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‘Cosmopolitan’ calls the Kardashians, not the Obamas, ‘America’s First Family,’

Last night, Cosmopolitan unveiled their November issue with the Kadarshian-Jenner women calling them, “America’s First Family”, and many were not pleased.

To some on social media, the cover, which features sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall and Kylie Jenner and mom Kris Jenner, and not the Obamas, was a disrespectful act towards the real First Family.

According to USA Today, the magazine emailed in a statement, “We are teasing!” Spokeswoman Lauren Demitry also wrote, “”They are a huge cultural phenomenon. What we do know is there is nothing like the cover of a magazine to provoke a national conversation.”

Yet, this was was not the first time the magazine was criticized for its disrespect of Black people. In April, the magazine’s “Beauty Trends That Need to Die in 2015” only showcased Black women for out going fashion trends, but captioned “R.I.P”, while their white counterparts were labeled, “Hello, Gorgeous”.

The magazine at that time issued a similar statement downplaying its disrespectful captioning. An editor’s note explained: “Some images have been taken out of context, and we apologize for any offense. Celebrating all women is in our mission, and we will continue to work hard to do that.”

Unfortunately, Cosmopolitan and other mass media outlets catering to white audiences continues to fall short. Black people, and Black women in particular, have consistently been attacked and disrespected by the media. Many magazine’s social media accounts routinely post articles and pictures that erase Black women’s contributions to style and culture. Last year, beauty magazine Marie Claire posted:

While just this summer, Elle UK deemed “baby hairs” as the newest trend.

The only trend we see is using Black culture to market white companies and individuals, but erase the Black people behind it.

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5 thoughts on “‘Cosmopolitan’ calls the Kardashians, not the Obamas, ‘America’s First Family,’

  1. The Kardashians are a bunch of f'n rip-offs, theives, copycats. Every feature tgey have, lips, hips, butts, they stole from the black women. I would say they even stoke our black men, but they go willingly … you know, it's a prize for them!!!

  2. it disgust me the way they ram this family down the throats of the american people, knowing that the american people do not like them. they take our phucking airways, press, and all form of communication, to brainwash and destroy the culture of the united states. the kardashians are tools to be used for their political ends.

  3. what is it with them and Black men? what is wrong with them? why don't they go after their own men? there are cute white boys out there, too. this family is pushing all the agendas of the nwo/new age/existentialist mofos: the creation of a new race, the legitimization of LGBT lifestyle, the moral destruction of american culture and the youth world wide.

  4. Yah Daughter says:

    Farntella Graham Let them have those Black men, one they have no Black woman would'nt want anyway and this I have no problem with….lets stress. These ladies all the do is steal other people ideas anyway, they have no talent of their own and they use their body to make their money not their brain notice that. Notice they hook up with the famous Black men not just some blow joe off the streets just to get more attention, again without having someone who already got it going on they would be as famous which is nothing positive they thrive on being whorish ways as thier way of life. Don't get me wrong I like them to a point but they'll be called the first family in of America as the one that would represent America now that's taking it a little too far, our country would be laugh at as a country that whores for women and gay men in their Military and they'll never be consider the first family… lol

  5. When mama Kardashian broke up with Bruce, I knew she was going after a black man and sge didn't prove me wrong!!

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