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One thought on “This Woman Completely Destroys the Frivolous Myth of Reverse Racism in Two Minutes

  1. Of course reverse rascism is highly developed here in the U.K where Europeans use status quo disguises to justify the misperception that those of european complexion are also treated to racial abuse,which more than often most highlighted and emphasissed upon over the constant denigration that middle passage progeny suffer through.while this being one of the society that built its wealth on mass racial barberous colonialist atrrocities refuses to even allow important middle passage progeny cultures i.e. U.N.I.A., O.A.U. to grow in any comunities the disapearance or the non existance as is such i.e. Brixton, welcome to terrordome P.E. London where it appears multi cultural but yet again the european culture has the benifits from the oligarchy of merchant bankers whom continue to exploit the middle passage progeny and gain luxury realty

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