're all right it's better to continue hating without prevail so the world continues to destroy its self. The definition of insanity continues.

  107. Shawn Davis says:

    Most the logic on this page is profound. I'm going to hold what people did hundreds of years ago vs all. Then go as far to compare it to the holocaust. Ignorance. You're all right it's better to continue hating without prevail so the world continues to destroy its self. The definition of insanity continues.

  108. Terry Keith says:

    Dusteen J. Barber Oh! You did a messy job in blaming the victim! BARF!

  109. Terry Keith says:

    Dusteen J. Barber Oh! You did a messy job in blaming the victim! BARF!

  110. Terry Keith says:

    Yet you hate the 9/11 attackers and will never forgive them. Take a seat, missy!

  111. Terry Keith says:

    Yet you hate the 9/11 attackers and will never forgive them. Take a seat, missy!

  112. Krista Thom says:

    I never knew about this as I'm sure a lot of brothers and sisters haven't either. We weren't taught about black history in schools so a lot of things about slavery, killing black babies, etc. were hidden from us. The time is now to learn more about the history we were denied and to teach todays youth about their history! I remember a scene from Beloved where the white men were chasing the slave women who were trying to save her two daughters from them. She killed her first child and threw the second one at the slaves. Now that I think of that scene in the movie, it could have been more than just the white men taking the children away to another plantation but to use them as bait to catch alligators!

  113. Krista Thom says:

    I never knew about this as I'm sure a lot of brothers and sisters haven't either. We weren't taught about black history in schools so a lot of things about slavery, killing black babies, etc. were hidden from us. The time is now to learn more about the history we were denied and to teach todays youth about their history! I remember a scene from Beloved where the white men were chasing the slave women who were trying to save her two daughters from them. She killed her first child and threw the second one at the slaves. Now that I think of that scene in the movie, it could have been more than just the white men taking the children away to another plantation but to use them as bait to catch alligators!

  114. Wow this saddens my heart but why are ppl comparing of who was done the worse come on now

  115. this reminds you when your rights are violated how serious you should be fighting for your rights before you become invisible…. #EricGardener #JohnCrawford were not looked at like they were people at all…

  116. Tunde Bakare says:

    We need to look into this I have never heard of this before.

  117. Milton M C Manner says:

    Fucking sick cunts…

  118. Regardless of race color creed ethnicity or station. This is a mortal sin. It goes on today. Only the jaws snapping belong to those who have both feet planted in the dark ages.

  119. Royce Cheong says:

    my dear fellow american every word you said is true now to me if we are going to beat this thing of hate and murder we must first remember how our mother and father live with all of this hate going around them they try to teach us not to want every thing that other people had and they share with friend family and neigbor and they did not tell any of their family problem to everybody in the neigborhood and there were not that many father at home when i was young either but mother did not play games with their sons they made them get jobs on the farms or they keep the yard clean and the bathroom clean well they made them work around the house not like they do now you see my mther said she broth me in the world and if she had to she would take me out and still to this day she means it i will never disrespect my mother but what i learn is don't be greed for money now i would like to have more but i am not going to steal for it because i learn that food and a roof over my head is really all i need now all of the other thing i am bless to have but we can live on little thing and love one another if we teach our children about right and wrong and give them what they need now i know what the out side world look like but it is for greed i men show to turn us in to them greed killer always wanting it never stop wanting a biger tv a new car a better house and with all that more debt to these greed corporation who end up own us and our children we have to pull away and start being family again raising our daugther on how to care for their family and our sons how to work and protect his from hunger and the cold i think you know what i mean thank you take care

  120. This story is kind of hard to believe. Why would they use babies as bait? Slaves were approximately 170 thousand dollars to today's standards apiece.

  121. Jeff we cant…then we become the monsters…this video has me in tears the hate sometimes get to be to much!

  122. Oh my Lord!!! Please! please! please! The pain it lays dormant until its awaken again and again….. Opening unheeled wounds… The pain!!!

  123. Stop perpetuating racism and stereotypes! Only the guilty wish to forget hurtful history. The rest of us believe in the importance of remembering our history and ensuring that it DOES NOT repeat itself. When white Europeans "founded" this country, savage and horrible sins were committed, against people of all different races. Awful, awful things, some too disgusting to even discuss. We don't have to constantly dredge up the gory details to unite in a movement for change for our present and future. As a white American, I may or may not have links to slavery in my lineage. I'm not certain, as I have not researched my family tree to that degree. What I DO know is that my grandparents instilled morals and values into my parents, who then reciprocated those values to me and my siblings, who now are reciprocating those values to their own children. Values of love, understanding, forgiveness, kindness, intrigue, hospitality, good will…etc etc. My family has never been wealthy, actually quite the contrary, but we have always been rich in other areas. Knowing our history is very important, but dwelling on it for so long is dangerous and lacks the focus we need on our present and future to make changes.

