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116 thoughts on “Multiple Firings After Racially Charged Facebook Remarks Mocking a Black Child Go Viral

  1. Michael Fox says:

    Comedian Chris Rock, also like many comedians happens to brilliant and have an uncanny ability to observe society, both objectively and subjectively simultaneously, and feeding it back us. One if the many quotes that I have recently come across from Chris Rock said " HAVE YOU EVER NOTICED THAT THERE IS MORE PRESSURE OUT ON BLACK PEOPLE TO JUST SPOT TALKING ABOUT RACISM THAN THERE IS ON RACIST TO STOP BEING RACIST." Which actually goes along with has anyone other me ever noticed that no less than 48 hrs after a the terrorist Dylan Roth murdered 9 people who where kind to him and in the middle of prayer in SC THIS past August the Media had cameras in front of the faces of the family members asking them if they forgave the Muderer of there loved ones. They replied yes. But no one every ask white people starting with the holocust victims right up until, recently with the killings of the 2 reporters by the black guy or the or the families of the 9 community college students in Oregon if they are willing to forgive the murder of there loved ones. So in essence the Black lives matter movement is have a very important role in our society today that being. That Black lives matter. White people would rather not speak about race because that would then mean confronting the fact the what happened in this office and the face book posting would bring to light that this is a much bigger part of our American " EXCEPTIONAL " society than most but not all white and some black people are willing and able to admit.

  2. Hotep N Fabo says:

    The same people will want to kill if you say something bad about a dog.

  3. The rest of them most likely are unemployed and welfare recipients.

  4. Guaranteed as it always is when they get exposed, "They were just joking, they're not REALLY racist." riiiiiiiiight….. Meanwhile, they still fail to recognize their severe lack in judgement let alone common decency. Not like they're worried about things like that anyway.. I'm thrilled Polaris Marketing Group made the right decisions. Thrilled.

  5. (y) This nation and its election of President Barack Hussein Obama twice is the first thing that brought to light that racism still thrives in our "EXCEPTIONAL" America. That light shines brighter than ever in the first part of the 21st century, even brighter than it did in the 17th and beyond. I think the things about which racist haters are most envious are the good looks, poise, intelligence, charity, Christianity and so many other outstanding qualities of President, Mrs. Obaman and their entire family, including their Kenyan kin. Destroys all of their ignorant myths about the inferiority of others and they just can't abide it! Poor babies! They are the ones who let it out in the open even at the highest levels of government(s), business and world governments. Envy is a vice that hurts only those who engage in it! So sad! 🙁

  6. Michael Pinto, President is a man of integrity! 🙂

  7. Excellent how the company handled this. In Rochester NY for instance, they would've swept it under the rug and OR attempted to turn you into the troublemaker.

  8. Toni Austin says:

    Smh….People are stupid..PERIOD

  9. Nicol L Lami says:

    unbelievable! unbelievable! but why i'm i surprised? its a cancer in these people. A disease that they can't cure! thier hatred for our people! A child? come on!!

  10. Laughing at person who says they are just joking not really racist…Let me post a pic of me and a white blond haired child and make simalar remarks. I would be on TMZ Fox news in handcuffs in 24 hrs and 24 hrs after that they would report I killed myself……Gtfoh…. They all need to be fired…

  11. I'm glad these racist assholes were fired. Too bad the rest of them were'nt

  12. Like my best friend used to call it "that fake white woman smile," I never trusted it. They can keep those fake smiles. I'm good !

  13. Aku A King says:

    Soooooo….realistically……how long do you think THEM will be "unemployed"?????

  14. You would be surprised… but that is besides the point. Fired, Let go, parted with, "unemployed" is all relative. Florida is a ridiculously racist state and they will most likely end up amongst themselves withering away in some nearby klan hut as many do when confronted with civility. What happened here is that establishments succeeded in holding themselves to the high standards they built their businesses on. What happens to them now is up to them…

  15. If this was my son getting mocked like this, i swear someone would have ended up in a morgue by now. Coward white people, they sit behind their computer desk and talk shit about black people and when they see you face to face they smile.

  16. "White people don't like us. Period" seriously? That's a pretty nasty thing to say.

  17. Alecia Christine Kohlman What you dish out but can't take it!

  18. Go back and read his comment again. He's saying that they will say they're joking as usual. Now that they've been exposed.

  19. Tim Edwards says:

    Wait, are you rying to find some reason to excuse the behavior?

