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Kenya Based Company Develops BRCK-Kio, a ‘Classroom-in-the-Box’

Brck_Education_Launch_08The Nairobi based company BRCK is a team of software developers and engineers that have been a catalyst in the changing tech landscape in Kenya. They are known for the BRCK, a device that provides electricity in blackouts, mobile connectivity and is used primarily by those in areas who need a stronger connection to the internet.

BRCK co-founder Juliana Rotich says that the company wants to send the message that  Africans have the wherewithal required to manufacture high-tech, world-class solutions to the challenges facing the continent, and which can also be exported world-wide.

Now, the company is expanding into education with the BRCK-Kio. This educational tablet employs the BRCK technology to help Kenyan children in the classroom. What makes the tablet revolutionary is that it is water and dust resistant, drop proof and runs for up to eight hours. It was designed for those living in rural areas so that children can always have access to the information highway.

“We are delighted to launch the Kio, which is a breakthrough solution that can run multimedia content and offers a lighter technology footprint with an intuitive interface designed for children,” said President of BRCK Education, Nivi Mukherjee, in an official statement. “The BRCK-Kio will not only pique children’s curiosity to learn and understand more but also go beyond memorizing education content.”


According to a report by, the education division of BRK has partnered with multiple companies, including Pearson and Intel- Education. BRCK is completely invested in the well being of their product and the people it serves, so manufacturing will be moved to Kenya soon. That also means that many local people will be employed while they invest in their children’s futures.

The BRCK-Kio is now available for pre-order, along with many of the company’s other great products.

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