  124. wow. you're a "top commenter"? yipes.

  125. Mark H. Golding nobody knows why some people are evil. Val's reaction is a completely normal one. your comment is ignorant and rude. shame on you. 🙁

  126. Etheleen Lawrence Some of us cant handle the truth….at this point we still benefit from learning this history…the system of slavery never ended and its only been 150 years…that's 3 generations ago my grandparents and their parents…watching this is painful…no amount of praying and marching is going to cure those with no soul!

  127. Misty Monteith Shame on you for being clueless about American history. Shame on you. I am already aware of it, clearly you are not. Her reaction is normal to those who are clueless but not to me becuase as a black person she should be more aware of her history other wise her reaction would have reflected it. Given how many lives have been lost at the hands of the "Crusaders" for simply being of African descent for her and other blacks to be here as the survivors of the atrocities and pain…………………k

  128. Only a devil could be so evil.

  129. Mark H. Golding are you saying you knew about the black babies being baited to alligators? and are you saying that because some of us didn't know this specific fact that we are clueless about black history? also, your cocky attitude is rude……………K

  130. Mark H. Golding You are speaking truth most people are in denial about what was done and continue to be done to black people. Whites have benefited from slavery and our oppression.Until REPARATIONS are paid to black people for all of the terrorist acts done against us as a people there will always be racial tension in America because we never got our 40 acres and a mule. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated that we have entered into a burning house. We have to have a fair Economical Empowerment system blacks owning land, housing, farming, banks, investments, clothing stores, grocery stores and shoe stores. Until we have stable black communities that makes sure that we circulate our money in our own businesses this problem will always exist. Blacks spend 1.1 Trillion dollars yearly making everybody else rich how about we reinvest in ourselves. God bless.

  131. Allison Offord a lot of people didn't get "40 acres and a mule"! whites included! a lot of whites OPPOSED slavery and did NOT participate! no amount of reparation is enough for those disgusting acts of the past. STOP GENERALIZING PEOPLE BY THEIR SKIN COLOR!!!!!!! damn

  132. Misty Monteith If you think being knowledgeable of ones history is being cocky and rude surely shows how misty you are. I knew about black babies being baited to alligators for some time now because it was necessary and my point of duty to know my history because it is the least me/we as black people today can do to celebrate and honor those that treacherously journey before me/us and seek out the hidden truth the 'crusaders' have kept out of reach. That is why black history is an elective in 99% of colleges and universities except for what "They" want us to know on a mass level. I can assure you that the history you have been encouraged to know is a reversal of the truth, which you will find upsetting to you but not surpriing to us. It boils down to wether you can handle the truth…………….ok

  133. Misty Monteith The truth always hurt you need to read about black history before you open your mouth and it damn sure is about skin color (black people) who are the ones that have been discriminated against. No other race of people have been treated so inhumanely as the black race so tell your story walking.

  134. Misty Monteith I agree no amount of "of reparation is enough for those disgusting acts of the past" , because it cannot reverse the terrorism of the past but it can help begin the healing in the same way Germany financially reparated for the acts of Hitler. To ask for the generalization of people to stop is like asking present day Germans to bear no shame for the past, which is impossible to do. They go hand in hand. It can be forgiven for some and unforgiving for others which is a burden Germans have to carry. As it pertains to the American whites they bear the same burden to this day until the majority step up and atone in actions & policies for whats happening today which is inherently linked to the past. I must respectfully say that you have a lot more to learn which is nothing to be defensive or ashamed about. The fact that you are having this discussion is a step in the right direction. All you have to do is OPEN UP YOUR MIND AND LISTEN without being defensive. If a rape victim is telling you their story and trauma , would you blame her for being raped by being indifferent to her pain , trauma and plight ? No , i don't think you would ? Well it is the same as it pertains to black history and this conversational exchange…………………………………..k

  135. Pam Mcilwain says:

    Tonya Smith One thing every one should realize is that the black Africans are the one who sold the blacks to the whites for slaves in the first place. no some white did not treat them right but what if the blacks never sold them to the whites people blame whites all the time but none take any responsibility for their own actions that get them arrested, killed and so on. It is always easier to blame every one else but themselves.