  20. Alecia Christine Kohlman When are people like YOU Alecia going accept responsiblitity for the causual and malignant racism within your people and stop expecting the black and brown peoples who for CENTURIES have lived with racism to keep quiet. Ok so your people are no longer lynching black people and taking family selfies at lynching parties but when will you feel shame and address the racism in your country? You need to talk to white people african american do not behave like this. People like you are part of the problem always exusing and deflecting this horrible behviour

  21. Carl Kelley says:

    Why would you be surprised, we know these people don't like us or our kids.

  22. These people? You sound like part of the problem.

  23. His job is not listed. But he quoted a quote from Malcom X as being one of his favorite quotes. Funny very funny.

  24. the thing is Stephanie we would never attack their children like this, goes to show how deeeeep rooted their racial hatred is.

  25. Yes these people Alecia Christine Kohlman. Are you really defending these racist?! You are part of the problem Alecia Christine Kohlman.

  26. Bret Daniels says:

    Not suprised… White ppl don't like us period!!!

  27. Ro Sprague says:

    Teri Crable take what you say and replace white with any other non white race in america.
    if i fuck up in anyway, and even in the smallest of ways, i represent my whole race. all of racist feelings anyone has harbored in their mind can be proven faulse or true by their experience with me.

    white people have commited more mass killings than anyone, but no one ever talks respecibility politics when it comes to white people as a whole.
    but how many times have you heard of a shooting in the black community and suddenly everyone in the country is telling what black people need to do to "save" themselves, or help themsevles or be taken seriously by others if we cant be more responsible (like white people?).

    if black people ever seem racist or prejudice, it is a reaction to a very real life we live being watched and hoped to screw up in some way so people can justify their racism towards us. ever since we got here to build this country, black people are hated. period.

  28. What about the Dylan Kleeman guy he should be fired as well. This makes no sense. Does anybody know where he works?

  29. Sinna Sinna says:

    Yes he did. "He was feral." If you look at the last two comments you will see it.

  30. Andrew Brown says:

    Ro Sprague You're explaining racism to a native. One question about your third paragraph, though. Why would a woman in this day and age honestly need a man to take care of her?

  31. Darlena Mac says:

    Yes, he did. He stated "he was feral"

  32. Alecia Christine Kohlman By "these people" i'm pretty sure she was referring to the guys actually in question. Like actually these people. Not the racial subtext you're inferring with your comment.

  33. Dylan Kleeman's name on FB is now Dylan William

  34. Andrew Brown says:

    Racism is something I've never actually gotten the point of. We ALL bleed the same color, and all come from the same place. Who gives a sh*t about skin color? Race Baiters that'll scream "Black Lives Matter" while ignoring the statistics that show that Black Lives Matter when it deals with death by cop, but not death by an abortion? (look it up)

    I own a small marketing company, and quite frankly, The employee who made the post would have been fired immediately, and all of his friends who partook in the comments woud have had their employers notified. Yes it was meant as a joke, but if you're going to make jokes like that, keep it on a private page that doesn't list your employer. Good grief.

  35. Social media is full of bullies, whether racially charged or not. I am reading some of the comments below and some of you are no better than Gerod. Your hatred just comes in a different form.

  36. The punk blocked his FB page. I wonder why!

  37. Daniel Date and your stupidity has clogged yours

  38. A simple assurance like this is sweet and I hope everyone feels the same way!

  39. I got really emotional when I read this article, and saw the terrible, awful, disgusting comments that were made about that little boy. I cried for the terrible things "Geris Hilton" and his friends were saying, and then again when I read the comments on this site, too, like, "White people don't like us. period." That sentence breaks my heart into a million pieces, because it is so far from the truth, but I can see how many people would think that when they read things like this.

    Please, please, please know that these ignorant, small-minded, over-privileged white kids do not speak for all white people. Not even close. I would never spend a single second in the company of people like this. Yes, they do unfortunately exist. But so do many, many more white people that love and respect Black people and wish there was some way to finally make racism a thing of the past. I'm so sorry for what these people said and posted on Facebook, and for all of the aggressions and micro-aggressions that you all have to face on a daily basis. I wish there was more I could do than sit here crying because I would spend my life doing it. Enough is enough.

  40. Teri Crable says:

    Farin Zahan Moon That comment makes no sense what so ever and you probably aren't even white or black. Why are you lashing out at me for with your sarcasism? I have nothing at all to do with any of this and I am very disgusted with it all. You can't fight racism with racism! I am active with my community to fight racsim. What do you do Farin?

