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12 thoughts on “After Charleston: This Woman Perfectly Articulates Why Black People Have a Right to Choose Anger Over Forgiveness

  1. "Why is a community so beat down that they cannot say they are angry?" That was the highlight quote of the video for me.

  2. The Black people in Charleston need to take some clues from their brothers in the north – Baltimore! Insist that things change or burn it down!

  3. Ronnie Brown says:

    truth that cannot be denied…

  4. Then pay higher taxes rebuilding it!

  5. Kara Poole says:

    And all of our actions should no longer involve what white people think. What they think and feel as to how we choose to respond to their racism should be of no concern to us. If they think we're angry, being violent when we respond out of protection, or unsensible for speaking of seperating ourselves in order to preserve and heal our civilization and community should absolutely be of no concern to us. We should focus our attention to the dire immediate need of the state of our community. Period

  6. Not just "this woman" .. Dr. Millicent Brown <3

    Student helped desegregate Charleston’s schools 50 years ago today

    “Somebody had to do it” – Millicent Brown, Ph.D.,-ph-d

    Inventory of the Millicent E. Brown Papers, 1949 – 2003

  7. John Roper says:

    Thank you Dr. Millicent Brown!

  8. Amen sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. KJ Gutierrez But I'd like to know, angry about what? What does the white collective have to be angry about? If you supposedly 'run' the world, whites ostensibly should be skipping and happy everyday? But why does it seem they are miserable at their core and project that out onto the world constantly?

  10. Can you imagine the marching in Baltimore/Ferguson happening in Charleston? Dr. Millicent Brown makes a great point here. We should be angry!

  11. Lee Anne says:

    I was at the march over the bridge when the leader of the so called "Real" Black Lives Matter opened his jacket and proclaimed that it was now all lives matter as shown on the t-shirt he was wearing. It was not until several days later that news reports surfaced that his was a group with NO affiliation to the #BlackLivesMatter movement and in fact his group was formed as a reaction to the inclusivness of the origonal movement. I can not believe that the police chief who invited him to pull this stunt was not aware of all this and wanted to denigrate those fighting for justice and accountability. Patrisse Cullors is coming to Charleston to speak at the Spirit Day rally and hers is the voice that a certain police chief needs to hear.

  12. Love Sosa says:

    I am from Charleston and I agree 100 percent

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