  136. And most of our white ancestors were serfs in a repressive European feudal system that essentially left them as slaves to the noble class. All that today means exactly……..nothing.

  137. When most of our Irish ancestors came to this country in the late 1800's and early 1900's, slavery was over, they worked their butts off in sweat shop factories, were despised by the current citizen's ("Dogs and Irish keep off the grass"), and their economic condition had NOTHING to do with the 1600's to 1800's era of slavery. Maybe you should be more concerned about where slavery still exists today in Africa and Muslim countries, where our President and his Secretary of State have turned their backs to these in human conditions. You lose your argument when you also consider the Asian and Hispanic immigrants that have recently arrived in this country and have achieve notable success through hard work, family values, and insistence on educational opportunity. Be the voice of the injustice that actually exists today instead of rehashing over and over the injustice that has already been conquered.

  138. Pam Mcilwain says:

    Blacks should not forget about their history and what happend but those who did that many years ago are dead and gone and it is very true that when anything happens that concerns a black person and a white person it is turn instantly into the white person is a racist against the black man. That is proved time and time again. Michael Brown was killed due to the CHOICES HE MADE that day to go into a store and commit a crime and break the law by stealing and then bullied the owner also seen a video of him beating up an elderly man and rob him. He died from his choices that day and it is unfortunate that happend no one wants to bury their child but he was no angel not by far either. My whole thing is why can't people just take responsibility for their actions then to blame others and call them racist. Black men kill unarmed black men every day. Seems to me instead of fighting why not pull together as one and be a stronger nation. No no one should forget their history of their race but they also should not use that as the excuse for bad behavior at their own hands either. I have seen blacks mistreat whites, whites trash talk blacks, blacks trash talk mexicans, whites trash talk chineese and on and on it is not just only whites I have heard blacks call each other ni==ers many times and not in a joking way in a they are going to fight each other way they say that word all the time at each other in anger. Me personally I can't stand that word and don't like hearing some one using it to talk about blacks. I believe in being respectful to all and if a black friend of mine was being mistreated I would be there in a heart beat having their back to me color , race and so on is not matter to me friends are friends I treat all the way I would want to be treated with complete respect. This black kid that just killed two cops in NYC was cold blood assination it was racist due to the fact he was hyped up on the Michael Brown killing and the white cop kills black kid thing. The media always hypes up every one by labeling it as well.

  139. Jeffrey Lincoln Some fail to recognize that your ancestors were able to integrate into the majority as whiteness labels changed to embrace different nationalities. Only when whiteness, which is by the way, a social construct embraces my blackness, will I be able to stop fighting this battle. It makes white people so uncomfortable to hear the reality of minority (black) existence in what they want to call a post racial America. It's a great idea, but there is a lot of work yet to do for it to come to full fruition.

    I don't understand why white people don't want us to do the work. How does it negatively impact a non-racist white person for black people to continue the fight for the American dream. Why does it bother people like you sooooooo much?

    I and many that look like me experience racist actions from some white people on a daily basis. This affects our jobs, our health, our education and our wealth. That should bother you tremendously.

  140. I don't want to join the debate about who had it worse. However, we don't see Jews, Asians, or Arabs effected by Jim Crow in this country. Today we don't see them being bruatalized by police or shot down in the streets like animals. We are told to believe we are better off because we are free but are we truly free without protection under the law? The moment we begin to believe that, we are truly in danger of having our rights that our grandparents won taken from us right under our noses.

  141. Really don't wanna get into this convo thanks you have your view I have mines

  142. Albert Bynes says:

    very believable I am so sad to say

  143. Husam Jabbar says:

    And don't give me that shit about the police protecting (me and mine) Pam Mc. Police don't protect me and mine, I do. All the police do is come (after the dirt is done) and take the person who did the dirt, to jail. There's always some misinformed Caucasian ( or uncle tom negro) willing to call up reverse racism when a black person is calling you guys out on your bullshit. But call it what you want, the numbers speak for themselves.