  41. David Leeds says:

    Kristy Ann VanBuskirk Yanik-Raska Truth hitting a nerve, white girl? Got your poor little feefees hurt? Cry moar. They can't hear you whining in Johannesburg yet.

  42. Smh y'all all attacking this man over some jokes so what who ain't made fun of someone based on superficial reasons I'm sure you have made fun of some Hispanic or Asians b4 or cus someone is ugly So what tho why y'all gotta grab your pitchforks and torches about … smh lookin faith in humanity

  43. Daniel Date you are likely friends with those commenters…

  44. Yes the same ppl who want ppl to stop acting like a-holes.

  45. Tim Edwards says:

    Fuck those people and fuck you.

  46. David Leeds says:

    Racism isn't about literal color. You don't see racists shooting up a Sherwin Williams. You can sit around pretending race doesn't exist because we all bleed the same but reality is that these SOCIAL divisions are real, deliberately created and passed down from generation to generation. The prejudices people live under are real, the effects of that prejudice are real, and your denial of there being a larger problem is a real part of that larger problem. Quit pretending you give a rat's ass about black fetuses when you obviously don't care so much once they're out the birth canal. Clearly you're okay having racists working for you as long as no one can link them back to you. You're just as bad as you're pretending not to be.

  47. What was it that was so offensive? They were all trying to be funny and some of them were, I wouldn't want to work for anyone named Pinto anyway. COMMUNIST!

  48. I feel the same way, unfortunetly it is ppl like this that make the rest of us look bad. I understand that racism is a problem on both ends of the spectrum, however, it is people like this discusting human being who keep it very much alive. There will always be those (white and black) who will not like one another but to judge someone strictly on the color of their skin is unfair and ignorant.

  49. I agree. These ppl – the ppl that don't see their backwards ways; don't understand the repercussions of their ignorance; don't see that they are damaging our chance at being a nation of peace and prosperity. These ppl. A child – a young person with the opportunity to live in a nation of ppl who understand the consequence of their ignorance. A child was ripped from peace and put in a world of hate. I pray he takes this in stride and doesn't do the same. I pray that he is smart and kind and understands that an eye-for-an-eye is not the answer to ignorance.

  50. Patrick Gay says:

    Latesser Poet Nathan Look at this. Ganging up and attacking a toddler because of the color of his skin.

  51. Jeanie Rebecca McCrary How does being the worst President in US History prove Blacks are not inferior???

  52. So, does this mean PMG is hiring now?

  53. Trent Phillips, who are you referring to when you say "their" because not all of us feel that way…..and Daneil Date your an a**hole!!

  54. Teri Crable says:

    I completely understand your anger, I am angry too. But it is not White People that did this. It was some ignorant morons that did this, that just happen to be White. By blaming an entire race for what a few do, is racist in itself whether you meant that or not. These idiots need to be slapped with jail time, zero tolerance.

  55. You and people like you should be exterminated.

  56. Not true my man. All White people are not like this.

  57. Akin Oyeniyi says:

    Unfortunately this kind will never stop until we have equal rights under the law. And I don't mean just on paper. The only way would have been to turn the table, mock the white people and the white race at every opportunity. Why it hurts so bad is if blacks do the same the system gets involved and then criminalize it. If we can just freely jab at each other just for one year guess who will call a timeout.

  58. So U claim criticising people who dehumanise a child (of colour) makes U question your faith in humanity?! "Y'all all" #gotittwisted!! 😛

  59. Daniel Date says:

    your obesity has clogged your brain pathways

  60. Ro Sprague says:

    Andrew Brown if a woman is capable then no she doesnt, but most people like to raise a child with two parents (which is not to take care of her, but to raise a child). and if that cant happen b/c of a system built to hurt a communty of people for petty non violent crimes or racism in the work place, there needs to be a change. and part of that starts with not allowing racist to have power.

    also doesnt matter if you are a native. i have had asians and black people even justify racism b.c they dont think its a big deal. youre vey white passing so there is that. so even if you think you know what racism is, as someone who claims to be non white, you are still enforcing it, which as i said, is very sad and scary but not surprising.

  61. Wow…I'm speechless….

  62. Andrew Brown It was not meant as a joke. It is an example of racist behaviour and you know it.

  63. Teri Crable says:

    There is nothing funny what so ever in what this asswipe did! He exploited a child based on his skin colour! What the hell is wrong with you!! This is racism at its nastiest, not a joke you moron!

