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7 thoughts on “The Look on This Black Filmmaker’s Face When Matt Damon Cuts Her Off to Explain Diversity Is Priceless

  1. Black People need to stop pretending this is all about power, who has it, what is there general relationship to power, how can the relationship of power be changed. Because power is changing all the time only its being changed into the same hands.

  2. Nubu A'yunaat Gundus El First of all, before anyone becomes hysterical, I raised a legitimate question. I tend to agree with the very gracious woman of color in the video, even though I know nothing about the context of the conversation. The camera and video jump at precisely the moment Damon begins to speak, so there is no way from this edit that anyone could tell what the real time sequence was. I trust the look on her face at the end, in that it indicates something is amiss. Especially in a room full of privileged white men. But the Atlanta Blackstar has given us a very loose rendition of the event. what exactly did he say that is out of line? (And I'll belive it, iif you can explain it. I know something is amiss. But what did he actually say?) Can someone actually explain it to me without calling me stupid? Like I said, her facial response DOES indicate that something is amiss, but not necessarily as a response to what he said. The video is edited very poorly. Trust me, I'm not defending "the white man." I could care less about Matt Damon.

  3. Not even a superficial caption. Come on. You can do better.

  4. The woman was cut off in the middle of her statement you seem to lack the cognitive tools to understand this although your vocabulary shows you do have the faculties to understand soo you are just playing stupid!

  5. Mark Gonney says:

    How about the statement he made at the end of the clip? Do you agree with it or did you have the same stunned look on your face as the Black woman in the clip because of how fucking STUPID it was.

    Keep in mind, I'm a Matt Damon fan. I think he is a great actor and basically a good dude. BUT…that doesn't mean he is incapable of saying dumb shit and that clip was the perfect example of it.

  6. Matt Damon, what a totally IGNORANT statement!!!!!!!

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