  144. That's messed up. Of course the evil of man has no color and is timeless.

  145. @Leslie Mills Arthur maybe you our everyone in your family does not live in poverty and is not oppressed in any way but maybe instead of pointing out what you clearly don't Like and not speak and think for the white America you can up lift fellow brothers and sisters you are around everyday

  146. Slavery was so evil and cruel. It is actually worse than hat is taught in some classes.

  147. I believe this story because back in those days those hateful people got away with murders rape using slaves to build this so call great country back in those days blacks were no better than a dog a dog had more freedom than they did if those hateful bastards went to hell in my mind hell is to good for them

  148. A white republican lady who i met is trying to convert me to the republicans, because she likes that i don't speak ebonics. I will never convert, but in one of our conversations, she tried to tell me that i shouldn't look into the negative past of black history. That it happened. Not even in my life. I told her i want to know why racists look and stare at me with disrespect So often. I want to know what they are they are thinking and what do they know about my history that i don't. This story is exactly what I'm talking about. They know all of this shit but keep it from us on purpose.

  149. This video, "The Iceman Inheritance," by Michael Bradley (a white man), proves the Caucasian race's behavior towards other races & their inability to peaceably co-exist with nature , is innate (evolved a barbaric mindset).

  150. Pam Mac you mean to tell me if your child does the same crime as Michael Brown he deserves to die….bitch you need to die. freaking idiot

  151. Vide OSpuger says:

    Funny how some white people always respond to these kind of horrors like. That's not us that's people from way back… Well I guess is those same people from way back still killing us in the streets, putting our kids in jail, maintaining a racist system in favor of the white people. All along we should've known it's those very old folks committing these crimes against black people nowadays…. And just like way back than, the rest of the white people is just coming along for the barbecue, making pictures and sharing postcards. Not all white people are participating I know, but there's a fair bunch not reacting right to the situation the world is in today!

  152. George Dixon says:

    It's just as Kallid Muhammad illustrates…an evil race of people is just like a rattlesnake. can watch it hatch …you can help it grow…but it will never be a friend or pet to you because it's in their nature to bite you with venom….

  153. Chuck Davis What r u talkin' about?

  154. Ewan Ewers says:

    If you are ignorant of History you are doomed to repeat it.

  155. Roque Goitia says:

    Husam Jabbar – Bury the hate – my brother, for it is so apairent that it drives your life astray. Concentrate on making a change for the better of all humanity by making a difference using your experiences. NOT BY HATING for the sake of hating.
    You said it a few different times that you don't give a dam. SO, if you don't WHY COMMENT? Also remember, live by the sword die by the sword.

  156. Am answering Pam Mc, you mention many young names in your answer to this atticle. But you claim not to be racist, and we people of color are really the racist, but do you have a clear conscious , no you don't , you are a darn hypocrite , and you are in denial. You know that your people are criminals and thugs . They did the same things to there own people every part of this earth, the history is clear, just in case you don't know , it's all on the computer go read . And learn about your evil history. How dear you talk about young underprivileged people like that. We never ask to come here, we did not even want to come , and we suffer and suffer and some of us are still suffering , some of our parents had nothing to pass on to us not even proper manners, all because they the self had no one to teach them anything of value. We had all of that at one time , but it was striped from our people, our people were raped criminalize , drugged , striped and denied of education medication , was jailed and brutalize by your people. We live and die in the hell that your people created for us, yes us my people. I have to stop, there's so much to say, I don't have the time Nore energy to continue teaching your dumb racist ass. Yes we have issues but they all stem from who raised us ,your people did, everything we learn came from your people, we had nothing no culture , no name no anything, and anytime we try building self your people distroyed it. Check out part of our story , the black Wall Street , educate yourself about our history, you might learn something about yourself and who your parents are , in case you you don't know you came from us the people of color , the original people of the earth.

  157. Pam Mc Pam, you are a racist idiot. Good night ma'am. saved you several seats. You don't deserve an intelligent response because you are proving how unintelligent you are. "he was no angel, not by far either." so he deserved to die? How bout your little grandbaby who's no angel, does she deserve to die too? Isn't she hard to handle at times? Doesn't grand baby get out of line, but you love her anyway right? Lol. I hope to God when your grand child grows up and acts like a kid, you know mischevious, kind of lost–looking for some direcetion, a police officer doesn't shoot her or his ass down and a retarded ass white lady with no perspective on the issue other than what she she's on FOX and other reports from TV doesn't have the audacity to say, "welp, she wasn't an angel so, she kind of killed herself." you damn moron.

  158. Pam Mc "thanks for showing me your true self." lol. shut the hell up. you are an idiot. okay? Everything you say proves how damn country bumpkin DUMB you are. Lol. White undeducated TRASH, I can tell from your makeup. You bought it from Walgreens, just like you got your education on race politics from Fox News. You are stupid. Okay? Let me be the first to tell you that. You are an idiot. Your logic is screwed up but GOD will fix that for you, not any of us "ANGRY" black folks "showing" who we "truly" are. Look at the way you type, honey, your warped perception of black people is all in your speech. You are filled with hate. It boils over in you. You cannot take it—that's how much HATE you have inside of you.