  64. Kristy Ann VanBuskirk Yanik-Raska maybe you should re read the posts the read the comments regarding trayvon martin's death they vist a white supermacy site. Yes there are many white people who not only do not like black people they want us dead. For you to pretend otherwise is joke. White supermacist groups in the US Erurope Australia South America would strongly suggest you are wrong. Act like a grown up and stop pretending

  65. Am praying for the parents cause it will only be the good Lord that keep me from hurting all them about my kids

  66. He was at his workplace when he took the photo, and that was a coworker kid. 1. He didn't ask permission to take the photo 2. His friends not just racist remarks but put black face of a kid photo of him 3. He went along with it

    Any business job would not accept it, if he want to be racist and not get on trouble he can work at McDonald's and get welfare.

  67. Kristy Ann VanBuskirk Yanik-Raska and you chose to focus on the effect and not the cause. That's the problem.

  68. Fuck them … Im far from racist but dont do my kind this way .. How u feel it We called yall Cotton Head's mf.

  69. Tim Edwards Right! Let them worry about how long they will be unemployed, they were hurt by this nevertheless.

  70. That was disgusting, evil but it shows that times changes but people don't.

  71. Teri Crable I agree, it's not ALL white ppl…but you have to understand when black ppl are constantly subjected to things like white officers killing black men for minor crimes or no perceived reason at all, white business owners proclaiming they will not hire any black ppl if Barrack Obama was elected president, being denied service in restaurants and other retail establishments, black churches being bombed, being pulled over for no apparent reasons by white officers, fired from jobs for REPORTING racism, hearing white sports team owners and ex pro wrestlers caught on tape making racists comment, seeing on socail media assholes like Geris Gerod and his FB friends making racists remarks about a black co-workers child, IT SURE SEEMS LIKE ALL WHITE PPL ARE RACIST…I mean, all the bases are covered in racism…

  72. Ro Sprague says:

    or if you shoot a lion

  73. The mind set of people like them and Alecia
    We can be racist to you but, you can not be racist towards us.

  74. CJ Weiland says:

    "I don't understand racism…and anyway what's with the black lives matter movement and why are these race baiters fighting for their dignity? See what I did there? Blamed black people for racism and gave these "jokers" the benefit of the doubt. But uh yeah, racism, hate it! random, out of nowhere commentary about an essential reproductive right. To make myself sound sMrT, I'll use the word 'statistics.' "

  75. Andrew Brown says:

    CJ Weiland As your comment shows, there's a difference between not understanding something, and not seeing the point in something. You didn't understand the comment I made, and therefore re-worded it in an attempt to belittle. Congratulations.

  76. Seth Odongo says:

    Jeanie Rebecca McCrary I'm Kenyan! White people still don't believe that Kenyan won, twice?

  77. I'm sorry you feel that way.

  78. Teri Crable says:

    Jeff BusaBoi Bud Stewart I am whtie and I am not a racist, nor do I treat people horribly or accuse them of what others do. I fight it every chance I can get. But two wrongs don't make it right either. Aren't you tired of being labeled? I know I sure am.

  79. Totally. From my experience Rochester is a pretty gross place, rife with backwards ignorant racists

  80. You sound like a sweet girl, Allie. It's too bad the majority don't seem to feel the way you do!

  81. Most of them or wolf in sheep clothing.

  82. Dawn Campbell …..You know I'm telling the TRUTH. Brooklynites won't be silenced or blinded by it.

  83. Odt Tlc says:

    Thank you to those that reported this.

  84. U r right we can't say all white ppl hate us or that it's all the white ppl who constantly do this but to say that it's just a few is the understatement of the fuckin century !! Every race has they're own shit with them that they as a ppl need to deal with and resolve ..We as black &Hispanics we have a our own shit to resolve like the fact that we can't stop killing our own ppl disrespecting our women and teaching our kids how to be gangsta !!but let's be real !! Racism is the white ppls issue! Most white ppl will say I'm not racist but the min a black or Hispanic kid walks by them a white woman will clutch they're bag or cross the street!! But u not racist right? ? As a black or Hispanic man when it comes to interacting with a white man that shit is damn near impossible !! The min u try to talk to a white man he ether act's like he doesn't here u and will speed the fuck off crossing the street (what the fuck is it with White's and crossing the streets any time they see blacks coming towards them??) Or they'll say something like WHATEVER IT IS U WANT I DON'T HAVE ! OR NO SORRY DON'T HAVE NO CHANGE!! But that's not racist right? ? Just c7z u don't call us monkeys or niggaz doesn't mean ur not a racist on the low !!! White ppl as a whole has inslaved my ppl denied my ppl the right to be human! ! Did u know that the constitution still consider's blacks not to be human it still states that we r 3/4th of a human!!! White ppl as a whole came up with the constitution!! Shit whites were the only ones that could vote so we didn't have any say in the constitution and the majority ruled it ok(majority of the white population) to do this kind of fuckery to us!! So when u say it's not all whites it's jus a few , well I call bullshit !! Cuz u fuckers have killed more black men, women and children then 5 holocaust put together! ! And for the record the Holocaust been over! Til this day !! U FUCKERS R STILL MURDERING blacks in cold blood it's not jus a few !!

  85. Teri Crable Yeah I am pretty sure there was a chinese in the comment section of the above photo

  86. This is why we keep bringing up race!!!

  87. I can't even imagine going on the internet if something like this could make me cry. I'm not condoning it (although a bit of dark humor isn't such a bad thing), but there's far, far worse out there than making mean spirited jokes about a kid who will never see them. Far, far worse examples of racism on the internet and in America.

    I'm not trying to be a jerk (does little to no good for me to say that, I know), but I sincerely have no clue how one manages to function if this is enough to break them down.

  88. Erik Eriksen says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh…like YOU are doing right now…AND threatening deadly violence…how TYPICAL of you…

  89. Judith Rosa says:

    John Russelman Keep spouting right wing nut platitudes, that still does not make what you say true.

  90. I say we find them all and make them suffer as they made Caydens mom suffer! #hisnameiscayden

  91. Judith Rosa says:

    Daniel Date And what is your excuse for being a moron?

  92. Erik Eriksen says:

    typical VIOLENT maggot….

  93. This is not freedom of speach, when Hate involves a child. He should be charged with a hate crime for involving a child.

  94. John Russelman Village idiot?

  95. Its really sad that while the people mentioned in the article are the same type of people that say, "Why cant you let it go, rasicim is a thing of the past" to defend their "jokes", they MAKE these jokes. Why subjects like slavery or the color of someones skin is the type of humor thats used most, I dont even know. My generation is lost on me considering how progressive we claim to be. Growing up and choosing to deny that what youre saying is hurtful to an entire race of people is petty and disgusting. As a white person, Ive noticed white people will only make these jokes and comments when theyre safe and sound in the company of only WHITE people. No, its not all of us, but Im constantly surprised by people around me who make comments like the ones in the article. When confronted, they cant understand that what theyre saying is wrong and believe they never have to.

  96. It wasn't funny. I don't understand how you find humor in something like that.

  97. well said allie. soming out as an ally is important.

  98. Any white man who's been to a ghetto McDonald's knows the kid is FEREL!!!

  99. I think (I really do) that the majority of white people feel the same way that I do. There are defintely ignorant jerks among us – sadly I think there will always be hateful people in the world. But it's time that more white people stood up against racism. We are out there – and we care about you all and wish there was a way to move past this.

  100. You may say that that kid will never see those "jokes." But when he grows up and joins social media, he will in fact be exposed to equally disturbing comments and worse. Especially since racism does not seem to be getting any better in this country and when minorities try to speak up, we are essentially told to be quiet. I can't even tell you how many stories I have read this past week about the Black Lives Matter protest in Minneapolis where the comments from white people were nothing but hatred and racism. And if they weren't that, they were "nobody cares," again from a bunch of white people. Of course they don't care, they're not affected by racism! It's that level of ignorance and avoidance of the subject that ensures that racism will never go away…you can't solve a problem if you vehemently refuse to acknowledge it.

    Back to my original point: internet bullies will always exist. They think they are beyond recourse and cannot be held accountable for their actions. Which is why they do things like harrass minorities, women, LGBT people, transgendered people, and basically anyone NOT like them. Even though this kid will (hopefully) never see those comments…he will eventually be called worse unless he somehow avoids social media his entire life. He will also see those "far, far worse" incidents of racism. While I do not cry because I have so frequently been targeted by racists, misogynists, etc. (I have been called racist names and have had people threaten to beat me up and rape me) that I am so accustomed to it and simply do not react to it anymore, I can understand why someone who sees such hatred would be moved to tears. I, for one, am glad that people can not only see beyond their own lives and experiences, but that they can also understand how damaging such experiences are. So thank you, Allie, for your insight and sympathy.

  101. Monica Chaniece Exactly…"I don't see color." Well you should…because nothing is going to change if you think we're all on equal footing in this country.

  102. El Michu says:

    what a bunch of assholes…

  103. "It has no place in this world."
    Perfect. Screw the charge to mock political correctness. It's just wrong.

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