    "TRUE SELF" how do you know what somebodys true self is? Is this HATEFUL person you are portraying on the internet, that must be your true self. Or no, your white so this is just a minor transgression we should over look huh, the passive aggressive HATE that you are spreading on the internet, that's not YOUR true self is it? LOL. WHITE PRIVILEGE REARING IT'S UGLY LITTLE HEAD EH?

  159. Pam Mc just wanted to let you know Pam in case you didn't… you are white trash country bumpkin DUMB. Go pick up a book, rent a documentary, get you some perspective hunny because your dumb is showing again. 🙂

  160. Yeah, so I suppose the Irish should be all up in arms too.. they did terrible things to Italians, Jews, Irish, Germans, Asians, American Indians, AND their children… blacks were buffalo soldiers who helped march millions of Indians up the Trail of Tears… and yes, black people had it really hard too. Everybody should be up in arms HUNDREDS of years later, and fan the flames of hatred. That is what you're doing, Atlanta Black Star, and you should be very ashamed.

  161. Misty Monteith That's easy for you to say. Live in his shoes.

  162. W Gabriel Selassie I Nope its "likely" true.

  163. Jo Kel says: just so happens that the Elite group of haves your referring to happens to be white….u being white are immune to the agendas of what the HAVES/Whites do to other in Point: Discrimination, Housing, Bank loans, Crimes, schools, Shall I go on. your white priviledge doesn't allow u to become a victim of it and coupled with the fact that u can just talk it, Black People have to Live it.. so no, we are not the same..its not US..its WHITE PEOPLE..who run a Rascist systemic operation against Black people.for which u are either immune to, or U benefit from.

  164. You are in Denial, I am from Sanford Florida. Several Generations of my Family are from Sanford. This Story is absolutely True.

  165. This was happening during Reconstruction and Post slavery. Massah would not put up with this because of the financial considerations and Black Slaves being viewed as Chattel or as assets. When Massah had no further financial, Interest, custody, and control all hell broke lose. In particular when the Union Army pulled out at the end of Reconstruction.

  166. White man is that Savage Walik'n Devils on Planet Earth. They Need to die off this Planet Earth.

  167. Shut up Nigga. These Devil Crakas had no care about a NeeGro. They had all the Money, you Dumb Ass. This was a Pure Savage Sport, with an Expence they did not mind paying a commitment too, because they are NATRUAL BORN KILLERS, you Shit for Brains.

    They Kill Us til this day and settle Law Suits in the Millions as you know without issue…That whiteman is the most Savage Devil walking this Planet ever, and you are a PURE Agent 99, ass ol School little prick boot lick'n ass uncle tom, ass piece of shit that need death too you.

    These same Savage commitment Mayhem and Horror to the Alstralian Aboriginie NeeGros in Tazmania til the 1930's and 40's . You Agent 99 Dumb Ass Uncle tom ass piece of shit of a little peeon ass nigga, you. Fuck you and Die off soon and slow, you Punk.

  168. Frederick Allen That Rat Bastard is an Agent…

  169. @dusteen j. Barber …you a rasist slick talking dumb a$$ lady and you dont realize that… your justication is invalid…why would you come to the video with your disrespect..

  170. Even if this was a myth (not saying it is), how does one account for the popular "artwork" of black babies and toddlers in many places? Even if it did not happen, the fact that it is plausible to a white person like me tells me that there is something inherently wrong, persisting in the oppressive, and often horrifying way black Americans are being treated in today's society. We know that there were atrocities happening back then, likely more than what we are witnessing today on so many kevels, and so obviously with the violence and carnage going on at all levels of our law enforcement and penal system.

    Maybe the issue is not trying to disprove this narrative, but to understand it's context, and to understand that it directly ties into what we still see going on everyday around us. Granted, I grew up segregated and had little or mis-education about black history. I grew up with role Models like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Medgar Evers, and so on, but lacked so much knowledge. Still do. But with the advent of the internet, and the ability to prove things with actual videos now, and the abulity to share this information on a widespread basis has alllowed my eyes to be opened further. And I'm keeping them open, I vote, and I am ready to act when neccessary to right wrongs.

  171. Kathy Jeter says:

    They wonder why we have ATTITUDES, UNFORGIVABLE!!!!!!!!!!

  172. Frederick Allen Do you have any proof? Did an ancestor confirm this?

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